Giant Lederhosen



Just in case you weren’t already tall enough in Second Life, here’s a picture I took of the Colossi avatar from Quixote’s Dream.  The Colossi avatar comes with a 2x (roughly 15 meters) and a 3X (roughly 20 meters), and is available in male and female.

Ceri Quixote contacted me about making some clothing for the Colossi, and once I put on the avatar it just screamed GIANT LEDERHOSEN!  It’s quite a bit more work to make outfits for the Colossi than it is for the tiny Petite, since you need to make two versions of everything.  So far I’ve just made a 3x version of the Green Oktoberfest outfit.

Here’s the fun bit:  You will see a fantastic size comparison between the Petite, the Normal avatar, and the Colossi.  This is a fairly accurate representation, and will give you an idea of the actual size differences.  I know that once the Colossi start selling, the Petite crowd will want to ride them.

And why not?  The weather is gorgeous up there.

The Colossi Lederhosen will become available in about a week.