Your Cheetah Heart


I guess you can call this number a sneak preview for now.  Even though I hadn’t exactly planned on it, I think it’s getting released at the next Hidden Sanctuary event, starting November 7.

What are these legs, you might ask?  Why, Acinonyx, of course!

Acinonyx is a genus of feline – it’s really just the cheetah, since all the other cats in the genus died off before the last ice age.  Acinonyx is Latin for “No move claw” which, I suppose, makes sense.  Cheetahs, unlike all other cats, do not have retractable claws.

The Acinonyx legs are a great way to be half a furry, if the mood strikes you.  Each package includes a male pair and a female/femboy pair. You also get ten skin tattoos for the default avatar.  But wait, there’s more!  In addition to the Ginsu knives that slice through tin cans and then slice easily through tomatoes (okay, just kidding on that one), you also get HUDs a-plenty.  There’s a color HUD for the legs, ears and tail.  There’s a SLink HUD for the tattoo layers, and an OMEGA HUD for non-SLink bodies.

Please note:  If you’re going to use OMEGA HUDs for things, make sure you head to the OMEGA store on the Marketplace and pick up the HUD thing for whichever body you happen to have, or the OMEGA HUD in the Acinonyx package will probably not work.

There’s a little instructional note card included that tells you in clear language just what you get and what to do with it.

The bits are all copy and modify (except the HUDs).  If you plan to do any editing on these things, please make a copy first.  Oh, and rigged legs cannot be resized or repositioned. They can only be tinted.  If there’s a color you like that isn’t included, simply tint the white leg color (and tattoo), and you’ll be set.

 Grabilla screen capture:

If I get sudden inspiration and time to make other things to the next event, these will likely be released a little sooner than November 7.  If not, then well…it’s not that long of a wait, I hope.

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