Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!


There aren’t enough turtles in Second Life, so Avatar Bizarre brought together a team of herpetologists to go slogging through reeds and woodland ponds to bring you a selection of Slider and Pond turtles.  Okay, so the team actually consists of me, the sole perpetrator and designer for Avatar Bizarre, but the selection of Sliders and Pond turtles is for real.  They’re 100% original rigged mesh, stand just over 0.5 meters tall, and could probably charm the candy from little kids with one well-aimed look.  Introducing the new Turtle Avatar!


This little guy is available in a couple of varieties in about eight colors.  The Sliders, being of the mostly Red-eared variety — indigenous to the southern and eastern United States, and more appropriately to Burmilla region in Second Life — come in Purple, Green, Blue, and Silver Mist (light blue).  The Pond turtles are available in Clay, Green, True Blue, and Purple.  If there’s a demand for some other color morph, please let me know so I can go digging in the mud for more of these guys.


At the moment they’re only available as male turtles.  I may try to dig up some females if enough people ask.  Or you can add eyelashes and hair, and a female turtle you can be!

These turtles are currently available at the inworld location only.  They should be on the marketplace in a couple of days.


He was always a foxy kind of guy…


The Fennec fox is normally a tiny desert creature that eats bugs, lizards, and small rodents; however, the great thing about Second Life is you can find various species in any habitat, and it would be completely natural.  This Fennec, for example, has a knack for finding mermaid clubs simply by trying to get to the desert and failing utterly.  After falling into two underwater clubs in a row on two completely different sims, it seemed fate wanted this avatar to wander in a fantasy land even the most imaginative Fennec would never have dreamed of visiting.

Given the fact that I have this habit of inflicting music on people every Saturday night at the Village of Nyght it was time to hit the decks at the mermaid club when nobody else was around.  What does the fox play?  Probably a bit of VNV Nation, David Bowie, and Gary Numan.  As a DJ in Second LIfe, I rarely sit on a DJ stand.  It’s far more fun to make my little cartoon dance and wear fun costumes.  Want to be social and dance to new wave, Gothic, and other fun genres?  Feel free to show up at the Village sometime.  Till then, let’s talk more about this avatar from Avatar Bizarre.


The Fennec Avatar is 100% original rigged mesh, and is now available inworld and on the Marketplace.  There are 11 fun colors, including a version for Saint Patrick’s Day (he has a shamrock on the backs of his hands).  Each avatar includes a full body alpha.  And last, but not least, you can  tweak the shape of your Fennec by editing (or making) your shape.  I recommend making copies of everything before you tweak anything.  I know everyone in the universe says this, but it’s probably one of the most important bits of advice to actually heed in Second Life.

This little guy is Modify and Copy.  Rigged mesh cannot be resized, but you can probably tint it.  I make everything wearable in my store modify out of habit.  The cost on this avatar is 325L.


Oh, and here’s a little tidbit that might save people a bit of annoyance:

If you notice a weird alpha glitch in your avatar (or any mesh), and you’re using a materials-enabled viewer with Advanced Lighting turned on, please right click>EDIT the mesh in question, hit the TEXTURE tab, and next to the little icon showing the texture you may see a drop down menu labeled “Alpha Mode”.  Be sure you have NONE selected.  If ALPHA MODE is selected, it does wonky things to mesh and makes for some seriously bizarre glitches that would not otherwise be there.

Say My Name

I am the one who knocks…

One of the fun things about Second Life is you can be anyone or anything you want.  As a Second Life creator, I don’t really get to play as much as I’d like; I’m always in some sort of working frenzy, whether stuck in Blender, Photoshop, or DJing at the Village of Nyght on Saturday Nights.  I generally enjoy making things, and try only to make things I want to make, as opposed to stuff I think other people will like.  It’s not an easy balance, and like most other people, I sometimes lose focus and get a little burned out.

