Interested in Blogging for Avatar Bizarre?


If you would like to be an official blogger for Avatar Bizarre, there are only a couple of requirements.

First, you need only email me at with the following:

  1. Your name.  Please, no display names, or I may not be able to find you!
  2. Your blog URL.  It’s nice to see what you can do.
  3. Your flickr page, if you have one.
  4. What you prefer to blog (Male, Female, Both)
  5. And how many times I can expect you to blog for my store.
  6. Bonus:  Why do you want to blog for Avatar Bizarre?

Second, if I send you something, I’d like you to blog it.  I won’t send any items you don’t ask for directly.

If I choose you, it will help to either join my store group inworld, or subscribe to the subscriber group so you can keep track of what’s being released.  All notices include pictures of the items being released, so it will be an easy choice.  I only send out notices at most once per week, so you will not be spammed.

If you prefer not to join any groups at all, and you have plurk, you can either friend or fan my plurk account to keep up to date with new releases, as I frequently send out WiP, notice of new releases, and blog posts from my store blog.

Once chosen, and you’re in the group, you can choose any items that are being released.  If you want to blog something else, that’s fine too.  Contact me and I will send you the item.

I understand that blogging takes time and effort, and that many bloggers write and take photos for more than one merchant.  I want you guys to have fun with blogging anything from Avatar Bizarre, and so I won’t make too many demands.  I also deeply appreciate what bloggers do!

Thanks, and keep on bloggin’!

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