2014 – The 1st Quarter Playlists

Village of Nyght
Saturday, March 1, 2014

As the theme for Twisted Hunt this time is “Magick”, I figured it would just be easier to use that as a party theme.  Twisted has a habit of turning my brain into grade-A mush by the time it starts, and being imaginative about party themes can sometimes fall by the wayside.  As it is, Magick is a pretty useful theme.  I threw on my Spangled Mage outfit and headed to the graveyard for a few hours of music and frivolity.

As March 1 tends to be on the busy side for most folks, what with hunting, and Arcade and all that, the crowd started off pretty thin, but folks showed up eventually, as breaks from the madness were needed.  And, for some reason, Slash from Guns n’ Roses turned up – or someone who looked remarkably like him.  He demanded some Guns n’ Roses music, claiming it was the only real music I actually played.  There’s always one, isn’t there?

This was a fun set that meandered through the different music styles like a Bronte heroine in an English garden  Damia, our illustrious Dunwich Maven, always tells people that I take requests; the more obscure the better I like them.  She doesn’t lie about that.  Plus it gets way more fun when the occasional punk rocker turns up asking me to play some Pump-Fist-in-Air-and-say-OI! punk.  My response to that is, “There’s always room for Jello.”  I was also asked to pay tribute to Harold Ramis, so there are a couple of songs in the mix dedicated to him.  You know the one, so can you guess the other?

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion (12″ Version)
E Nomine – Mitternacht
Strange Boutique – Song from Under the Floorboards
Phantogram – Fall in Love
Ivan – The Spell
Torul – Mad World
Chamaeleon – Beyond Reality
Moonspell – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Candy Stripe – Between the Lines
Blacklist – Julie Speaks
The Smiths – How Soon is Now?
Ladytron – Light & Magic
*** Request*** A Split Second – Mambo Witch
*** Request*** Klaus Nomi – Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
Sisters of Mercy – Ribbons
DJ K-Tel Noze Riva Star – Puttin’ on the Ritz (Young Frankenstein Getting Drunk At the Ritz Mix)
Max Raabe – Super Trouper
Parov Stelar – Catgroove
*** Request*** Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman (Rudy Retro Remix)
*** Request*** Cliff Richard – Devil Woman (DJN Remix)
*** Request*** Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child o’ Mine
*** Request*** The Fuzztones – The Witch
*** Request*** Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You
*** Request*** Harvest Rain – Iron Flowers
*** Request*** Lorde – Glory and Gore
Sisters of Mercy – First and Last and Always
*** Request*** Rob Zombie – American Witch
Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
Johnny Thunders – Que Sera Sera
The Ramones – Beat on the Brat
David Bowie – Pablo Picasso
*** Request*** Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters
Manfred Mann – Doo Wah Diddy
*** Request*** David Bowie – Magic Dance
*** Request*** The Sonics – The Witch
Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People
You Shriek – Adrenochrome
Ladytron – Little Black Angel
The Cars – Magic
*** Request*** Cristina – Is That All There Is?
The Eagles – Journey of the Sorcerer
Angels & Airwaves – Everything’s Magic
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute Remix)
*** Request*** Mick Smiley – Magic
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cannon
Austra – Spellwork
The Wake – Watchtower
Ghost Dance – Can the Can
The Plimsouls – Magic Touch
Pink Military – Spellbound
Hitchhiker’s Guide – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish


Village of Nyght
Saturday, February 22, 2014
Zodiac Party

This was a hard theme, musically.  While I’m sure there are a ton of zodiac sign songs, and tons of songs about zodiac attributes, I’m just not up on my Astrology the way I should have been.  With any luck, some of the songs sort of worked.  Otherwise, this play list was another mish mash of the typical genre stuff I play.

