Puttin’ on the Ritz – Tuxedo Fashion in Second Life

Avatar Bizarre Niven Tux
“High hats and narrow collars, white spats and lots of dollars – spending every dime for a wonderful time!” – Puttin’ on the Ritz

There a new kid in town, and he’s belting out the jazz hits at Club Noir in Second Life.  It’s an exciting time for tuxedo fans, because Avatar Bizarre has just released the Niven Tux.  Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out, because this fella’s definitely doing it his way.

Avatar-Bizarre-Niven-Tux-IIThe cool thing about this rigged mesh tux isn’t just that it comes in seven different colors, and includes a nifty color change HUD for the cumberbund, pocket square (Oh how we love the pocket squares!), and the bow tie.  The super cool thing about this tux is it comes in both a male and a female version, because sometimes everyone wants to don the tail coat and bow tie.  It’s the height of formal fashion.  Not only is the tux for that all important James Bond role play, but it’s also great for wedding parties, Hollywood style jazz clubs, and generally looking dapper and amazing. Avatar-Bizarre-Niven-Tux-at-Club-Noir

This is where “Cool as a cucumber” comes from.  Look at that devil may care attitude.  You can only get that from wearing a tux.


You can get this gem on the Marketplace and inworld at Avatar Bizarre.  Though the shoes are not included, you can get those at Avatar Bizarre as well.  They are prime, grade-A, shiny happy Saddle Shoes (with color HUD).

 Grabilla screen capture:

The Dragon Queen

 Grabilla screen capture:
The Dragon Queen conjures up an image of a strong authority, who rules her domain with magic, an iron fist, and a whole lot of ferocious dragons.  Inspired by equal parts H.R.Giger and Daenerys Targaryen, this asymmetrical dress has the look and feel of skin taken from an alien dragon.  Resplendent in six dark jewel tones, the dress itself is rigged mesh.  The pearls at the waist, upper arm, and upper thigh glimmer with an inner light, only seen in the eye of the kraken.  These bands bring the regal look together with gently draped flexi cloth, pulling together the gentle shine of the leather that draws the eye to the left and down.

Then, when it’s finally time to plead to you, good lady, for their lives, the lines lead the eye back up your stunning visage, which is frame gorgeously by a high sweeping collar.

After all, your subjects are facing royalty, and must avert their eyes unless you command them to look up.  You are the Queen of all you survey, and this will be an astoundingly gorgeous addition to your already amazing wardrobe.

Available on the Marketplace and Inworld for 150L

Many thanks to my stunning model, Misha, for putting up with my incessant picture taking.

Holiday Season Brings a Cornucopia of New Things – Horrorfestive, GxG, Twisted Krissmuss, Etc… Part 1


The Holiday season has blundered into our lives once again, and bludgeoned us with all the usual malarkey involving stuff and things and junk and stuff.  Of course, folks in Second Life are not immune to such shenanigans, and merchants are all over the creating opportunities like bees to honey (hey I’m being G-Rated here).

I have been busy peppering Avatar Bizarre with new things, both for general new releases, and for all the various events I’ve signed up for.

The first thing to tell you about, oh my droogs and devotchkas, are the Morelia eyes.
Morelia veridis is the Latin name for the Green Tree Python.  This snake hatches out yellow, red, or brown, and eventually turns emerald green as an adult.  It is non-venomous and diurnal, meaning it’s active during the day, if you can call a snake coiled up in a cinnamon bun of verdant rodent terror “active”.  The Morelia eyes are based on the python’s slit-pupil orbs, and are available in ten colors.  Each set contains three pairs of prim eyes (full bright, normal, and glow), two sets of mesh eyes (normal and full bright), and a pair of system eyes.  All are copy/modify.  These are currently available inworld at the main store location, plus a few pairs at Horrorfestive, which runs for the next couple of weeks in a sim full of horror-inspired items for the holidays.  You can also find them on the marketplace.  The cost for each set is 75L.


These will be great for drow and other elven beings, faerie folk, vampires, draconians, and lycanthropes.

I’ve already mentioned the Ozymandias, to be released for Gothmas by Gaslight, in a previous blog post.  What you don’t know is there are more things to be had at Gothmas by Gaslight!


The Lucretia gown, named after that Sisters of Mercy song we all know and love, is rigged mesh, and will be available in several colors for Gothmas.  It features a velvety skirt with a satin overlay, materials enhanced.  Gothic Victorian is all the rage in some circles, and you’ll be able to get your gown once Gothmas opens on December 15.

