Say My Name

I am the one who knocks…

One of the fun things about Second Life is you can be anyone or anything you want.  As a Second Life creator, I don’t really get to play as much as I’d like; I’m always in some sort of working frenzy, whether stuck in Blender, Photoshop, or DJing at the Village of Nyght on Saturday Nights.  I generally enjoy making things, and try only to make things I want to make, as opposed to stuff I think other people will like.  It’s not an easy balance, and like most other people, I sometimes lose focus and get a little burned out.

Avatar Bizarre is taking a bit of time off for this week’s creating frenzy. Instead of showing you the latest thing I have for sale in my store, I wanted to show off an avatar I created, based on Bryan Cranston’s character in the AMC series Breaking Bad.  As this is a copyrighted character, I will not sell this avatar; I can only give you a style sheet and turn a blind eye to whatever people want to do.  I do not sell other people’s creations without permission, and other creators should keep that in mind when they put things on the market.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a diatribe or a soap box, but I have seen a lot of folks — Big Name Creators, in fact — who have been making and selling copyrighted characters without permission from the original sources, and it kind of pisses me off.  It gives the rest of the creators in Second Life a bad name.  Second Life gets a lot of bad press in mainstream media, and when I hear people make the claim that the virtual world is only about stealing other people’s creations, having virtual sex, and being a loser living in Mom’s basement, it really chaps my hide.

Guys, if you want to make stuff from your favorite movies or TV shows, do it for your own pleasure.  It is really bad if you choose to make and sell things that do not belong to you.  I’m not going to be the one to blow the whistle, but bear in mind there are a lot of people out there who would.

That said, my Walter White avatar is for me.  I am not selling it.  Nor could I, if I wanted to.

I created the shape, eyes, sunglasses, pork pie hat, and facial hair (Facial hair on a chemo patient?  Well every story has some weird hole in it).  The hair base came from KMADD as part of a freebies package.  It’s a white, tintable hairbase that I simply applied a bit of greyish brown to, to get that freshly shaven head look.  The skin is part of the Aero Maxwell avatar, available in Second Life (inworld only as far as I can tell).  The package comes with eyes, several versions of the skin, shapes, and a few odds and sods and costs around 2000L.  I only used the Gin colored BH skin in the box for this avatar.

Simply put, Breaking Bad is one of the best fictional bits of TV I have ever seen.  In spite of feeling a bit rushed in the last five or six episodes, it was very well written, and the acting was superb.  I’m inclined to agree with Sir Anthony Hopkins when he said that Bryan Cranston is one of the most amazing actors out there right now.  When someone of Sir Hopkins’ caliber says you’re good, then you’re good!

From the amazing cinematography and editing, to the excellent music, to the stubble on Mr. Cranston’s head, this was a fine bit of entertainment; gripping, tense, darkly funny at times, and…well…as addictive as the blue meth Heisenberg created.

It was time for Heisenberg to appear in Second Life.  He may only be around for a couple of weeks, but you can’t deny he’s got a powerful presence.

Normal operations will resume next week.  Till then, Walter “Heisenberg” White will be DJing at this week’s Village of Nyght “Adult” party.