Avatar Bizarre is taking a bit of time off for this week’s creating frenzy. Instead of showing you the latest thing I have for sale in my store, I wanted to show off an avatar I created, based on Bryan Cranston’s character in the AMC series Breaking Bad.  As this is a copyrighted character, I will not sell this avatar; I can only give you a style sheet and turn a blind eye to whatever people want to do.  I do not sell other people’s creations without permission, and other creators should keep that in mind when they put things on the market.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a diatribe or a soap box, but I have seen a lot of folks — Big Name Creators, in fact — who have been making and selling copyrighted characters without permission from the original sources, and it kind of pisses me off.  It gives the rest of the creators in Second Life a bad name.  Second Life gets a lot of bad press in mainstream media, and when I hear people make the claim that the virtual world is only about stealing other people’s creations, having virtual sex, and being a loser living in Mom’s basement, it really chaps my hide.

Guys, if you want to make stuff from your favorite movies or TV shows, do it for your own pleasure.  It is really bad if you choose to make and sell things that do not belong to you.  I’m not going to be the one to blow the whistle, but bear in mind there are a lot of people out there who would.

That said, my Walter White avatar is for me.  I am not selling it.  Nor could I, if I wanted to.

I created the shape, eyes, sunglasses, pork pie hat, and facial hair (Facial hair on a chemo patient?  Well every story has some weird hole in it).  The hair base came from KMADD as part of a freebies package.  It’s a white, tintable hairbase that I simply applied a bit of greyish brown to, to get that freshly shaven head look.  The skin is part of the Aero Maxwell avatar, available in Second Life (inworld only as far as I can tell).  The package comes with eyes, several versions of the skin, shapes, and a few odds and sods and costs around 2000L.  I only used the Gin colored BH skin in the box for this avatar.

Simply put, Breaking Bad is one of the best fictional bits of TV I have ever seen.  In spite of feeling a bit rushed in the last five or six episodes, it was very well written, and the acting was superb.  I’m inclined to agree with Sir Anthony Hopkins when he said that Bryan Cranston is one of the most amazing actors out there right now.  When someone of Sir Hopkins’ caliber says you’re good, then you’re good!

From the amazing cinematography and editing, to the excellent music, to the stubble on Mr. Cranston’s head, this was a fine bit of entertainment; gripping, tense, darkly funny at times, and…well…as addictive as the blue meth Heisenberg created.

It was time for Heisenberg to appear in Second Life.  He may only be around for a couple of weeks, but you can’t deny he’s got a powerful presence.

Normal operations will resume next week.  Till then, Walter “Heisenberg” White will be DJing at this week’s Village of Nyght “Adult” party.


Gacha, a virtual gumball machine with reasonably inexpensive prizes that can be traded, given away, or sold in virtual yardsales, are still all the rage in Second Life.

Avatar Bizarre currently sports seven Gacha machines at the front of the store, containing various bits of nifty in the form of boots, wings, avatars, shoulder pets, eyes, and even clown pants.  They’re fun little machines, these Gachas.  You put in your 15L, 25L, or 50L, depending on the cost, and you get that random prize.  But, like the drug store prizes machines of the ’70s and ’80s (or even the laundromat machines sporadically placed across the country), there is always a rare prize or two you spend hours and hours tying to get.  The deal is you usually end up with about a dozen of the common items before you finally get that gold plated shiny sticker or whatever it may be.

In Second Life Gacha, the rare prizes are more likely to be a special color of something, or just a random something among a sea of same somethings.


The first of the new Gacha collectibles at Avatar Bizarre is the Magick Wings collection.  These are mesh,and semi-transparent with a bit of glow for that other-worldly ethereal quality that is so prevalent in the world of Faerie (or whatever).  The Dragonfly wings come in eight colors with two rare; and the Luna Moth wings are available in ten colors with three rare sets.  The good news is these are unrigged, so they can be resized, even to Petite Mesh avatar size.  They are low LI, which means they should be low lag and load pretty quick, even on slow machines.

