Odyssey Mythica

The Manticore was a beast borne of Persian myth and legend.  Its name means “Man eater”, and was also called “Androphagos” by the Greeks.  It was a Sphynx-like creature with a red lion’s body, bat wings, and a large scorpion tail.  It spoke in a trumpeting voice, had three rows of teeth, and sometimes had horns.  No matter how it looked, it was always dangerous, either ripping men apart, or impaling them on its razor sharp tail.

Twisted Odyssey is a hunt starting on March 1.  It’s a grid-wide hunt with roughly 100 stores involved.  Avatar Bizarre has been a longtime sponsor and co-organizer of the hunt, and this is a sneak preview of the hunt gift, along with the gacha prize.

The Manticore Kit includes the horns, legs, tail, and leg scales.  There are two pairs of rigged legs (small and large for female, femboy, and male avatars), an unrigged tail, and unrigged horns.

The wings are going to be included in a gacha with about a dozen colors.  There will be two rare colors:  Argentum (Silver), and Aurum (Gold).


These have all been materials enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

When the time comes, you can find the kit and the gacha at Avatar Bizarre’s inworld location.  The Gacha will cost 25L per pull (Modify, Transfer only).  The Manticore Kit can be found if you look for a gold and black puzzle box.  It will be spinning.  It will be small.  There will be a breadcrumb trail leading right to it if only you discover the Sphynx’s riddles.

Itsy Bitsy Spider – IN MY EYEBALLS!


A lot of people feel spiders are really creepy and scary.  While I appreciate those afflicted with Arachnophobia, there’s a certain part of me that revels in the utter alien look of our eight legged friends.

When coming up with ideas to fill up a gacha for the Spring 2013 Twisted Hunt, inspiration was really not flowing. The theme (Delirium) lends itself to some unusual psychoses, however, and certain phobias really work well here.  Plus I logged into Second Life just in time to see someone lamenting the lack of spider eyes in Second Life.

The odd thing about this is when I heard “Spider Eyes”, my first thought was, “How will I create a set of eight compound eyes for the avatar to wear?”  Silly me.  That’s not what the person meant at all!  She was talking about making the pupil of the avatar eye a spider.

That’s easy enough to create, so here they are — in five gloriously creepy colors.
When inspiration really hits, expect that set of eight compound eyes to hit the market very soon.  When you have a strong love for animal biology and all things creepy crawly, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

In other news, I can hear some of you asking the $64 question.  What the heck is a gacha?  It’s best explained as a sort of drug store gumball machine that’s full of wonderful prizes.  You put in a bit of money, usually not more than 10L – 20L, and you get a random prize.  Generally, these prizes should be transferable so you can trade things with other people, or give them as gifts, particularly if you end up with multiple copies of the same thing.

One word of caution, though…some merchants do have gacha prizes that are not transfer.  It’s always best to read the fine print – or – in the case of Second Life, the gacha poster.

All prizes at Avatar Bizarre are transferable.  Once the gacha prizes are retired and put into the store as regular stock, they will be Modify/Copy, No Transfer.  The only exception to this rule are the shoulder pets, which are always transferable, even if they aren’t stuck in a gacha.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit for the gacha newbie.  Happy hunting!

Gothic Peacock – Splendor in darkness


Inspiration is like a cat:  It never comes when you call it, and when it does show up, it will rake its claws into your leg until you pay attention to it.  In this case, Inspiration was a meek little kitten, as I tried to figure out what to make for a Peacock Hunt I’d signed up for.  At first I thought I was going to make the typical bright blue and green stuff I’m sure most of the other merchants will make on this hunt.  But I wasn’t thrilled with what kept coming out of my head, so I took a different tack and went with dark.  Oh, so dark.

Gothic Peacock is splendor in deep, dark, and muted peacock colors; a vaguely Victorian style Gothic suit with a twist.  I initially had a hat for this ensemble, but it pulled things together rather pimpishly, so it was left to moulder in the dark recesses of my inventory.

I may still give the hat away as a part of this suit for the hunt, though I think the hat will be left out of the package once this suit goes on sale.


Soon to be available in several colors, the Steel Blue color shown comes with the vest, coat, pants, shirt, shirt collar and cravat, coat collar, coat cuffs, shirt cuffs, pant cuffs, and shows.  Basically, it’s the whole shebang, and it includes little peacock buttons on the back of the coat, just in case you were wondering where the Peacock was in this ensemble.

The Beauty of the Peacock Hunt begins on January 11.  It’s roughly a three week hunt, and items will be 2L each.  As always, Avatar Bizarre will have a hunt hint on the poster.  There should also be a picture of the item near the poster, just as a reminder of what you’re looking for.

The Chronicles of Narnia


In theory, Avatar Bizarre will be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  Well, technically, the hunt covers all of C.S. Lewis’ works, but he’s best known for the Chronicles of Narnia.  To that end, I’ve chosen The Silver Chair as my hunt gift inspiration.

Prince Rilian, enslaved and enchanted by Queen Jadis, must be rescued by Eustace and Jill.  The two kids, accompanied by the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum, surmount incredible odds and hardship to discover Rilian living deep underground, and being held captive by a powerful enchantment.  Their job is to break that enchantment and bring the rightful heir to the throne at Cair Paravel.

The “Rilian” outfit includes a black doublet and pants with accents in green (Green as poison), along with a pair of soft leather green boots.

The female gift is Jadis, herself.  This is a slinky, sexy gown that includes a pair of green (as poison) boots, and a jeweled collar and cape.


The hunt will run through the month of November.  After the hunt, these outfits will be available in six different colors, as well as in Petite form.

Twisted Hunt Gifts


Avatar Bizarre is the third stop on the infamous Twisted Hunt, which runs in September and March every year.  The theme for the hunt is “Darkness”, and you’re looking for a midnight blue cube.  Beware!  There will be decoys, minihunts, mazes, games, gachas, bonus prizes, and an End Game to test  your mettle.

Avatar Bizarre has gifts for men, women, and petites!  I also have a gacha with 21 exclusive prizes, and a hunt exclusive Cthulhu Shoulder Pet.


You can find more information on the hunt at http://twistedhunt.com

Good luck!