The Fashion Police Would be Astounded

Velvet Goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, Panther Princess, you must stay
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain
I’ll be your King Volcano right for you again and again
My Velvet Goldmine” – D. Bowie

A few decades ago, there lived an alien by the name of Ziggy Stardust.  He had a flaming red mullet, a skin tight lycra catsuit wardrobe, a flair for theatrics, and some stunningly amazing platform boots.  He was quite the character; brought to Earth to become a rock star, and ultimately destroyed by his fans.  He was androgynous, and sexual, and the he was the Nazz with God-Given ass.  David Bowie brought him to life in 1972, and we were treated to a great rock and roll spectacle that included all the Glam style and music that you could possibly handle, and then you were given more.  Ziggy’s cohorts included the street walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm, Iggy Pop; and the man who hustled his way through the Wild Side, Lou Reed.  Together, the three created a scene that was bred of Andy Warhol’s Factory parties, and thrust into the unsuspecting public like a glitter-encrusted juggernaut of awesome.

Some time later, a movie was made that would ultimately capture some of the history of these three, though it was thinly veiled as a fictional account of a rock star’s life.   Brian Slade (more or less David Bowie, in the guise of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), met his best friend Curt Wild (Ewan MacGregor) in America, and many drug induced glam hyjinx ensued.

To commemorate the movie, the song, and David Bowie (though word on the street is he really hated the movie), Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to inflict the World of Glam into the male avatar side of Second Life with the Curt Wild Platform Boots.

These boots are 100% original unrigged mesh, and are available in seven glitzy colors.  For those with Advanced Lighting turned on, there’s also a material shine with a contrasting color flickering across the plastic feel of these boots.  In true Plastic Fantastic Androgynous fashion, these boots work for male and female avatars.

They are available inworld at Avatar Bizarre, and on the Marketplace.  Simply do a search for Avatar Bizarre, and you will find them!

And if you’re on Reddit, there’s a nifty subreddit called r/sl.  Check it out!

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