People were expected to come up with something to wear that might represent some Zodiac sign (or maybe the Zodiac Killer), either Eastern or Western.  I’m an Aries, so I wore my Faun legs and a set of Ram’s horns.  Other people were a little more imaginative in their costume choices.  We had everything ranging from Chinese Dragons to Western Taurus bulls, and everything in between.  The twerking bunny was a constant source of fascination.  All in all, the costume choices were very well thought out, considering the difficulty of what we thought would be a nice broad theme.

We also lost the Devo Guitarist last week to a heart attack.  RIP, Bob 2 aka Bob Casale.  You will be missed, and I feel privileged to see you perform onstage with all the rest of De-Evolution.  Devo members don’t go through the Pearly Gates when they die; they go through the Gates of Steel.  This play list contains some tributes to Bob 2, because Devo is forever.


Here’s the Play list:

Depeche Mode – Route 66/Behind the Wheel megamix
Mainframe – 5 Minutes/Uncle Eric
Ghost Dance – When I Call
Strength Through Joy – Roisin Dubh
Anders Manga – 100,000 Tears
Blaqk Audio – Semiotic Love
Vive La Fete – Jaloux
Gary Numan – Cars
*** Request *** The Judy’s – The Moo Song
Gaznevada – Too Deep for Dealing
Cocteau Twins – Lorelei
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
*** Request *** Grace Jones – She’s Lost Control
Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Safety Dance
DEVO – Swelling Itching Brain
Pete Shelley – Homosapien
The Beauty of Gemina – Black Cat Nights
*** Request *** Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
*** Request *** Belle Stars – The Clapping Song
Polkaholix – Das Modell
Lene Lovich – New Toy (12″ Mix)
Camouflage – Love Is A Shield
*** Request *** Motorhead – Capricorn
XP8 – Sporpio Eyes
Devo – Gates of Steel
*** Request *** The Ting Tings – Shut Up and Let Me Go
*** Request *** Ladytron – Moon Palace
The Sparks – I Predict
Felony – The Fanatic
Devo – Peek-a-Boo!
Altered Images – See Those Eyes
Depeche Mode – Dreaming of Me
VNV Nation – Space & Time
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic – The Eighth Day
Poesie Noir – Uncertain Smile
Jeff & Jane Hudson – Fat of the Land
Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick
Devo – Post Post Modern Man (Sub Post Modern Mix)
The Vapors – Live at the Marquee
The March Violets – Discoboy Must Die
Ashbury Heights – Anti Ordinary
*** Request *** Zodiac Mindwarp – Tattooed Love Boy
You Shriek – Lilith in Libra
The Brains – Girl in a Magazine
Gary Numan – We Are Glass (Astralasia Mix)
Devo – Praying Hands
Ladytron – The Lovers
Angels of Liberty – One Step Closer

Village of Nyght
Saturday, February 14, 2014
Love Stinks Party

I broke one of my hard and fast rules for this particular day:  I took on two gigs in the same day.  After playing a very hectic and very fun SLU tenth anniversary prom, the show had to go on at the Village.  After all, this Saturday night party is a weekly tradition and it just feels odd not to follow through with it.

Damia, bless her dark little heart, was too tired to deal with it.  Honestly so was I but see above.  Weird.  All that.  Thankfully, I had a smaller and much more intimate crowd at the Village.  Mainly good friends and good conversation.

It was laid back and relaxing.  That said, it was also Love Stinks, so share and enjoy…

