About Avatar Bizarre and Sredni Eel


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Avatar Bizarre is a creature spawned  from the addlepated and somewhat slightly evil mind of Sredni Eel.  Upon entering the shop in Second Life, you will notice a staggeringly vast array of items that will confuse and disorient you.  These items were created with the intent of introducing the style and imagination of its maker to the Grid At Large.

Avatar Bizarre is your one-stop shop for Menswear of a Gothic, historic, traditional, and fantasy nature.  You will find everything from Kilts and Cableknit sweaters to Cthulhu Shoulder Pets, and everything in between.  Sredni Eel specializes in historically accurate costumes and uniforms, focusing on the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.  You will find a lot of neat Vintage clothing from the very early 20th century, on down to the late 17th century, and before.

Did I mention the eyes?  Oh yes, there is a plethora of eyes, from system to mesh.  Avatar Bizarre sells an incredible variety of eyeballs for the discerning avatar, in all colors and styles.  You can find everything from dragon and demon eyes to eyes of the gods, human eyes, and animal eyes.  We’ve just added Omega appliers for several eyes!

Of course, once Avatar Bizarre made a name for itself as a menswear shop, women demanded stuff, so we also carry a selection of very nice female clothing.

Sredni Eel is the perpetrator and creator of and for Avatar Bizarre.  He was found under a cabbage leaf in the late 60s and assembled at Sears.  After many false starts, and a few face-plants, he learned to walk, talk, do Photoshop, work in Blender (at the cost of whatever shreds of sanity he still possessed), and managed a few basic life skills that didn’t involve sacrificing virgins to volcanoes.

He lives in Burmilla sim with a hungry crocogator, and helps run the infamous and infuriating Twisted Hunt every September and March.

Sredni Eel is a shop owner by day and a DJ by night.  You can catch his sets at the Village of Nyght every Saturday from 6-8pm, unless real life rears its ugly head.  DJ Playlists will be recorded in this blog when remembered.

If you require the services of this awesome DJ, please bear in mind he does not play Rap, Country, Jazz, or Nightwish.  Genres of choice are 80s New Wave, Post Punk, Punk, Gothic, Synthpop, Futurepop, and light Industrial.  He takes requests.  He does not own a mic.  And he charges for his time in addition to the tips, because he puts a lot of effort into advertising, selecting songs, and hosting the party.

Oh, and this bit of Bob Dolery was brought to you by the letters AARRRRGH.

Feel free to friend me on Plurk, and Twitter.  Talk to me a bit inworld before friending me there 🙂

Thank you, come again.

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