Puttin’ on the Ritz – Tuxedo Fashion in Second Life

Avatar Bizarre Niven Tux
“High hats and narrow collars, white spats and lots of dollars – spending every dime for a wonderful time!” – Puttin’ on the Ritz

There a new kid in town, and he’s belting out the jazz hits at Club Noir in Second Life.  It’s an exciting time for tuxedo fans, because Avatar Bizarre has just released the Niven Tux.  Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out, because this fella’s definitely doing it his way.

Avatar-Bizarre-Niven-Tux-IIThe cool thing about this rigged mesh tux isn’t just that it comes in seven different colors, and includes a nifty color change HUD for the cumberbund, pocket square (Oh how we love the pocket squares!), and the bow tie.  The super cool thing about this tux is it comes in both a male and a female version, because sometimes everyone wants to don the tail coat and bow tie.  It’s the height of formal fashion.  Not only is the tux for that all important James Bond role play, but it’s also great for wedding parties, Hollywood style jazz clubs, and generally looking dapper and amazing. Avatar-Bizarre-Niven-Tux-at-Club-Noir

This is where “Cool as a cucumber” comes from.  Look at that devil may care attitude.  You can only get that from wearing a tux.


You can get this gem on the Marketplace and inworld at Avatar Bizarre.  Though the shoes are not included, you can get those at Avatar Bizarre as well.  They are prime, grade-A, shiny happy Saddle Shoes (with color HUD).

 Grabilla screen capture:

Jade Girl – The Dark Heavens Cheongsam

AB Dark Heavens_017

“At only twenty-eight I felt no great rush to settle into anything boring.” – White Tiger, Book 1 of the Dark Heavens Trilogy

In the Dark Heavens trilogy (Kylie Chan), Emma, an Australian living in Hong Kong, suddenly finds herself working as a nanny to the Dark Lord of the Four Winds, Xuan Wu.  He is the black turtle god or Shen, ruler of the Northern Heavens.  He’s a dark creature, the master of all Martial Arts, destroyer of Demons, and the owner of Wudang Mountain both on the Celestial plane and on the Earthly plane.  Five years prior, he had married a mortal woman and they had a child (half Shen, she would grow into a powerful force of nature).  Demons killed the wife of Xuan Wu and her family, leaving the Turtle Shen with his small daughter.

Emma works as a nanny to the Shen’s daughter, but eventually trains in the Arts, discovers she has an innate talent for both physical and energy work, and is able to protect the Dark Lord’s child from Demons, who would kidnap her in order to have power over Xuan Wu.  Of course, she also falls in love with Xuan Wu, though he is unable to touch her without draining her Chi (energy) and killing her.  She loves the daughter as her own, and swears to protect the daughter with her life.

One of the great things about diving into a good set of books is the inspiration, that can be drawn from them.  This is a story told from Emma’s point of view, and she describes all of the Immortals, the Shen, the Retainers, the Dragons, all the great characters from Chinese mythology (including the Jade Girl, the Golden Boy, Bai Hu the White Tiger, and more), and the traditions surrounding the mythical world opened up for her.  She describes a gown worn during a magnificent event; a black Cheongsam with a high Mandarin collar, and golden chrysanthemums embroidered in the silk.

AB Dark Heavens_019
The Dark Heavens Cheongsam is a semi-formal dress with three-quarter sleeves, made from the finest pixel silk, and embroidered in golden flowers.  It’s a gown that accentuates and showcases your figure while giving you a regal appearance.  It’s available in six beautiful jewel-tones, and materials enhanced to really make the embroidery pop.

AB Dark Heavens_018
Dark Heavens Cheongsam is available at Avatar Bizarre’s Marketplace Store and inworld.

The Shrieking of Nothing is… Sneak Preview of the Ashe Suit

“Do you remember a guy that’s been
In such an early song…” D. Bowie, Ashes to Ashes

 Grabilla screen capture:

Walk the Night With Me is a Gothic event coming up in Second Life in July.  Organized by the team from Hidden Sanctuary Events, the theme centers on Gothic Weddings and Tragic Gothic Romance.  The theme conjures up all kinds of inspiration for your humble narrator, my droogs and devotchkas.

Ashe is a lonely wanderer, clad in velvet brocade.  This suit hearkens back to Victorian times, but adds a little Tim Burtonesque twist with the black and white striped lining of the coat.  This is a rigged mesh suit, which comes complete with five sizes, an alpha, and attached coat and pants.  It has been materials enabled for your viewing pleasure.

 Grabilla screen capture:

Ashe will be available only at the event, till its end, then will be available on the Marketplace, and inworld at the main store location.

 Grabilla screen capture:

As the time draws near, and booth set up is imminent, an SLurl will be provided so you can hop on over for a bit of Gothic awesomeness.  Stay tuned!

HSe Walk the night with me_ A Gothic wedding affair 7_18-7_22

All the Choices, Many Voices – Walk the Night With Me Sneak Preview

 Grabilla screen capture:

We walked till the sunlight died
How could I breathe without your love
Like others we all fight
Against the cruel, cruel time – Clan of Xymox, “Evelyn”

HSe Walk the night with me_ A Gothic wedding affair 7_18-7_22

Walk the Night With Me is a Hidden Sanctuary Event centered around all things Gothic Wedding and Dark Love.  It takes place July 18th through the 23rd, and will feature all things dark and sticky.  A Gothic Wedding is one that evokes romance with a Victorian flare.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this event, and will be debuting two new items, which will exclusive at the event until its end, then they will be released to the Marketplace and in the Main Store location afterwards.  The first of these items is the Evelyn, pictured above.  This gown is a lovely Victorian-style garment with a black leather corset, frilly black lace accents at the throat and the wrists, and sumptuous puffed sleeves.  The floor-length skirt is slim, and drapes gorgeously, ending in a lovely sweep on the floor.  The tiny hat adds that Brontean touch, and is finished off with black lace attached to the brim.

