Sred’s Playlists of Doom – On Tickling Earbones and Giving Aural

I really wanted to set something up to show the music I play every Saturday Night at the Village of Nyght (or where ever I happen to guest DJ in Second Life or where ever else I play the tunes), and figured this would be a good place to put such things.

I generally play a mish-mash of Gothic, 80s New Wave and Post Punk, and whatever else seems to fit the mood of the set at the time.

I’m available for special events, parties, weddings and whatnot.  Please contact me inworld (IM preferred over note card) for details and availability.

I can be reached in many places, but here is a good way, and so is here.  In a pinch, you can also leave me an offline in Second Life.  Note cards are okay, but I’m more likely to be able to read your message in an email if you IM me.

All of the playlists are ordered by month and year, and can be seen on the left menu.

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