And just for fun…


The Really Abominable Snowbeast is a rigged avatar available for 100L during Twisted Krissmuss.  He’s available on the marketplace and inworld at the main store location.  As you can see by the little size chart, he’s a bit taller than a regular Second Life Avatar.  He also comes with his own mesh Santa Hat for flavor.

Alas, my droogs and devotchkas, I have run out of room to tell you more.  Holiday Season Stuffs Part the Second to commence shortly.

And don’t forget to visit Avatar Bizarre for Twisted Krissmuss, Gothmas by Gaslight, and Horrorfestive!

Weird Science – A Tattered Page, Victor Frankenstein, and Second Life


There’s a new event coming to Second Life, run by some experienced hands.  It’s one of those events that uses a particular theme to inspire the merchants to come up with something relevant, amazing, and literally literary.  It’s A Tattered Page [*citation needed].

It looks like this event will occur a few times a year, with each theme focusing on one amazing book that everyone should read at least once in their lives.  We will be off and running with Mary Wollstoncraft Shelley’s original mad scientist epic, Frankenstein.  This is not about the movie adaptations, TV shows, cliff’s notes, or even the Abbott and Costello/Boris Karloff Halloween mask.  This is the book that started it all; a short rollercoaster of a novel about a man, his obsession, and a creature.  Anyone involved in the event who hasn’t read it has to read it.  Yep, we have homework!

This is an in-store event, so all items will be sold in individual stores with at least one exclusive item that you can only get during the event.

This one’s right up my alley, since I love to make historic clothing.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that the book is set in the late 1700s.  Okay, I tell a slight lie.  I kind of knew.  I also love, love, love making that stuff.  This is also a great opportunity to expand my mesh clothing line to include female clothing items.  I won’t lie:  It’s been a little scary to try making women’s clothing.  Now that I have, it seems I did okay.

So here’s a sneak preview of the two items I will be debuting for the event…

Let’s talk about the Elizabeth gown.


This lovely number will be available in ten colors and five sizes.  It’s a casual (for the time) gown, circa 1790, modeled by the beautiful Misha Selene.  There’s a demo available, of course, and it will cost 250L.  The exclusive color is called “Blood”, and is a gown resplendent in black and red.

Elizabeth Lavenza was the love interest for Victor Frankenstein.  She was adopted as a young girl by Victor’s parents, and raised as a “cousin” figure.  She was beautiful, and gentle.


The other item being offered for this event is a later style, perhaps very early 1800s, suit.  It will be available in seven colors, and five sizes.  It is a rigged mesh suit with unrigged top hat, cravat and shoes.  There is a demo available.  There will be an exclusive color for this one as well, but it’s still being decided which one.  More than likely there will be an eighth color added just for the event.

A Tattered Page begins November 7, and these items will be available at Avatar Bizarre at that time.

The Glorious Ludwig van…


I have to admit.  I’m a huge fan of A Clockwork Orange.  I also quite enjoy Beethoven.  So when I was making this new outfit, I figured I should name it after one of the greatest composers in history: The Glorious Ludwig van, as Alex deLarge was fond of calling him.  Beethoven’s iconic high-collared coat is the inspiration for the Ludwig Tux.  This ensemble not only draws from the late 18th century styles, but also from 19th and very early 20th century styles.  Generally, when I make a historic style, I stick with one era and try to be true to the real deal, but this is more of a fantasy suit.  It’s Gothic, in the dark club sense of the word, while being somewhat anachronistic, and a stylistic oddball.  Such is Second Life fashion.


Naturally, when writing up any blog post, there’s this driving need to find a suitable spot on the grid in which to take pictures.  Between monkeying with the right windlight settings, messing around with camera settings, and searching around for great locations, blogging can certainly turn into a full time occupation.  Luckily, this particular sim has been around since I signed into Second Life, and it’s one of my favorites, though there isn’t much there.  Just a meadow, a piano, a lake, and some benches.  It’s ideal for photographing a suit named after a classical composer, because the piano you see me hunched over is scripted to play the sim owner’s own deft piano playing (though the music is Mozart, not Beethoven, but we can overlook that, can’t we?)

In spite of the expression on my face, the area is serene and calming.


The Ludwig Tux is a delightful throwback to several bygone eras.  The wingtips, mostly worn by Las Vegas magicians these days (Hey, Teller!) cast a shine that matches the color of each suit.  That’s one of the fun things about using materials; you can adjust shine so it realistically reflects colors around the objects that have the heightmaps applied.  In addition to the fancy wingtips, the creased pants sport a herringbone texture.  The cravat, a mix of sculpts, mesh, and flexi prims, has a bright metallic sheen that, like the shoes, reflects the colors of the jacket in a magical way.


