Scary Monsters and Super Creeps – or How Hocus Pocus Made a Monster

Hocus Pocus 2015 Poster

“She had an horror of rooms
she was tired ”
you can’t hide beat
When I looked in her eyes they were blue but nobody home

She could’ve been a killer
if she didn’t walk the way she do,
and she do
She opened strange doors
that we’d never close again

She began to wail jealousies scream
Waiting at the light know what I mean” – Scary Monsters, David Bowie

Hocus Pocus is an instore event that’s sort of like a hunt, but isn’t a hunt.  The idea is for folks to show up in a participating store, and clock on the Ghost to see if they win a free thing. The Ghost will show a picture of the item being offered by the merchant.  If you poke him a little too hard, he may not give you the item.  If you poke him in ways he enjoys, then he’ll hand you a shiny new thing!  If you don’t get the item, you have the option of trying your luck the next day, or you can bribe the ghost 50L to cough up the item you so desperately need.

If you’re into chances, and prefer free things, you have ten chances to win the free thing from the ghost.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this event, and has come up with something kind of spooky:  The Monster Feet Slippers.  The version available for Hocus Pocus is limited edition made strictly for the event.  This version will disappear after the event, so if you want it, you’ll be taking your chances that the ghost is in a good and giving mood!


If you prefer not to take your chances, there will be an additional release in the store.  The Monster Feet Slippers with Color HUD will be available for 175L.  This pair includes an eight color HUD, rigged for the default avatar food, and rigged for SLink feet versions, plus an unrigged version for those who prefer to resize/reposition things.  Both sets of feet being released are materials enhanced, 100% original mesh.

Both sets of slippers will be available, staring October 30.

The HORROR! Lovecraft Dagon Terrifies the Grid. News at 11.

“With only a slight churning to mark its rise to the surface, the thing slid into view above the dark waters. Vast, Polyphemus-like, and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares to the monolith, about which it flung its gigantic scaly arms, the while it bowed its hideous head and gave vent to certain measured sounds.” – HP Lovecraft

The holy terror moved through Innsmouth, towering over buildings, and causing the ground to quake with every footstep.  People ran screaming from this oceanic terror; an elder god of Lovecraftian proportions.  One glance upon its countenance could drive a man mad.

Now, Darklings, denizens of the deep, and huddled masses, the Dagon has at long last been unleashed upon the Second Life grid.  At 13.5 meters tall, this monster towers over human vermin in its path.  It’s available in seven colors, and materials have been applied, so it helps to have advanced lighting turned on when you’re viewing this creature.  The eyes can be modified for a deeper glow, or for no glow at all.  It also comes with a shape and an alpha.

If you find that your avatar won’t snap back to its original shape once the avatar has been removed, contact Sredni Eel for the free Utilitizer Undeformer.  Or you can get one from any of the Petites Mesh Avatar sims.

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

It’s Time for KRAMPUS!

Krampus is a Christmas demon who travels with St Nick and punishes the naughty children by whacking them with his stick.  If children have been particularly bad, he tosses them into his basket and takes them home to eat for his Christmas dinner.  Krampus has roots in Germanic folklore, but his influence is spreading across the globe.  Traditionally, young men dress up as Krampus during the first week of December and roam the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells.  In my neck of the woods, a friend of mine crashes Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and just about everything that could possibly warrant a big hairy demon, and scares just about everyone, though Krampus seems to have a lot of fans as well.

Krampus isn’t as well known in the United States, though his story has begun to seep into American Pop Culture with appearances on American Dad, Grimm’s Fairytales, and other television shows.  It’s a moral imperative to spread the word about this beastie, particularly when so many parents we meet believe it’s  a fantastic idea.

Krampusnacht is fast approaching.  Therefore, it was time to introduce a new avatar into Second Life.  Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present the Krampus avatar, which includes a rigged avatar with blinking eyes, the rigged basket (sculpted detachable babies), unrigged manacles and chains, and the alpha.  In true Krampus form, he has the horns of a goat, and hooves.

