What Am I Rebelling Against? Whudda you got?


He was always called Johnny.  Johnny was a rebel, and everyone wrote songs about him.  He was the consummate rebel, springing forth from middle America to rebel against everything in a whitewashed society.  He listened to rock and roll, kept a pack of cigarettes rolled up in a shirt sleeve, and his girlfriend popped gum.  There was always a crash on a deserted highway.  Johnny was an American.  Johnny was told to be good though he was a bad boy through and through.

Marlon Brando played Johnny in The Wild Ones and, like James Dean, was a strong, mopey wannabe violent type, generally with a good heart he really tried hard to hide.  “Nobody tells me what to do. You keep needlin’ me, if I want to, I’m gonna take this joint apart and you’re not gonna know what hit you.”

That bygone era brought us some great clothing styles.  Avatar Bizarre has always created vintage clothing for men in Second Life and, indeed, had already made a system layer and sculpt version of the 50s Rebel, which debuted at a Vintage Fair a while back.  Then it was time to update one of the more popular sellers with an all mesh version.  After some hemming and hawing, it has finally happened!

This mass of vintage amazingness includes a lot of really nifty things, including a pair of mesh jeans that are transparent from the knee down for those avatars with digitigrade legs.  After all, even Furries and Hooved folks like to be rebels now and again.


Apart from the usual five standard sizes and the extra pair of pants with the digitigrade alpha layer, there’s also two teeshirts: One for wearing with the jacket, and one for wearing on its own.  There’s a lot of alphas with options to wear just the pants and boots, just a teeshirt, the full ensemble, or just the jacket with the shirt.  Oh, and did I mention the boots?  Yep, there are boots involved.  These boots are made specifically for this outfit, and include a pair of socks (attached) that go under the rolled legs of the jeans.

Now for the nitty gritty usual stuff and junk and things:  Always try the demo before you buy any mesh item.  All Avatar Bizarre demos are transfer only, and always free.  The outfit itself and all its components are modify/copy, though you cannot resize rigged mesh.

This outfit is available inworld and on the Marketplace.  Share and Enjoy.