Of course the whole thing is set off by a white waistcoat and a high-collared velvet brocade tailcoat.  Available inworld and on the marketplace, it comes in eight different colors.  This is a delightful addition to any discerning male avatar’s wardrobe.

Be sure to try the demo before you buy the suit.

The Vatican Rag – Pontifical Swiss Guard Uniforms


I was approached recently about creating the Pontifical Swiss Guard uniforms.  Apparently there’s a whole role playing group centered around The Vatican, and all three uniforms were required.  In the order of appearance (I have not completed the last one yet) we have the functional work uniform, the decorative and formal red, yellow and blue uniform, and the Commander’s uniform, which includes a fair bit of armor.

The first uniform up for your perusal is the functional daily blue uniform, which hasn’t changed much since the early 1500s, when the Swiss Guard first became a Thing in the courts of Europe.  While the Swiss Guard actually did pull duty in a variety of different areas at its inception, it’s best known now as a Pontifical guard at The Vatican.

AB Swiss Guard - Vatican (Regular Duty Uniform)

Available inworld and on the Marketplace, the blue Swiss Guard uniform includes a rigged mesh tunic or doublet, rigged pants, unrigged beret, unrigged shoes, system stockings, system gloves, and for the Slink Enhanced avatar, appliers for gloves.  There’s a free demo, so feel free to try it out.  Everything but the system stockings and gloves will work on a custom mesh avatar. 

The more formal Pontifical uniform is more widely known.  Like the blue version, this is mostly rigged mesh, with unrigged shoes and beret.  It’s Slink enhanced, but also includes the system gloves.  This will work fine for both classic Second Life Avatars and for Custom Mesh Avatars.  But, like all mesh things, please try the demo first!

AB Swiss Pontifical Guard (Formal)

Also available inworld and on the marketplace.


A Spritely Suit – Julenisse Strikes Again!

A couple of years ago, Avatar Bizarre created a suit called “Julenisse” for an event called Gothmas by Gaslight, which may have been a grid-wide hunt at the time.  It is now a shopping event.  Anyway, inspired by the Scandinavian sprite that takes care of farm and livestock over the Christmas holiday, the original suit was elegant in its simplicity.  It was not only colorful, but sported a bit of a Harlequin coloring:  a sort of half n’ half, resplendent in greens, blues, purples, reds, blacks, and teals.

If you’re looking for the original system layer suit, it’s still available at a discount on the Marketplace.

Julenisse is resplendent in red, blue, teal, black, green, and purple, but there’s also a limited edition group discounted Technicolor version available for 25L.  It won’t last long, so get your copy now! 



Each package includes five sizes of rigged jacket/pant/dickie, along with a pair of unrigged boots that can be resized, if needed.  There’s also a couple of alphas for good measure.  This may fit custom mesh avatars, though it was built on a classic avatar shape.  Please try the demo before you buy!

This is a wonderful way to spruce up your wardrobe, adding some color and flair to your dynamic look. 


On the marketplace and inworld

Dressage For Success – A Twisted Hunt Gift


A friend of mine on plurk was pining for the Fjords while lamenting the lack of Dressage suits for men in Second Life.  I was vaguely aware that people riding in horse competitions wear something that looks a bit like a tuxedo with knee high boots, and it’s just the sort of thing I enjoy making, so a promise was made more or less sorta kinda.  After doing some research on the various Dressage looks out there, I decided on the classic tail coat version.

Since the pants on a Dressage suit tend to be skin tight, I figured this suit didn’t have to be full mesh.  The pants are a system layer, along with the system layer Dressage shirt, and leather gloves.  The rest of the outfit is mesh, both rigged and unrigged.  The tail coat is knee length and comes in the five standard male sizes.  The Cravat and the low Top Hat are both unrigged and can be resized as needed.  There is, of course, an alpha included for the coat and for the boots.

The rigged boots (included) are a special new addition to the Avatar Bizarre collection.  Not only are they superbly textured patent leather, but if you run on a Materials compatible viewer and have Advance Lighting enabled, you will see a subtle leather shine you wouldn’t otherwise see in viewers that aren’t materials compatible.  The shine has a slight color applied, based on the color of the coat.

This brings me to the Twisted Hunt gift for men (Twisted Hunt starts March 1 and runs through March 31)…

 Grabilla screen capture: 2014-02-18 19:48:40

The theme of Twisted you probably already know, if you read this blog regularly (or just look at the post below this one).  The color of this hunt is a magical purple.  Frankly, it’s one of my favorite colors, and lends itself well to a Dressage outfit, even though the traditional color is, well, black and white.