Spencer Spencer – Don’t Do That And Don’t Do That
Camouflage – The Great Commandment
Love & Rockets – So Alive
Bauhaus – Antonin Artaud
You Shriek – The Passion of Lovers
Angels of Liberty – Weaving Spiders
Karel Fialka – Hey Matthew
Robert Seidler – Christian Boy
New Order – Let’s Go
Electronic – Get The Message
Monaco – What Do You Want From Me?
The Cars – Shake it Up
*** Request*** Iggy Pop – Shakin’ all Over
The J. Geils Band – Love Stinks
The Misfits – Die, Die My Darling
Scary Bitches – You Always Eat the One You Love
Pleasure and the Beast – Dr. Sex
*** Request*** Vive La Fete – Merde a’ l’amour
Weird Al – One More Minute
The Monkees – Cuddly Toy
*** Request*** The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Sun Ain’t Shining No More
Public Image Ltd – This is Not a Love Song
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Erasure – Love to Hate You
*** Request*** The Echoing Green – Safety Dance
*** Request*** DEVO – Head Like a Hole
Soft Cell – Tainted Love (A Copycat Mashup)
*** Request*** Kid Creole and the Coconuts – Loving You Made a Fool of Me
Max Raabe – Mambo No. 5
Violent Femmes – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
*** Request*** The Flying Lizards – Money
Buzzcocks – Last to Know
Josie Cotton – Johnny, Are you Queer
The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women
Family Guy – So Long, Farewell song
Village of Nyght
Saturday, February 8, 2014
Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse!

The Chinese Lunar Year has cycled around to the Horse, who made it across the river to the Jade Emperor just behind the Snake, who was coiled up on the horse’s hoof and managed to leap forward to the riverbank in time to be named a zodiac creature before our Equine pal.

That said, we celebrated the annual Chinese New Year party at the Village on Saturday with lots of music, lots of horse avatars (those who weren’t dressed in Chinese attire, that is), and a slew of floating red lamps.   We had a nice little crowd, and some of the late comers were having trouble coming up with requests in theme that I hadn’t already played.  But this lot is nothing if not imaginative, and they certainly managed their musical tastes well.

Once in a while, I end up with a bonafide Punk fan in the mix; someone who lived through that volatile period in the late 70s, and idolized the likes of Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators, The Ramones, Oi Polloi, and others.  This is generally how I end up with a mix of raucous OI OI OI in the set.

Da Pliers – My Boyfriend’s Back
Sparks – Mickey Mouse
Duck Logic – It’s a Real World After All
Balaam and the Angel – She Knows
Adam & the Ants – Ant Music
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World
The Vapors – Turning Japanese
Gleaming Spires – Are You Ready for the Sex Girls
Fun Boy Three – Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)
James Ray & the Performance – Dustboat
Mr. Irish Bastard – You Spin Me Round
The Chyldren – Fade Away
Spiff – China Pops
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf (Grid Remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Cambodia
Kim Wilde – Never Trust a Stranger
Kitchens of Distinction – Quick as Rainbows
*** Request *** Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks
*** Request *** The Neon Judgment – Chinese Black
*** Request *** Iggy Pop – China Girl
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us
Echo & the Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses
Father Ted – My Lovely Horse
*** Request *** Siouxsie and the Banshees – Gun
Monty Python – I Like Chinese
*** Request *** John Cale – Fear is a Man’s Best Friend (DJ choice)
Weird Al – Cat’s in the Kettle
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic – The Eighth Day
Men Without Hats – Living in China
Pleasure and the Beast – Dr. Sex
Cold Cave – Love Comes Close
*** Request *** Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
Gary Numan – The Fall
*** Request *** Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
Peter Murphy – Velocity Bird
The The – Voidy Numbness
China Drum – Wuthering Heights
David Bowie – Suffragette City
Current 93 – All the Pretty Little Horsies
The Monkees – All the King’s Horses
Red Rockers – China
Fancy – Chinese Eyes
Ultravox – White China
*** Request *** China Crisis – Working With Fire & Ice
Roxy Music – Virginia Plane
Jona Lewie – Stop the Cavalry
Dukes of Stratosphear – You’re a Good Man Albert Brown
Lindsey Buckingham – Bang the Drum
Grant Miller – Colder Than Ice
Magazine – Song From Under the Floorboards
Ramones – Do You Wanna Dance
Dead Or Alive – Something In My House (Naughty XXX Mix)
Family Guy – So Long, Farewell


Village of Nyght
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Adult Party

Periodically, an Adult party happens.  This is done at the top of a building several hundred meters over the usual graveyard location.  The whole idea behind this party is for folks to play a sort of stripping game.  A random prize giver by the name of Hamlet (he’s a giant spinning skull) gives you money, and you have to take off an article of clothing.  As the DJ, I am immune to this.

