A Knight of the Round Table

Avatar Bizarre Gawain for Genre 1
Looking for a nice medieval sim in Second Life when your connection has decided to go back to the 1200 BAUD days is really, really difficult.  Really, it is.  That said, one quagmire lag filled thirty minutes, then a fifteen minute hiatus from the Internet later produced this picture and blog.  You see how dedicated some people can be to this stuff?

The Gawain, named for one of King Arthur’s fine Camelot knights, is the latest outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  It features a color HUD with seven color choices (red, green, teal, blue, purple, black, and white), an Omega pants applier HUD for the various mesh bodies out there (check out the Omega blog for a list of compatible bodies), seven system layer underpants, an alpha, five sizes, and materials.  This is available for women, as well.

This will debut at Genre. As Genre is one of those super awesome shopping events where you can get deep discounts on new things, you can buy this wonderful outfit for 100L, starting March 15.  Once this round of Genre is over, the price goes up.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  In addition to this outfit, there will be a pair of nifty boots at Genre for 99L (regular price is 175:).  These are brand new, made with the Gawain in mind.  They were built to go over system layers or Omega layers.  They may have a little difficulty with mesh pants.

 Grabilla screen capture:

These come with a large and a small rigged pair, along with an unrigged pair, an alpha, and a color HUD.

For more information on Genre, here’s the blog.

Magic Is In The Air – a Sneak Preview

Gaius was once a powerful sorcerer in the land of Albion, but when Uther outlawed magic, Gaius hid his powers and became the Court Physician.  He was wise beyond his considerable years, and hid his powers; concocting tinctures and potions to heal the sick and wounded with only his knowledge of herbs and fungi.

Avatar Bizarre will soon be releasing the Gaius Robes, a wonderful new outfit that includes the inner garment and an outer robe, both of which are on a color HUD to give you several color combinations!

The female version, the Gaia, will be much the same, only a lot more feminine.

Outfit:  AB Gaius Robes (white and teal shown)
Hair – Exile Windsong
Beard – Nerd Grey
Hands – SLink
Body – SLink Male
Skin – Nivaro Crow

The Vatican Rag – Pontifical Swiss Guard Uniforms


I was approached recently about creating the Pontifical Swiss Guard uniforms.  Apparently there’s a whole role playing group centered around The Vatican, and all three uniforms were required.  In the order of appearance (I have not completed the last one yet) we have the functional work uniform, the decorative and formal red, yellow and blue uniform, and the Commander’s uniform, which includes a fair bit of armor.

The first uniform up for your perusal is the functional daily blue uniform, which hasn’t changed much since the early 1500s, when the Swiss Guard first became a Thing in the courts of Europe.  While the Swiss Guard actually did pull duty in a variety of different areas at its inception, it’s best known now as a Pontifical guard at The Vatican.

AB Swiss Guard - Vatican (Regular Duty Uniform)

Available inworld and on the Marketplace, the blue Swiss Guard uniform includes a rigged mesh tunic or doublet, rigged pants, unrigged beret, unrigged shoes, system stockings, system gloves, and for the Slink Enhanced avatar, appliers for gloves.  There’s a free demo, so feel free to try it out.  Everything but the system stockings and gloves will work on a custom mesh avatar. 

The more formal Pontifical uniform is more widely known.  Like the blue version, this is mostly rigged mesh, with unrigged shoes and beret.  It’s Slink enhanced, but also includes the system gloves.  This will work fine for both classic Second Life Avatars and for Custom Mesh Avatars.  But, like all mesh things, please try the demo first!

AB Swiss Pontifical Guard (Formal)

Also available inworld and on the marketplace.


Tudors Down and To the Left


I was recently asked to make the Swiss Vatican Guard uniform, and it got me thinking:  Why not just make Tudor outfits in addition to the Guard?  The styles are pretty much the same, only with the Guard you also get gloves, pikes, and sometimes funky faux sleeve slashing.  While the Swiss Guard at the Vatican has not changed its uniform much in the past five hundred years (it added laced shoes a bit ago), the Tudor costume has long since died out in current fashion circles.

The Tudor is a complete costume, including hose, unrigged shoes (so they can be modified), doublet, pants, the ubiquitous codpiece, and unrigged hat with a plume.  It’s available in several colors so you can Hey your Nonny Nonny with relish and aplomb.


“To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance is just something that happened to other people, isn’t it?”

There are a lot of different sims that cater to the Renaissance and Medieval eras in Second LIfe.  A simple search of Renaissance will bring you to some lovely Tudor style parcels.  If you’re really adventurous, you can brave Avilion.  It can be a bit on the lagged side, but there seems to be a thriving community of medieval and fantasy role play there.  They even have one of those formal ballrooms where you can dance with your significant other.  So because of all this, and the fact that I really enjoy making historic costumes, Avatar Bizarre has one of the widest and most varied historic garb collections on the grid.


The Tudor is available inworld and in the Marketplace.  It should fit most classic male avatars, in addition to some of the new custom mesh avatars out there.  Be that as it may, I would heartily suggest getting the demo first.  It’s free, funky, and full of vitamins.

What ho! Tis a Rogue Swashbuckler!


Stand and deliver, indeed!  Here comes the Swashbuckler, decked out in daggers and plumed hat to save the day.  Or is he?

This outfit has rigged mesh sleeves, which fit just about everyone!  They’ve been tested on male and female avatars, long and short arms, and they’ve passed the test with flying colors.  If you want to wear mesh, but don’t, because most full mesh outfits require you to change your shape, look no further.  This one is guaranteed to fit.  As the shirt and vest are system layers, you don’t have to worry about wearing an upper body alpha that may or may not cover all your bits.

Complete with the plumed hat, boots, boots alpha, leather pants, vest, shirt, sleeves, and collar, you will be sure to make the ladies swoon (or the gentlemen, if you prefer).  If any scalawag threatens your person, you are also provided with a set of daggers, worn on the legs.

Available in six colors, you can buy this on the marketplace and at Avatar Bizarre inworld.


Just for good measure, both daggers are not only copy/modify, but they contain a removable resizer script.  Please make a copy before attempting to modify, yadda yadda.

A Queen Fit to Take Over Narnia


The Queen has arrived and she’s ready to take over Narnia.  The Queen Jadis, pictured above, is available in six vibrant colors:  Emerald, Red, Teal, Blue, Purple, and Yellow.  It is also available as a Petite Mesh Avatar outfit, as well as the “biggie” Normal sized avatar version.

Like the Prince Rillian costume I talked about earlier, the queen was inspired by a character in the C.S.Lewis book, The Silver Chair.  Jadis is the character who has attempted on no fewer than three occasions to take over and rule Narnia.  She was played deliciously by Tilde Swinton, and now you can play her just as deliciously in Second Life.

Now on the Marketplace and Inworld.

Save That Silver Chair For Me, Rillian


Second Life can be fraught with peril.  Okay, not really.  But sometimes things get made for a specific event that never happens, so then you’re left with an item you suddenly need to foist off on the world at large.

I blogged about this outfit in green a while ago, thinking I was going to be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  As far as I know the hunt never happened.  Either that, or the hunt organizer didn’t accept my store, for whatever reason.  No worries, though, because I happen to really like the item Avatar Bizarre made for that hunt.  So here we have a nifty medieval style fantasy outfit, available in six colors.

You can catch a glimpse of all the colors on the marketplace.  Available inworld sometime this week!