2012 – The December Playlists

Happy Winter Months, folks.  As always, Second Life is a great place to listen to music new and old, dark and sticky, bright and bleak.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a number of holiday sets.  As such, I’m going to do what I can to avoid The Paul McCartney Song.

Sorry to all of you Paul fans out there, but I simply cannot comply with your request to play A Wonderful Christmastime.  Not now, not ever.  Not only is my sanity on the line, but if I hear enough notes of that song to realize that’s what it is, I will be slimed and stand to lose The Paul Game this season.  But you can rejoice, because there are a lot of other great songs out there I have no problem playing.  Ask me to play anything.  Just not Paul.

Or Yoko.  But nobody in their right mind would ask for Yoko anyway.  She sounds like a bag of dying cats being flung around a cement mixer.  With silverware.

That said, here’s the DJ playlists for December:

2012 – December 1, a Gothic Christmas


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