I showed up as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, and ended up putting on my usual avatar a bit later on because putting Walter White on a dance pole seemed pretty wrong, somehow.  Anyway, here’s the set list…all three hours of it.  I was in quite the EBM/Futurepop/Industrial mood tonight

Charles de Goal – Radio On
Boole – Ghost in the Mirror
AFI – Miss Murder (VNV Nation remix)
VNV Nation – Cold (Fuck Mix)
XP8 – Out of Control
Pretentious, Moi? – Sense in Segments
Bella Lune – Dead Souls
*** Request*** A Split Second – Scandinavian Bellydance
Claire Voyant – Close to Me
*** Request*** Lorde – Glory and Gore
*** Request*** Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish – Male Stripper
Blaqk Audio – Girls and Boys
Erasure – Waiting for Sex
And One – Military Fashion Show
David Bowie – Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
New Musik – They All Run After the Carving Knife
Leaether Strip – Sex Dwarf
Von Thronstahl – We Walked in Line
Front 242 – Motion
*** Request*** Melissa Ferrick – Drive
*** Request*** Vive La Fete – La Decadanse
Ashbury Hieghts – Christ
Mesh – Born to LIe
Cassandra Complex – Nice Work (If You Can Get It)
*** Request*** Lords of Acid – Gimme Gimme
Gary Numan – Love Hurt Bleed
Death in June – The Calling Mk II
Analogue Brain – Heart of Steel
Red Flag – Lullaby for a Restless Girl
Daily Planet – Superman
X-In June – Dream Catcher
Deine Lakaein – Where You Are (VNV Nation Remix)
*** Request*** The Sisters of Mercy – Floorshow
Bauhaus – Antonin Artaud
My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult – Sex on Wheels
Pixies – Greens and Blues
Garbage – Not Your Kind of People
*** Request*** The Klinik – Someone Somewhere
Rhombus – Here be Dragons
Crematory – Temple of Love
Rammstein – Pussy
Apoptygma Berzerk – Love Never Dies Party 1
Covenant – Pulse
The Last Cry – All You Gave Me
The Bolshoi – T.V. Man
Abney Park – White Wedding

…it was at this point where people wanted to keep going, but I was nodding off, so I had to end it there.


Village of Nyght
Saturday, January 22, 2014
Pajama Party

I thought I’d break the play lists up into quarters, since I’ve been pretty lazy about posting the things of late.  Last weekend, we had a Pajama party at the Village of Nyght, so you all get a taste of the tunes here.  I can write a bit more in detail a bit later.

Analogue Brain – Electroshock
Thyx – Alien Love
Rhombus – Here Be Dragons
Roger Hodgson – Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)
Go-Go’s – You Can’t Walk in Your Sleep
Book of Love – Lullaby (Insomnia Mix)
The Romantics – Talking in your Sleep
Leve Lovich – Sleeping Beauty
Gary Numan – Sleep by Windows
Dr. Steel – Lullaby Bye
Dreadful Shadows – Lullaby
The Cure – Sleep When I’m Dead
Apoptygma Berzerk – Asleep or Awake
Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Apollo 440 Mix)
Midnight Oil – Beds are Burning
Some Ember – Asleep in the Ice Palace
Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
I Start Counting – Ra Ra Rawhide
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – More Kissing in Porn Please
The Clockwork Dolls – Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel
The Monkees – Randy Scouse Git
Big Ben Tribe – Heroes
*** Request *** Toy Dolls – Ashbrooke Laundrette
System Syn – Losing My Religion
Clear Static – Dead Man’s Party
Oingo Boingo – Nasty Habits
*** Request *** Ladytron – Little Black Angel
Black – Everything’s Coming Up Roses
The Smithereens – Behind the Wall of Sleep
Garbage – Sleep Together
Sleepthief – The Chauffeur
The Pierces – Secret
Cliff Richard and the Young Ones – Living Doll
Lord of the Lost – Bad Romance
Girls Under Glass – Frozen
The Lords of the New Church – Like a Virgin
Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys – Hard-on From Hell
The Clash – Police on my Back
Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vegas
Killer Pussy – Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage
The Damned – Jet Boy Jet Girl
Buzzcocks – Last to Know
Iggy Pop – Bang Bang
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
Magazine – Shot by both Sides
X – Motel Room in my Bed
Danielle Dax – Sleep Has No Property
Josie Cotton – Bye Bye Baby