The Dragonfly wings are one piece.  The Luna Moth wings, on the other hand, where uploaded separately, so if you right click them, hit EDIT>Linked Parts, and click on one of the wings, you can move the wings around to whatever position you want.  In fact, the Rare Verigated version comes with closed wings by default.

The second set of Gacha items has not yet been released, but it’s pretty fun.  Avatar Bizarre is about to release a set of Magick Familiar Shoulder Pets.  These are cats that sit on your shoulder, and each is wearing a coordinating wizard’s hat.  If you want the hat separate, they are easily removed.  Click on your critter when you’ve rezzed it on the ground (entire thing is 16 LI) then hit Ctrl (or Command if you’re on a Mac) L and that will unlike the hat from the cat.  The cat itself is 6 LI.

The cats are all available in 11 Colors with the three rares being Purple Tabby, Rainbow Tabby, and Calico.  These little beauties sit on your right shoulder with a tail that curves slightly around your shoulder blades.  Unrigged, these can be sized up or down, depending on what you plan to do with them.  They will likely be released as a Gacha during the March 1-31 Twisted Hunt.

Collect them all!

And stay tuned for more as things ramp up for the next couple of events in Second Life.

All Gachas are to be found at the main store location.




Wow, so Shibe

If you aren’t up to date with your Internet memes, Doge is sort of like the Shiba Inu version of the LOLcat.  Evidently, “doge” was a misspelling that happened sometime in the last decade or so, and just sort of caught fire and went viral, like so many other things making the rounds on the “tubez”.  And, like most animals on the Internet, even the intrepid little shiba must be subjected to LOLSpeak.

Doge is so wow. OMG hi!  Much pixl.  So avatr.  Much mesh.  Awesum.

The Doge avatar was a lot of fun to make.  No, seriously.  It was.  I know you think I’m lying, because Blender is the Devil, and nobody can possibly have fun working with it, ever, but it’s true!  There aren’t many Shiba Inus in Second Life, and learning how to model (and rig) in Blender presented a golden opportunity to make all those avatars I’ve been aching to create since I logged into that addictive Virtual World.

Having said all that, and you still being in abject disbelief (how d’you think I feel?!?), this little shiba avatar is roughly 1/3 the size of a normal human avatar, and comes with its own little red collar and a tag that says “WOW”.  You also get an optional shape (it helps, trust me), and the ubiquitous full body alpha.

Doge, like the real Shiba Inu, comes in a variety of colors.  Unlike the real Shiba, Doge not only comes in the Breed Standard colors (Red, and Black and Tan), but also Wasabi, Purple, Blue, and Teal.  While I’m sure these little guys aren’t going to win Westminster any time soon, they are great dancers, have an infectious smile, and wear hats rather well.


So where do you get your very own Doge Avatar?  At Avatar Bizarre’s main store location, and the Marketplace, of course!

Dragon Myself All Over Second Life


At some point, dragons have to happen.  While I realize there are a ton of dragons in Second Life, thanks to the likes of Grendels and such, you can never have too many.  Particularly of the Asian variety.  Not only are Asian dragons good luck, but they’re shiny, they smell nice, and they know where to get the best Pocky.

https://i0.wp.com/grabilla.com/03c18-14aec4e1-d6bf-4c83-b919-cedd8a5243c3.pngSo, as bereft of dragons as Second Life isn’t, your humble narrator spent a couple of days mired in the Evil That Is Blender™ and pulled this avatar out of a very, very tattered hat, much like a tired zombie rabbit.  The hat was housing my brain, which is now a dead, lifeless grey mass of goo sitting in a jar on the corner of the computer desk.  Be that as it may, there still ended up being seven strikingly jeweltastic colors, and there may be more if the Gods approve.  Okay, so black isn’t exactly jewel tone.  Sue me.  But the rest of the colors definitely fit the profile:  Red, Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, and Purple.

