He’s Not So Gulli-Bull


The Minotaur is one of those quintessential monster types.  His story is a bit weird, even for Greek mythology.  See, back in the day, King Minos of Crete wanted to sacrifice something to the God Poseidon, so he appealed to Poseidon, who then gave the king a beautiful white bull.  Minos was so enamored of the bull that he decided to trick Poseidon by sacrificing a normal bull and allowing the white bull to live.


But you know, Poseidon is this god dude, so he inevitably found out.  And in true god form, he decided to punish King Minos by making Minos’ wife Pasiphae fall in love with the white bull.  She contracted the automaton mechanic Daedalus to build her a hollow cow, which she could fit inside, so she could mate with the bull.  Yeah, I told you this one was a particularly weird Greek myth.

Anyhow, she gave birth to the bull-headed Minotaur, who eventually turned pretty vicious, so Minos had Daedalus create the Labyrinth, where the Minotaur lived till he was killed by Thesius.  In the meantime, he ate a bunch of men, and became one of the neatest stop motion creatures Ray Harryhausen developed for the movies.

Now that you’ve got the Clifnotes on this puppy, let me introduce you to the latest avatar from Avatar Bizarre:  The Minotaur!  He’s available in seven colors, because hey, this is Second Life.  Where else will you find a purple boy moo cow man?

The avatar is fully rigged mesh and comes with detachable horn cuff, wrist guards, earrings, and nose ring.  He can probably wear mesh clothing, but honestly, naked bovines are much more fun.  Or so I hear.

He’s now available on the Marketplace and at Avatar Bizarre in Second Life.  And that’s no bull!

“You know I have poor depth perception!”


Polyphemus was the cycloptic son of Poseidon.  He was a giant among Cyclopes, and now he’s arrived in Second Life!

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to bring to the grid one of the very best of the mythical monsters.  This avatar is roughly twice the height of a normal Second Life avatar, and is resplendent in his monocular glory.  He’s available in six skin tones – a sort of volcanic blacky red, demon red, patina, light green, pale, and chocolate.  As a homage to the late, great Ray Harryhausen, he also sports a single horn on his head, along with a couple of tusks to complete his fearsome visage.

Each Polyphemus avatar comes with two mesh loin cloths; one in white and gold, and the other in dark brown and gold.  In addition, you get a flexi loin cloth tie to go in the front in white and in brown.  There is, of course, the ubiquitous full body alpha.


Available on the marketplace and inworld!

Kirin to Elaborate?


So things and stuff and junk happened.  Blender was summoned from the pits of Hell, the ninth gate was unsealed, and the Learning Curve was unleashed.  After selling my soul, a box of Girl Scout cookies (the Mint ones), and several worthless stocks to the Devil, Blender suddenly felt much easier.  Clothing happened.  Lots of clothing. That’s all well and good, because avatars in Second Life generally like to wear clothes.  Then shoes happened.  There are whole messy hordes of avatars who may be Imelda Marcos in disguise.  Oh, and the wings.  My goodness, the wings!  I’ve reveled in this flood of inspiration lately.

After all, when Inspiration hits, you kind of have to follow it to its bitter end.  Inspiration is like a cat:  It never comes when you call it, but when it wants your attention, God help you if you try to ignore it!

Amidst this flurry of brain activity, an avatar was born.

Meet the Kirin in all its antlered and barbeled glory.


Avatar Bizarre (which is oddly first person) is thrilled to bring to our illustrious Second Life grid a Kirin avatar.  The Kirin, or Qilin, is an omen of good luck and prosperity.  It is called the Chinese Unicorn, though it is usually depicted with two horns.  The Kirin avatar is a delightful bipedal creature with dainty hooves, gilded antlers, and some of the wildest candy corn mane hair you can imagine.

This avatar is fully rigged, and it comes in two flavors:  Male and Female.  Oh, and about nine different colors.  There’s also a demo for the sake of kicking those tires before you buy the car.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace. .

