The Mighty RAR!!


This month’s Genre is all about sports, and what better way to show your appreciation of a favorite team than with your very own official jersey? The Mighty RAR is the fiercest team ever to breathe fire at the other side’s goons. They’re a juggernaut of power on the ice, perfect for when Winter finally arrives in Westros.

Genre is a monthly event with a different theme each month. Each merchant provides a new item, to be priced at 100L or lower for the duration of the event. Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to bring you the latest in Hockey fashion with a jersey that includes a seven color HUD! Be the envy of the opposing team when you show up to cheer on your favorite players.

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Hello out there, we’re on the air. It’s Hockey Night Tonight!


The tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice!  Are you a hockey fan?  Are you sad that there aren’t any real hockey jerseys to wear on the ice?  Are you ready to hit that slap shot into the net, bouncing the puck off the goalie’s head?  Get ready for that Hat Trick, because Avatar Bizarre has stitched together some Original Mesh Hockey Jerseys for the discerning sports fan out there.

There are currently five teams available, with more to follow as fans make me aware of them.  Sadly, you cannot use real team names or logos in Second Life, unless you pay for the licensing.  Never fear!  The hockey teams represented on these awesome mesh jerseys are just as fierce as the Boston Bruins, or the Detroit Redwings, or any of the other NHL teams out there.

The teams available are:  Dunwich Horrors, Eldritch Goths, Arkham Insane, Tortuga Pirates, and the Arrakis Sand Worms.


At merely $85L, this shirt is a steal!

Each jersey comes in five sizes, and a full perm alpha.  Please get the demo before buying.


As Avatar Bizarre is happy to take custom orders, feel free to contact Sredni Eel with your favorite team name (fictional, of course), and $40L (approximately 50% downpayment), and we will be happy to make you a jersey.  The remainder of the cost is due upon completion.


He shoots!  He SCORES!!


Available INWORLD and on the MARKETPLACE.