He will be available in a few different colors.  For now…at least for a couple of days…this is just a sneak preview.  This avatar will be available starting the first weekend in October.

So keep your eyes peeled, and don’t let the lack of Christmas demons Krampus your style!

EDIT:  HE IS NOW AVAILABLE inworld and on the Marketplace!

Horrorfest starts TODAY!!

Horrorfest is a Halloween themed event running October 18 through November 8, and proceeds go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

You can find the event here.

Beware!  You will find yourself lost in the woods, a creepy feeling pervading everywhere.  The trees reach out to you with gnarled fingers, brushing the back of your neck.  You jump when a twig snaps behind you.  Heart pounding, you slowly turn around, fearing what you will see…

What confronts you is just too horrible to imagine:  Dozens of gachas containing things that will consume your Linden balance and leave you destitute!  You will find everything from Avatars and Shoes to Eyes and Make up.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this magnificent and horrifying event.  We have a gacha for eyeballs, naturally.


Here’s a little close up:

The rares are Black, White, and Machine.  Good luck!

In other news, there’s a booth attached to all this hulabaloo.  Once you’ve followed the gloomy path of financial destruction across a bridge or two, you will find a large building.  Proceed with caution, as you enter the foyer.  HUNDREDS OF BLOGGER EYES WILL BE UPON YOU!  Tip-toe gently through this chamber to the main floor, where you will find many, many booths full of goodies that you will want to purchase.  Avatar Bizarre’s booth is to the left of the main entrance.


The two Harker Tuxedos, named for Jonathan Harker of Dracula fame, are set to give 50% of the sales proceeds to the charity.  If you buy the Jade Rock Critter avatar, the entire sale goes to the charity!

Of course, there will be other colors available for the Harker Tux after the event.


Of course, there’s a brand new Cthulhu available for you elder gods aficionados.  Meet MARROW BONES

In addition to all this merchandise goodness, there will be events and things and fun and stuff.  Stay tuned!


Beware the Jabberwock, My Friend – HorrorFest Hunt Sneak Preview


“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
  The frumious Bandersnatch!” — Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky

Once again, the Alice in Wonderland bug has bitten me.  Levers were pulled, and buttons were pressed, and stuff began growing on the spine.  I fell headlong into Blender and clawed my way through its morass of morbitude.  Thus was the Jabberwocky Suit born.

In all honesty, I had been scrambling to come up with a suitable hunt prize for a hunt I forgot I had signed up for.  However, it just so happened that I had started meshing a spinal attachment that begged for something vaguely draconian, and since the Cheshire Cat, Mome Rath, and Madder Hatter had come along to supplement my growing Carroll fever dreams collection, this suit was inevitable.

As a rule, I have not been signing Avatar Bizarre up for hunts because, quite frankly, I got pretty burned out doing hunts in Second Life.  But this is one of those rare special occasions where a hunt gift is warranted and necessary.

Horrorfest, slated to begin on October 18, is a festival fundraiser for the Epilepsy Therapy Project.  Not only will there be bountiful and bootiful Halloween shopping, where proceeds will go to the charity, but there will be DJs and performers bouncing around entertaining folks.  There’s also going to be a gridwide hunt.  Each item is to cost 1L, which is an absolute steal, even if you only keep 2 or 3 items out of 150.  I mean, we’re giving out a whole suit, which would sell for quite a bit more than 1L, or even 150L (which is the maximum number of stores in the hunt).


Close up of the Spine

But, I realize that a lot of folks prefer not to pay for hunt gifts unless they get pictures, so here you go:  The Halloween Edition of the Jabberwocky Suit.