The Magic Purple Dressage outfit from Avatar Bizarre comes with two pairs of pants:  a black pair with a colored stripe down each leg, and a more traditional white pair.  This suit will be available in more colors at the end of the hunt, including the traditional black.

Till then, Tally Ho!

It’s a Kind of Magick – Twisted Hunt Gift


When it rains, it pours.  In the case of Ye Olde Shoppe Blogge, I just couldn’t wait a week to tell you about the nifty new gown slated for the Women’s Twisted Hunt Gift in March.  Theme:  Magick.  Check.  Color: Purple.  Excellent. Stuff made:  Tons.  Perfect.  A case in point: One partial mesh ballgown.

The Magick Gown, modeled by a very lovely Phoebe, was built with an underbust rigged mesh corset.  Flaring out at the bottom into a sort of rig for a bustle style skirt, it has plenty of room for a wide range of avatar shapes.  The top of the corset sits just below the breasts, and there’s a matching bustier shirt layer to round out the natural beauty of the feminine shape.

The rest of the gown includes rigged mesh sleeves, a delicately laced magical purple skirt with velvet panels where it meets the corset, and a glitch pant that terminates in delicate lace near the mid calf, and misty lace ruffles on the sleeves for a little extra flourish.  The boots pictured are from Lassitude & Ennui, and are not included. The lace has a slight glow for that mystical magic feel, but since the gown is modify, simply edit out the glow on the lace if you prefer not to glow quite so much.


This gown will be available in several other colors after the end of the Twisted Hunt.  Till then, if you want the purple version, you may need to spend time looking for it at Avatar Bizarre.

Main Store Location

Bonnie Knees, Plaid, and the Regimental Zen


I know there is only one question on your mind when you see this photo.
“Yeah, but is he wearing any underwear?”
No, not really.  This is one aspect of this outfit I seem to have forgotten.  If you ask Homer Simpson, he’d say, “I have misplaced my pants.”  While that may be true, the real reason Scots (or any man wearing traditional Highland garb) prefer to let the tackle swing free has more to do with tradition.  Historically speaking (and from what I was once told by a dude in Edinburgh, so take this with a generous portion of salt), it was illegal for Scottish men in the British army to wear anything under the kilt.  Stories claim that officers would actually perform a Regiment check by passing a small mirror under the infantry’s kilts, and those who had on magical protective underpants were summarily punished.  And that, my faithful droogs and devotchkas, is a reason for the term “Regimental”.

This may all be complete bunk, since that practice is fairly unhygienic.  But it is nice to have an alibi, I guess.

It has been a long (heh) standing tradition for men to free Willy under the sett, as it were.

Avatar Bizarre prides itself on making traditional outfits as true to form as possible, so this particular outfit lacks an underpant layer.  This is just as well.  The alpha will likely hide the dangly bits of a Second Life male avatar.  Well maybe.  Unless the guy is wearing his meat and two veg, Regimental kilts are more or less just for fun anyway.

The Scottish Kilt outfit now available in about a dozen of the more popular and well-known clan tartans, is 100% original woolen plaid-encrusted mesh.  Okay, I tell a lie.  The shoulder cloak includes some flexi prims, because it’s way more fun when cloaks swirl behind you as you walk.  And the Ghillie shirt (tux shirt) is a system layer, but everything else is the meshiest mesh you could ever ask for.

The Prince Charlie Jacket, Kilt (with sporran and belt), Vest front, Hose, and Ghillies are all rigged.  Though the outfit is all modify and copy, these pieces cannot be resized.  The Tam, Collar and Bow Tie, and Shoulder Cloak are all unrigged, so they can be resized, repositioned, retinted, or whatever else you may wish to do.

That’s all the good news.  The even gooder news is you can order your own clan tartan from Sredni Eel.  Simply IM him in Second Life (or send an email to ferrethunter@gmail.com) with the name of the tartan, and the STA or STRW Reference numbers from http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk.  Please await a reply.  I really prefer to make sure I have the right sett before I begin any custom kilt project.  I also require a 50% deposit with the order, and the rest to be paid upon completion.  The cost for the outfit is 699L.

I would advise trying the free demo, which (like the ready mades) is available inworld or on the marketplace.

If the mesh kilt outfit does not fit your avatar, there is a prim, sculpt and system layers version available as well.
AB Scottish Kilt Black Watch