If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It


People say that fashion trends repeat themselves, but apart from a bit of 60’s style Austin Powers Mod, I have yet to see a full blown men’s 18th Century suit sitting on the racks at Macys.  It’s a shame, really, because some of the stuff from the Prince Regent era was pretty stunning, what with the hand-sewn brocade, glittery baubles, lace, and silk stockings strutting around all over the place.  The 18th Century was a spectacular time for the Aristocracy (not so much for the proles), and not only brought us charming music from the likes of Mozart, but also gave us our first real glimpse of Baroque celebrity.  We thrilled to see Prince George parading around in his finery.  We cheered for William Pitt, the Younger.  And if Edmund Blackadder had really lived, we’d have sarcastically mocked the whole gambit while getting a slap of tea at Mrs. Miggins’ pie shop.

With the advent of mesh (meaning I’ve finally mastered the Evil that is Blender), it’s time to unveil the Prince Regent suit from Avatar Bizarre!

The Deuce, you say!

The Prince Regent is 100% original (mostly) rigged mesh.  It’s available in eight different colors, and includes several options for wear.

  • Frock coat only
    Each set includes a frock coat you can wear by itself.  It’s made a bit on the larger side so it fits over other things.  You can mix and match and figure out what works best.
  • Waistcoat and shirt only
    Included in every suit is a waistcoat and shirt that were built to be worn separate of the coat.
  • Frock coat, waistcoat and shirt
    This is a set that works using alphas to mask out the shirt sleeves and the back of the waistcoat so neither will poke through your frock coat.

Of course, you also get the pants, stockings with shoes, an unrigged cravat, and unrigged tricorn.  Oh, and the ISO 900 alpha layer to hide some of your bits.


As always, please try the demo before you buy this outfit.  Available on the Marketplace and inworld at my main store location.

Toccata and Fugue in SL Minor – The Johann Outfit


I was watching a biopic based on the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, and felt inspired to make something for the mesh afficionados, while still catering to folks who are leery of making that leap.  By now, folks may have noticed my intense interest in 17th and 18th Century male fashions.  I’ve made a number of outfits based on the Regency era for Aristocracy, as well as the common people.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to make mesh clothing is the rather severe lack of menswear, particularly historic and Gothic menswear in mesh.  This particular outfit is partial mesh; only the frock coat is rigged.  The rest of it is system layer clothing with various unrigged bits and pieces.  I like the idea of people having the power to modify their clothing, and unrigged mesh is perfect for this!

The Johann is available in Red, Purple, Teal, Black, Blue and Green.  The coat comes in one size only, but slider experiments suggest that it should fit most male avatars, provided they don’t have breasts, or large butts.  The outfit comes with two different coat alphas – one for smaller avatars, and one for avatars with bigger, uh…attributes.  Even with the possibility that this coat will fit pretty much any male avatar, please try the demo first.


The rest of the outfit can stand on its own without the coat.  It includes system layer pants, shirt, and waistcoat, mesh attachments for pant legs and sleeves, a mesh hat, unrigged shoes, and a flexi/sculpted cravat.


This outfit would work great for classic Anne Rice style vampires, 18th century role players, pirates, and other fun costumed events.



I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It!


There once was a man from Tortuga
Who rode on the back of a beluga
He couldn’t stay long
As he sang his song
And sounded notes on his rusty tuba

Okay, so I’m not much of a poet, but I can show you a fantastic new suit from Avatar Bizarre. 

The Poet Hawthorne is a classic casual ensemble from the 18th Century, and would wear well for Pirates, Poets, possibly some small urchins on the streets of Tortuga, and any other Regency era prole.  After all, not everyone is Royalty.  Heck, who wants to dress up all the time anyway?

The Poet Hawthorne is 100% original mesh (apart from the system layer stockings), and comes in several colors.  The white shirt is covered by an unbuttoned waistcoat, and the pants are loose at the knees.  The whole outfit is finished off with a pair of white stockings and a pair of unrigged mesh shoes, which can be resized as needed.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.

We want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit


Are you ready to serve your King and Country in the Royal Navy?  If you are, you can join up and get your very own spiffy uniform!  Sure, you won’t be an Admiral right away, but how long could it take to achieve that kind of promotion, particularly in Second Life?

This uniform is part of a long line of 18th century Royal Navy uniforms available exclusively at Avatar Bizarre.  Meticulously crafted to be as authentic as possible, this uniform comes with everything you need to be an officer and a gentleman in His Majesty’s Royal Military.  Long live King George!  Or at least till the next guy comes along to rule the roost.

Available now at Avatar Bizarre and on the Marketplace.

Fit for a King


Folks who shop at Avatar Bizarre probably know that I will make kilts custom to order, if you have trouble finding your family tartan.  What you probably aren’t aware of is the other custom work I do.  Ordinarily, the items I make for you won’t be exclusive, but I will occasionally make an exception.

I was approached to make a Petite Mesh Avatar Swedish King outfit, complete with riding boots.  I was given a couple of very small reference pictures, but what I could see of the photos was an 18th Century style.  As I adore the men’s styles of the 18th Century, I made arrangements with the customer to make a suit exclusive only to him.

Not to worry, folks.  Since this suit turned out exceptionally well, I will be making more frock coat outfits for Petite men.  Just not in this exact style or color.

I’m thinking of something in Peacock colors for an upcoming hunt, with a matching gown for women.  If I have enough time I will also make the Peacock outfits for petites.  As the hunt starts in January, there’s a distinct possibility the Petites versions will be a reality.

Stay tuned!