The Fashion Police Would be Astounded


Velvet Goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, Panther Princess, you must stay
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain
I’ll be your King Volcano right for you again and again
My Velvet Goldmine” – D. Bowie

A few decades ago, there lived an alien by the name of Ziggy Stardust.  He had a flaming red mullet, a skin tight lycra catsuit wardrobe, a flair for theatrics, and some stunningly amazing platform boots.  He was quite the character; brought to Earth to become a rock star, and ultimately destroyed by his fans.  He was androgynous, and sexual, and the he was the Nazz with God-Given ass.  David Bowie brought him to life in 1972, and we were treated to a great rock and roll spectacle that included all the Glam style and music that you could possibly handle, and then you were given more.  Ziggy’s cohorts included the street walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm, Iggy Pop; and the man who hustled his way through the Wild Side, Lou Reed.  Together, the three created a scene that was bred of Andy Warhol’s Factory parties, and thrust into the unsuspecting public like a glitter-encrusted juggernaut of awesome.

Some time later, a movie was made that would ultimately capture some of the history of these three, though it was thinly veiled as a fictional account of a rock star’s life.   Brian Slade (more or less David Bowie, in the guise of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), met his best friend Curt Wild (Ewan MacGregor) in America, and many drug induced glam hyjinx ensued.

To commemorate the movie, the song, and David Bowie (though word on the street is he really hated the movie), Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to inflict the World of Glam into the male avatar side of Second Life with the Curt Wild Platform Boots.


These boots are 100% original unrigged mesh, and are available in seven glitzy colors.  For those with Advanced Lighting turned on, there’s also a material shine with a contrasting color flickering across the plastic feel of these boots.  In true Plastic Fantastic Androgynous fashion, these boots work for male and female avatars.

They are available inworld at Avatar Bizarre, and on the Marketplace.  Simply do a search for Avatar Bizarre, and you will find them!

And if you’re on Reddit, there’s a nifty subreddit called r/sl.  Check it out!

Taking Flight with a Pair of Fae Wings


As you wander the deep forest, you stumble upon a circle of toadstools; a faerie ring. You step inside, lured by the faint music wafting on the breeze. With a wild rush of wind, a flurry of hands, and a fluttering of hundreds of tiny wings, you’re transported into the world of the Faerie.

You’re surrounded by the tiny spites with their butterfly wings, the gnarled redcaps, and the most regal of them all: The Unsealie Court.

These dark fae have enormous and beautiful feathered wings, which wrap them like cloaks when they walk. Unfurled, these wings span the heavens and carry the Dark Fae across the sky.

Each pair of Dark Fae Wings from Avatar Bizarre is 100% original unrigged mesh. These can be resized, as needed, and you can change their positions by right clicking on the wings, hitting “edit”, then with “edit linked parts” selected, click on the part you want to move.

Modify/Copy, No Transfer. Available in a baker’s dozen colors.  Inworld and on the Marketplace


Nano Ninja!



Nano Ninja ‘neaks up on naughty Naugahyde.

Okay, all alliteration aside, here’s the scoop:  Nano Ninjas are in the neighborhood, and they’re really stealthy.  So stealthy, in fact, that they have a chameleonic ability to blend into any environment until it’s too late to stop them from doing crazy ninja things to those unfortunate folks who get in their way.  Of course, the Nano Ninja truly is a tiny critter.  It is distinguished from other ninjas by its diminutive stature, large and inquisitive eyes, and its unique coloration.  Where most other ninjas wear black, the Nano Ninja is known by most wildlife biologists as a colorful beast, exhibiting many hues including purple, teal, green, blue, red, pink, and yes, black!

Nano Ninjas, unlike a lot of critters, are not sexually dimorphic, meaning the males and the females look pretty similar.  Females, of course, have wider hips, narrower waists, and breasts, while the male of the species is mostly a skinny little dude with big feet.


The Nano Ninja, though it barely stands half height to a normal avatar, can pack a powerful punch.  It can also handle a mean nunchuck.  In spite of its feisty behavior, it’s a personable creature, and is a great addition to anyone’s miniature avatar collection.

This one has a demo, so try it free first if you aren’t sure.  It’s available on the Marketplace and at the Inworld store.