Originally, I made a quadruped dragon, which looks freakin’ amazing.  Only problem is it doesn’t move the way it should in Second Life, and apparently I have to make an animation override with all my own animations.  There may be sacrifices and volcanoes involved.  They really don’t approve of people tossing things into the nearest active volcano, for some reason.  It will be finished at some point. I’m just not sure when.  It’s rather a daunting project at the moment.


As such, the biped was born.  I was playing around with the idea of making a more female shaped dragon, but dragons really don’t have breasts, and I was advised against the idea by a number of people, including those with breasts themselves.  I’m okay with this.

This particular avatar was built using my own human avatar as the base shape, and then made a bit thinner, because Dragon.  Some mesh clothing may fit it, by some miracle.  It’s always a good idea to try out demos and things to be sure.  As far as I can tell, medium and large items will probably fit pretty well.  It all depends on what you’re trying on, because nothing really has a standard size, in spite of the label.

The Shen Dragon (also known as Shen Long) Avatar is available at the main store location inworld, and on the Marketplace.

God of the Underworld – Anubis Avatar Sneak Preview

As Egyptian Gods go, our Jackal-headed friend Anubis is probably one of the best known.  In the Pantheon of desert deities, he gets the dubious duty of taking care of people in the After Life.  He is also the patron god of embalming and mummification. He was originally said to be the son of Ra, but later mythology suggests he was the son of Osiris and Nephthys.  He mummified Osirus and received Osirus’s organs as a gift.

Avatar Bizarre is pleased to bring you the first in its line of Egyptian mesh avatars, which will eventually include Bast, Sekhmet, Sobek, Horus, and Amunet.  Anubis is 100% original mesh and includes the avatar with loin cloth and headdress, plus separate neck piece, wrist and ankle guards, which can be resized, since this avatar will size up or down, depending on your normal avatar’s settings.

Anubis will debut as part of Gothmas by Gaslight this year.  Gothmas by Gaslight is an annual shopping event put on by Cursed Events.  The landmark will be forthcoming when the event opens on December 15 at Noon.  Till then, it’s Christmas time.  Instead of shaking all the presents and trying to guess what could be in the box, why not set your sights on something you can see and really want?  Although rigged mesh cannot be modified, apart from a bit of tinting, this avatar is listed as Modify and Copy.  All of the separate accessories are Modify and Copy, just in case you need to tweak them a bit to fit.  The full body alpha is full perm, so feel free to share that if you want.


Avatar Bizarre is also a sponsor and organizer of Twisted Krissmuss. Please feel free to check out the brand new 100L transferable gryphon avatar, starting December 15.  And don’t miss out on the gachas!  Your ride to the shop:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burmilla/207/203/38

How the Leopard Gecko Got Its Spots

I have wanted to make a leopard gecko avatar for quite some time, and finally managed to squeeze this one out of my brain and into the computer over the course of several hours.

Leopard geckos, native to the Middle East, are a variety of “lidded” geckos.  In other words, these guys have eyelids and can blink at you.  Blinkie geckos, unlike the Staring geckos (no eyelids at all), cannot climb walls or glass because they lack those sticky pads on their fingertips.  They also tend to have tiny claws.  They are fairly long lived, with the current confirmed record standing at just over 24 years.  These insectivores come in a variety of colors including Tangerine, Bright Yellow, and Marbled.


Of course, the Leopard Gecko is one of several fat tailed lidded geckos out there.  They are a close relative of the California desert banded gecko, and the African Fat Tail gecko.

All this precursory knowledge aside, the Leopard Gecko avatar from Avatar Bizarre is 100% original mesh and includes the full body alpha.  As it turns out, it can also wear some mesh clothing, though I can’t guarantee it can wear all of it.  I’ve tried it with hats and shirts, mainly, and so far it seems to work for the larger sized items.

Available in five color morphs (Tangerine, Normal, Carrot Tail, Snow, and High Yellow), this avatar is available inworld and on the marketplace.