As always, all rigged mesh items can be tried on with a handy free DEMO.  This is available in six colors, and includes five sizes and the hat.
 Grabilla screen capture:

Lovecraft Wake – The Chesuncook High Priestess


This is a sneak peak at a new thing from Avatar Bizarre.  Given how many horrifying Lovecraft-inspired avatars I’ve made lately, it was probably time for something a little softer and a little prettier.

The Chesuncook Witch Coven, or the Cult of the Skull, is a group of witches and warlocks who worship Shub-Niggurath.  Ol’ Shub is one of Lovecraft’s Outer Gods, which is described as The Black Goat in the Woods with a Thousand Young.  While it’s mostly a genderless being, Shub-Niggurath is often portrayed as female, and gives birth to a lot of male offspring that resemble walking trees.  Her presence inspires madness and degeneration.

The Chesuncook coven meets in the deepest darkest woods of Maine, regularly calling on Shub-Niggurath for guidance.  It is said their ceremonies sometimes involve descending into a dark pit full of Shoggoth.

The Chesuncook High Priestess has been materials enhanced for a luscious leather feel and a subtle iridescence on the scale pattern of the skirt.  Available March 9, this gown will debut at Lovecraft’s Wake in Second Life.  There are six colors, and the demo is free!

Bonnie Knees, Plaid, and the Regimental Zen


I know there is only one question on your mind when you see this photo.
“Yeah, but is he wearing any underwear?”
No, not really.  This is one aspect of this outfit I seem to have forgotten.  If you ask Homer Simpson, he’d say, “I have misplaced my pants.”  While that may be true, the real reason Scots (or any man wearing traditional Highland garb) prefer to let the tackle swing free has more to do with tradition.  Historically speaking (and from what I was once told by a dude in Edinburgh, so take this with a generous portion of salt), it was illegal for Scottish men in the British army to wear anything under the kilt.  Stories claim that officers would actually perform a Regiment check by passing a small mirror under the infantry’s kilts, and those who had on magical protective underpants were summarily punished.  And that, my faithful droogs and devotchkas, is a reason for the term “Regimental”.

This may all be complete bunk, since that practice is fairly unhygienic.  But it is nice to have an alibi, I guess.

It has been a long (heh) standing tradition for men to free Willy under the sett, as it were.

Avatar Bizarre prides itself on making traditional outfits as true to form as possible, so this particular outfit lacks an underpant layer.  This is just as well.  The alpha will likely hide the dangly bits of a Second Life male avatar.  Well maybe.  Unless the guy is wearing his meat and two veg, Regimental kilts are more or less just for fun anyway.

The Scottish Kilt outfit now available in about a dozen of the more popular and well-known clan tartans, is 100% original woolen plaid-encrusted mesh.  Okay, I tell a lie.  The shoulder cloak includes some flexi prims, because it’s way more fun when cloaks swirl behind you as you walk.  And the Ghillie shirt (tux shirt) is a system layer, but everything else is the meshiest mesh you could ever ask for.

The Prince Charlie Jacket, Kilt (with sporran and belt), Vest front, Hose, and Ghillies are all rigged.  Though the outfit is all modify and copy, these pieces cannot be resized.  The Tam, Collar and Bow Tie, and Shoulder Cloak are all unrigged, so they can be resized, repositioned, retinted, or whatever else you may wish to do.

That’s all the good news.  The even gooder news is you can order your own clan tartan from Sredni Eel.  Simply IM him in Second Life (or send an email to ferrethunter@gmail.com) with the name of the tartan, and the STA or STRW Reference numbers from http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk.  Please await a reply.  I really prefer to make sure I have the right sett before I begin any custom kilt project.  I also require a 50% deposit with the order, and the rest to be paid upon completion.  The cost for the outfit is 699L.

I would advise trying the free demo, which (like the ready mades) is available inworld or on the marketplace.

If the mesh kilt outfit does not fit your avatar, there is a prim, sculpt and system layers version available as well.
AB Scottish Kilt Black Watch

Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple…Sneak Peek at the Yule Tux


The Yule Tux in Plum will be worn by Sredni Eel (that’s me!) Saturday, November 3 at the Purple Party located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunwich/41/206/42 in the Village of Nyght.  You’re welcome to come.  It’s going to run from 6-8pm, Second Life Time.  Wear purple, and dance to some great purple songs, along with the usual mix of New Wave and Gothic.

The Holiday Season is marching inexorably toward us, like a horde of angry demons. You cannot escape its clutches, regardless of shape, color, creed, or species you are.  Obviously, it’s a lucrative season for the likes of Wally World, but it can be pretty hectic this time of year in Second Life, as well.

There will be holiday parties (for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or whatever else the human mind can concoct for glad tidings and joy), presents will be given, and Krampus will steal away the naughty girls and boys.

Avatar Bizarre will be releasing a new line of outfits called The Yule Tux on Sunday, November 4.  Available in Holiday Red, Wintery Blue, Holly Green, Plum, Traditional Black, and Parchment White, you will be able to find the Yule Tux on the Marketplace and Inworld.

The Tux comes with two sets of jacket tails (one with holly buttons, one without), shoes, socks, pants, pant cuffs, shirt, shirt cuffs, vest, jacket, jacket cuffs, jacket collar, shirt collar with tie.  You supply the glad tidings and joy.