Wow, so Shibe

If you aren’t up to date with your Internet memes, Doge is sort of like the Shiba Inu version of the LOLcat.  Evidently, “doge” was a misspelling that happened sometime in the last decade or so, and just sort of caught fire and went viral, like so many other things making the rounds on the “tubez”.  And, like most animals on the Internet, even the intrepid little shiba must be subjected to LOLSpeak.

Doge is so wow. OMG hi!  Much pixl.  So avatr.  Much mesh.  Awesum.

The Doge avatar was a lot of fun to make.  No, seriously.  It was.  I know you think I’m lying, because Blender is the Devil, and nobody can possibly have fun working with it, ever, but it’s true!  There aren’t many Shiba Inus in Second Life, and learning how to model (and rig) in Blender presented a golden opportunity to make all those avatars I’ve been aching to create since I logged into that addictive Virtual World.

Having said all that, and you still being in abject disbelief (how d’you think I feel?!?), this little shiba avatar is roughly 1/3 the size of a normal human avatar, and comes with its own little red collar and a tag that says “WOW”.  You also get an optional shape (it helps, trust me), and the ubiquitous full body alpha.

Doge, like the real Shiba Inu, comes in a variety of colors.  Unlike the real Shiba, Doge not only comes in the Breed Standard colors (Red, and Black and Tan), but also Wasabi, Purple, Blue, and Teal.  While I’m sure these little guys aren’t going to win Westminster any time soon, they are great dancers, have an infectious smile, and wear hats rather well.

So where do you get your very own Doge Avatar?  At Avatar Bizarre’s main store location, and the Marketplace, of course!