He was always a foxy kind of guy…


The Fennec fox is normally a tiny desert creature that eats bugs, lizards, and small rodents; however, the great thing about Second Life is you can find various species in any habitat, and it would be completely natural.  This Fennec, for example, has a knack for finding mermaid clubs simply by trying to get to the desert and failing utterly.  After falling into two underwater clubs in a row on two completely different sims, it seemed fate wanted this avatar to wander in a fantasy land even the most imaginative Fennec would never have dreamed of visiting.

Given the fact that I have this habit of inflicting music on people every Saturday night at the Village of Nyght it was time to hit the decks at the mermaid club when nobody else was around.  What does the fox play?  Probably a bit of VNV Nation, David Bowie, and Gary Numan.  As a DJ in Second LIfe, I rarely sit on a DJ stand.  It’s far more fun to make my little cartoon dance and wear fun costumes.  Want to be social and dance to new wave, Gothic, and other fun genres?  Feel free to show up at the Village sometime.  Till then, let’s talk more about this avatar from Avatar Bizarre.


The Fennec Avatar is 100% original rigged mesh, and is now available inworld and on the Marketplace.  There are 11 fun colors, including a version for Saint Patrick’s Day (he has a shamrock on the backs of his hands).  Each avatar includes a full body alpha.  And last, but not least, you can  tweak the shape of your Fennec by editing (or making) your shape.  I recommend making copies of everything before you tweak anything.  I know everyone in the universe says this, but it’s probably one of the most important bits of advice to actually heed in Second Life.

This little guy is Modify and Copy.  Rigged mesh cannot be resized, but you can probably tint it.  I make everything wearable in my store modify out of habit.  The cost on this avatar is 325L.


Oh, and here’s a little tidbit that might save people a bit of annoyance:

If you notice a weird alpha glitch in your avatar (or any mesh), and you’re using a materials-enabled viewer with Advanced Lighting turned on, please right click>EDIT the mesh in question, hit the TEXTURE tab, and next to the little icon showing the texture you may see a drop down menu labeled “Alpha Mode”.  Be sure you have NONE selected.  If ALPHA MODE is selected, it does wonky things to mesh and makes for some seriously bizarre glitches that would not otherwise be there.

Unhinged – The Story of a Zygotic Arch

Second Life is an amazing entity.  Not only is it a whole world of pure imagination, but its residents sometimes pull together for massive events to help out charities and friends.  You’ve all heard of Relay for Life, which Second Life residents have raised thousands of dollars for Cancer over the years.  There have been countless other events for various causes.  While some can be a little questionable, most of the time these events are meant to help out people in dire straits.

One such event, starting on November 15 and ending on December 15, is an event to raise money for a truly wonderful person.  She never complains about her illness, and has been a true friend to a lot of people.  When folks found out she needed surgery and a prosthetic bone in her fragile skull, they banded together and set up an event to help raise money.  Thus was Unhinged born.

Even if you don’t know Eku personally, many, many merchants have pulled together and donated items and gachas to help raise money.  Most of the money spent in the event will be set aside for Eku’s rather daunting medical expenses.  In addition to the shopping, there is an impressive line up of live DJs and performers, who will be donating their tip money to Unhinged.

Avatar Bizarre will be donating the proceeds of several outfits to the cause, and there is also a special edition and very limited Nyarlathotep shoulder pet being sold just at this event.

As a DJ, I will be spinning some Gothic, New Wave, and Esoterica (and possibly some pocky) from 4-6pm slt on Thursday, November 15 at the Event venue.  I will post an SLurl closer to the event.