Avatar Bizarre – Airalia
Saturday, January 18, 2014
Spaced out

My regular haunt was being dusted for fingerprints because the resident ghost took off with one of the regulars, a zombie machine, and most of the Lag-B-Gon spray, so I took it upon myself (with some cajoling from a friend) to move the party temporarily.  As it happens, Avatar Bizarre has an area reserved for hanging out.  There’s stars and planets, and apparently a large jet liner about to crash into the whole thing.

The crowd was small, but that’s to be expected.  Honestly, I was still trying to keep my mind off my impending doom at the Endodontist, so any distractions could only help, right?

Here’s the play list.

The Danse Society – Somewhere
The Echoing Green – Accidentally 4th Street (Gloria)
When in Rome – The Promise (Covenant Remix)
Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home)
Sparks – Music You Can Dance To
Belious Some – Some People
Gene Loves Jezebel – Motion of Love
Pink Turns Blue – State of Mind
Lene Lovich – Say When
Anne Marie Hurst – Dreamy Days
Red Rockers – China
*** Request **** Gang of Four – Natural’s Not In It (Ladytron Remodel)
Oingo Boingo – Heard Somebody Cry
Robert Seidler – Christian Boy
Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered
Shriekback – Gunning for Buddha
*** Request **** Ladytron – Sugar
The Church – The Night Is Very Soft
Ultravox – All Fall Down
Cocteau Twins – Peppermint Pig (12″ Version)
Jyl – Computer Love
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
Karel Fialka – Hey Matthew
Kim Wilde – Never Trust a Stranger
Badfinger – Baby Blue
Pseudo Echo – Funky Town
Oingo Boingo – Bachelor Party
DEVO – Gates of Steel
Depeche Mode – Route 66
Gary Numan – You Are, You Are
Pixies – Blue Eyed Hexe
Celebrate the Nun – Ordinary Town
Figures on a Beach – No Stars
Exotic Birds – Day After Day
Yazoo – State Farm
Flaming Mussolinis – My Cleopatra
XTC – Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Clan of Xymox – Evelyn
Another Sunny Day – Genetic Engineering
The Cars – Bye Bye Love


The Village of Nyght
Saturday, January 11, 2014

One of the ubiquitous similarities in Second Life, is every single club without exception at some point will have a “Best In [fill in the blank]” contest at some point.  You name it; Best In Red, Best In Hats, Best In Leather.  It all happens.  We do try our best to avoid such things at the Village but frankly, I think sometimes even the powers that be in Dunwich can sometimes run out of ideas.  The thought being, of course, that just about everyone will have (X) in their inventory, so gee, won’t that be easy?

Speaking of the Village, I have it on good authority that Dunwich’s money woes may have been resolved.  I do have to thank all the folks who came out and donated.  That certainly helped.  At the moment, the sim is safe from going by way of the Dodo, and parties will continue for the foreseeable future.

That’s the good news.  The somewhat bad news is the party on Saturday January 18 will not be held at the Village, due to real life intervention.  Fear not, faithful droogs and devotchkas, for there will be a get together at Avatar Bizarre’s little space relaxation spot instead.

Before I hit Clear History on SAM’s History window, I figured I would get off my lazy butt and give you a play list for the 11th.