Keep in mind that even though you only see a picture of my avatar wearing this fine outfit, it should fit just about anyone.  The only rigged parts are the spine attachment, and the boots.  The rest can be modified (and copied) and, of course, system layers (the coat and pants) will fit everyone.  This is Gothic and Halloweenish, and perfect for folks looking for something dark and scary.

Once the hunt is over, this suit will be available in an array of stunning colors, including purple, because that’s how Avatar Bizarre rolls.  Till then, have fun with this Stygian black number.

Here’s what you get for your hard-earned linden:
Finely textured and scaly coat with flexi coat tails, a rigged dragon spine and collar, cuffs, pants, and rigged boots!  All of the attachments are original mesh from the diseased mind of Sredni “I Have Misplaced My Pants” Eel.

If you’re feeling especially brave, you can join me (Sred) for a couple of hours of my eclectically Gothic DJing at one of the Horrorfest parties, to be announced.  It’s so secret even I don’t know when it’ll happen!  So stay tuned.

I Wanna Rock!


You’ve been happily snoozing in your lava pit, dreaming of warm magma and chunks of silicate, when all of a sudden, your nap is interrupted by the something that sounds like molars grinding on aluminum.  Now who could be landing on your planetoid at this hour?  It’s practically the middle of the morning; the sun is barely a foot note in the black sky.

You rouse yourself from your snug caldera and claw your way over a ridge of soot covered sedimentary rock.  Oh no, there goes the neighborhood.  It looks like a bunch of middle-aged guys in polyester shirts have just materialized out of nowhere.  The one in the blue shirt has something resembling a 20th century Earth cassette recorder, and it’s making an irritating WHIRR WHIRR WHIRR noise that’s threatening to implode your head.

There’s a couple of humans headed towards you.  Their red shirts make them look delicious, but you’re still on the all-gravel diet your mate put you on.  You think, “does this quartz make my butt look fat?”  Shaking your head, you decide to rise up and scare the bejeezus out of the two men winding their way up the slope towards you.

RAR!!  You wave your arms wildly in greeting.  RARRRRRRRR!  Oh no.  Those two red shirts have just tumbled over backwards and are now sliding as fast as they can away from you!  Oh well, back to your hole…

Avatar Bizarre is happy to bring you the AB Rock Critter avatar.  it’s full of meshy goodness and includes a full body alpha.  It’s here, it’s hot, and it’s very now.  Currently available in Igneous rock only.  More rocks to come.

Get it now on the marketplace or inworld.

It’s Full of Stars – The Spangled Mage


Gandalf may have been a great White Wizard, but he probably could have defeated Saruman a whole lot sooner if he’d dressed in the Spangled Mage outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  The sparkly spangles could have dazzled the heck out of that old White Wizard’s ailing eyeballs, and probably even caused the eye of Sauron to water a bit from the light glinting off all the shiny bits.  Armies of Orcs (and whatever other creepy crawlies from the pits of Mordor happened along) would have stalled in their tracks, long enough for Gandalf to pummel the heck out of them with one well-aimed blast of light from that staff of his.


Available in six colors, the robe and the cravat are liberally festooned in silver stars.  Spangles, in fact.   What can I say but, “My god, it’s full of stars!”

All non-flex attachments are original mesh, and the boots are rigged.  It’s available in the store just in time for Halloween, which really should be celebrated year round.  Don’t let evil magicians get the jump on you.  Get your very own patented Spangled Mage outfit today!

Includes from top to bottom:
Wizard hat
Shirt collar with cravat
Robe collar
Robe collar with cape
Robe on jacket layer
Vest on shirt layer
Shirt on undershirt layer
Robe sleeves
Pants on underpant layer
Rigged boots
Boot alpha

Everything is copy and modify for your tactile pleasure

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

I Was Afraid to Raise My Eyelids… The Harker Tux


“…Lower and lower went her head as the lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed to fasten on my throat. I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touching and pausing there. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstacy and waited – waited with beating heart.” – Jonathan Harker, Dracula (Bram Stoker)

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present a sneak preview of the Harker Tux, inspired by the protagonist of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Mr. Harker (esq.) traveled to the Carpathian Mountains to make a real estate deal with the master of Castle Dracula, only to be seduced by the Count’s vampire brides.  I’m sure you all know the story, so I won’t bore you with a detailed plot summary.

