Nano Ninja!


Nano Ninja ‘neaks up on naughty Naugahyde.

Okay, all alliteration aside, here’s the scoop:  Nano Ninjas are in the neighborhood, and they’re really stealthy.  So stealthy, in fact, that they have a chameleonic ability to blend into any environment until it’s too late to stop them from doing crazy ninja things to those unfortunate folks who get in their way.  Of course, the Nano Ninja truly is a tiny critter.  It is distinguished from other ninjas by its diminutive stature, large and inquisitive eyes, and its unique coloration.  Where most other ninjas wear black, the Nano Ninja is known by most wildlife biologists as a colorful beast, exhibiting many hues including purple, teal, green, blue, red, pink, and yes, black!

Nano Ninjas, unlike a lot of critters, are not sexually dimorphic, meaning the males and the females look pretty similar.  Females, of course, have wider hips, narrower waists, and breasts, while the male of the species is mostly a skinny little dude with big feet.

The Nano Ninja, though it barely stands half height to a normal avatar, can pack a powerful punch.  It can also handle a mean nunchuck.  In spite of its feisty behavior, it’s a personable creature, and is a great addition to anyone’s miniature avatar collection.

This one has a demo, so try it free first if you aren’t sure.  It’s available on the Marketplace and at the Inworld store.

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