Cetu Javu – Have in Mind
A Flock of Seagulls – Telecommunication
Tubeway Army – Everyday I Die
Red Flag – Nevermind HTTP
FAQ – Leather Apron
The Danse Society – Somewhere
*** Request *** Leather Strip – Evil Speaks
The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Secret Sun Remix)
The Cramps – Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon
The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs
*** Request *** Radio Head – Dollars & Cents
The Damned – Anything
The Teardrop Explodes – Treason
*** Request *** Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette
House of Love – Shine On
The Lords of the New Church – Russian Roulette
*** Request *** My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult – Leathersex
*** Request *** David Hasselhoff – Jump in my Car
Duran Duran – Friends of Mine
*** Request *** The Leather Nun – Ride Like a Cheyenne
The Cars – Candy-O
The Stranglers – Skin Deep
*** Request *** Cristina – What’s a Girl to Do
Altered Images – Pinky Blue
Soft Cell – The Girl with the Patent Leather Face
Gangway – My Girl and Me
*** Request *** Ledernacken – Amok
*** Request *** Bette Midler – My Knight in Black Leather Armor
Doctor and the Medics – Burning Love
The Leather Nun – Someone Special Like You
A-House – Call Me Blue
The Fixx – Secret Separation
*** Request *** Tom Lehrer – Masochism Tango
The Smithereens – Blood and Roses
The Call – The Walls Came Down
Sideway Look – Great Divide
Cold Cave – Life Magazine
OMD – Georgia

The Village of Nyght
Saturday, January 4, 2014
Dark Victorian

The future of the Village of Nyght is on shaky ground.  The Linden Faultline has been active, and the damage it could cause may be catastrophic to some.  For the time being, however, I’m still the reigning DJ there, and the party commenced, as it should.

I have been remiss in putting up play lists for the past few weeks, mostly because I got kind of lazy about it.  But, it’s the new year, and time for resolutions we never seem to keep, so here I am posting the latest.

The crowd was pretty big, and I wanted to thank my plurk friends for showing up.  I don’t usually stop giving people personal attention, but in a crowd that size, I get swamped with requests to fulfill.  Thanks for coming out, folks!

Here we go…

BAK XIII – 80’s are Back Forever
You Shriek – Daggers
Cold Cave – Villains of the Moon
Future Perfect – Hunter
Assemblage 23 – Angels and Demons
Crystal Castles – Black Panther
Ashbury Heights – Spiders
The Vapors – Spiders
Seven Red Seven – Thinking of You
Ladytron – Ace of Hz
Acretongue – These Soft Machines
Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith – Not in Love
Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy
Until December – Until December
Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Jezebel Spirit
*** Request *** Abney Park – Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll
*** Request *** Lacuna Coil – Enjoy the Silence
Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society – Tea Party
*** Request *** Voltaire – Headless Waltz
*** Request *** The Black Keys – Ten Cent Pistol
Dehli 2 Dublin – Master Crowley
*** Request *** Lene Lovich – Home
*** Request *** Borghesia – Goli Uniformirani Mrtvi (Hot Trash Mix)
*** Request *** Malice Miser – Transylvania
*** Request *** Toto Coelo – Dracula’s Tango
*** Request *** Vive le Fete – Banana Split
Transvision Vamp – The Only One
Voice of the Beehive – I Say Nothing
Go-Go’s – Our Lips are Sealed
*** Request *** Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi
*** Request *** DAF – Der Mussolini
Spencer Spencer – Don’t Do This and Don’t Do That
Apoptygma Berzerk – Shine On
Dalek I – Destiny (Dalek I Love You)
When in Rome – Sight of Your Tears
*** Request *** The Vamps – Life on Mars
*** Request *** Nina Hagen – New York
Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad
Depeche Mode – Dreaming of Me
Blancmange – Don’t Tell Me
The Spoons – Nova Heart
Front & Centre – Everytime
Daily Planet – Milky Way
NamNamBulu – Faces
Ultravox – We Stand Alone


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