Suffice to say that the events unfolded at the turn of the last century, and terrified a lot of people into making a bunch of movies, plays, and TV shows about it.  Everyone knows about Dracula.  Few really knew or cared about Jonathan Harker.  Till now.  The man had fashion sense, as all well-to-do young solicitors did back then.

The Harker Tux is partial mesh, and will be available in six colors – debuting at Horrorfest.  All mesh items in this outfit are original.

This tux includes:
Top Hat
System Shirt
System pants
System gloves
Rigged Tuxedo Coat
Sleeve cuffs
Pant cuffs
Shoe alpha
Coat alpha

The coat should fit most male shapes, with the alpha.  Some belly and posterior tweaking may be needed, but it’s minimal.  Please try the demo before you buy.

And remember to wear your garlic if you don’t want a bevy of Vampire Goddesses snacking on you in the middle of the night.

Madness Lies With the Yellow King


Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm SLT, there is going to be a massive Halloween party in the Dunwich sim.  Yours truly (in the King in Yellow) will be DJing from 6-8pm.  I play a variety of esoteric 80s New Wave, Gothic, Post Punk, Dance, and other fun things.  Plus I do requests.

8-10pm DJ Gavin Mistwallow will be hitting the airwaves.

In addition to the costume contest, where you can win some cold, hard cash, there will be prize giveaways from the likes of Avatar Bizarre, Immateria, Howling Moon Creations, Perceptions, and more.  As if that weren’t enough, there will also be a mini-hunt in the graveyard all weekend long, where you can find all kinds of nifty prizes from almost a dozen sponsors!

Pictured:  The King in Yellow.
I created this for the Halloween party, and will be selling it afterwards.  The King in Yellow has a strong desire for World Domination, and he has the ability to possess the bodies of those unfortunate souls who have fallen under his power.  He is, quite possibly, an incarnation of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.  Or possibly of Hastur.  He usually takes a gigantic humanoid form, dressed in tattered yellow robes.  Though he sometimes sports a pair of wings or a halo, I’ve given mine a set of demon horns, as befitting Pure Evil.

Originally found in a play said to cause madness in all who read it, he wears a pallid mask to conceal the horror that lies beneath.

Once again, The King in Yellow, worn by DJ Sredni Eel can be seen at the Village of Nyght Halloween party on Saturday, October 20 from 6-10pm. just click that link, then hit “party” on the teleporter when you get there.

See you there, and you will all go completely mad!

The Eyes Have It


Remember the Eighties?  Yeah, remember how people used to dress in neon, throw on leg warmers, and dance around to She Bop by Cyndi Lauper?  Remember that?  I’m sure you do.  We all do, whether we want to or not.

I’m betting you probably don’t remember the darker, weirder side of the “Me” decade.  This is the part of the Eighties that gave us Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, and…THE RESIDENTS.

If you don’t know who these guys are, don’t worry.  You aren’t alone.  The Residents were known for their anonymity.  They famously wore masks, and the most famous of these masks were the eyeballs with top hats.  The legend goes that these folks performed wearing these masks until the blue eye was stolen one day.  The Residents put a curse on the thief.  The thief eventually left a note where the eye could be found, but it had a huge crack in it.  From then on “Mister Blue Eye” wore a black skull, since the eye had “Died”.

Now is your chance to own one of these amazing eyeballs in Second Life. They make a fantastic costume for Eighties events, Halloween, or for going on first dates.  Hey, if your intended isn’t scared off by this, then that person is a keeper.

Best worn with a tuxedo.  You can acquire one at the store inworld, or on the Marketplace here.