So You Got Banned

I have a word of advice to folks who have been banned from any store anywhere on the grid ever in the history of all time:

Don’t ask anyone except the sim/parcel owner why you got banned or if your ban can be lifted.  Wanna know why?

Know why?

Because ONLY the sim/parcel owner knows what’s going on or even cares.

So ask them.

Don’t ask me.  Don’t ask the group.  Don’t ask your mother.  Don’t even use a quarter to call 911.  Nobody knows or cares.  ASK THE SIM OR PARCEL OWNER.

Regarding Contacting Twisted Hunt Organizers About Your Ban From (Fill In The Blank):
We often get several messages from irate/confused/annoyed/frustrated/sad people who have suddenly discovered the inability to complete the hunt, due to a ban.  As this issue gets way overblown and way out of hand, plus we really don’t  want to hear it from the Banees, we never ban without reason, particularly from End Game.

If you are banned from End Game, either you were a troll in chat, gave locations in chat or local, were caught cheating, OR you have been abusive toward anyone in chat (particularly our treasured merchants).  Contrary to popular opinion, bannings do not occur without good reason.

We are not singling people out to be banned.  As much as your fragile little egos would love to believe otherwise, we are not picking your names out of our Twisted Organizer hats and saying, “Yes, I think we should ban this person today, because it would be super fun and cool.”

Twisted Hunt Chat is a moderate group.  While we are okay with a little profanity, it’s not okay to direct it at people in a malicious manner.  We have zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, or incessant bellyaching just because your drama is so important that you must share it with the rest of us.  No, No, No and Just No.  If you want drama, go watch Downton Abbey.  It’s a really good show, and you taking a break from Twisted Hunt for a while to cool off when you get your big girl panties in a twist is a good idea anyway.

If you find yourself arguing with one of the Moderators, remember that we are GOD in the group.  As such, we don’t have to take your whining bull plop.  Bans from Twisted Hunt (other than our Blogger friends) will be removed once the event has ended.  By the way, if you’re offended that I have just claimed we are GOD, then this isn’t the group or the hunt for you.  If you are easily offended, there’s probably a fluffy bunny hunt somewhere you can partake in while the rest of us have a good time on the hardest hunt in Second Life.

How to tell if you’re being an ass hat on the fast track to a swift ban hammer to the head

  1. You take issue with a thing, and continually bleat on and on and on about it in group chat to the point where even your sainted mother would hand us a Cricket bat with which to beat you soundly
  2. You argue with the moderators, and continue to do whatever you’re doing, in spite of repeated warnings
  3. You disclose locations in group chat, local chat, or stand over the item in any given store and shout “it’s over here!”  Up with this, we will not put.
  4. You are caught cheating and/or admit to cheating and then argue that you weren’t cheating after all
  5. You argue that “such and such” is not cheating.  Guess what?  if we say it’s cheating, then it’s cheating. Full stop.  If you’re going to cheat, don’t be a raging batflap dunderhead, and tell everyone you’re doing it.  But be aware that even if you don’t tell anyone you’re cheating, there are ways we can figure it out.  So don’t be surprised to find yourself banned once this inevitably happens.  If you don’t know the meaning of “inevitably”, please direct your browser to  They give meanings to all the words.
  6. You whine that you got banned and you will not stop whining.
  7. You blog the hunt locations with direct location SLurls and/or photos of the hunt locations****
  8. All of the above
  9. Seriously
  10. There is no 10

We will NOT IM people who have been banned to let them know they have been banned, and we do not explain ourselves.  All of our rules are laid out in plain English on the Twisted Hunt Website, and it is up to you to read and follow those rules.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

We will not play by your moral rules.  Again, if you are an easily offended speshul snowflake, then this is not the group for you.  Feel free to hit up some other hunt.  There are literally hundreds of hunts to choose from that may be more your speed.

Don’t be an ass hat who cheats, whines, bullies, or won’t play nice with others, because that will earn you a swift kick to the head with the biggest, meanest ban hammer you ever met.



**** We love our blogger friends who blog the prizes and write about all the wonderful stuff they see during our events.  The ONLY blogging NOT allowed is outlined above.  NEVER, EVER, EVER post actual direct SLurls or pictures of the hiding places on your blog or we will lay the smack down hard and fast.