All the World’s a Stage


…And all the men and women merely players.

It’s time to let you all know about a new outfit that has entered Stage Left.  Inspired by Tudor fashions from the Renaissance and beyond, the Tiziano is a fitmesh outfit for male avatars, and includes a color HUD with seven color options.  Its classic Renaissance design is both masculine and attractive, and it’s perfect for a spot of fantasy or Tudor role play.

The doublet and pants combination is materials enhanced.  The unrigged hat is topped with a couple of pheasant feathers.

The outfit includes Omega stocking appliers (all colors), plus system layer socks for those folks who haven’t yet taken a drink from the mesh body Kool-Aid.  The color HUD for the suit gives you seven color options, including white.


The most excellent news is, this outfit is now available on the marketplace and inworld!  So come and get it.

Welcome to Sherwood – A Sneak Preview

Fantasy Faire is nearly upon us!  This is the premiere event for all things fantasy and Relay for Life.  Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to once again be involved with the Fantasy Faire, and has several items for sale, starting April 21 (Faire opens at 9am, slt).

Robin Hood is a well-known and beloved legend.  Everyone knows he robbed from the rich, and gave to the poor, surrounded by his Merry Men.  He spent a lot of time getting the better of the Sheriff of Nottingham, and also managed to get the girl.

The Robin Hood is a versatile costume for anyone wishing to play in the forests of Merry Olde England, or any forest full of Faerie folk, dragons, and knights in shining armor.  The bandit outfit includes five sizes for the rigged mesh doublet, system shirts and pants in eight colors, plus an OMEGA clothing appliers HUD for mesh bodies (please be sure your body is supported by OMEGA before you buy this outfit).  There’s also a plumed hat, and alpha.

The boots pictured are “Gawain Boots with color HUD”.  These are rigged and unrigged.  All mesh items are materials enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

This outfit is available for women, as well.  While at the faire, a portion of the proceeds will go to Relay for Life.  Cost is 375L.  The boots will also be available for 175L.


Head – LOGO Ethan (skin fair)
Hair – Wasabi Pills Roy Royal
Robin Hood outfit – Avatar Bizarre – available soon at the Fantasy Faire.

A Knight of the Round Table

Avatar Bizarre Gawain for Genre 1
Looking for a nice medieval sim in Second Life when your connection has decided to go back to the 1200 BAUD days is really, really difficult.  Really, it is.  That said, one quagmire lag filled thirty minutes, then a fifteen minute hiatus from the Internet later produced this picture and blog.  You see how dedicated some people can be to this stuff?

The Gawain, named for one of King Arthur’s fine Camelot knights, is the latest outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  It features a color HUD with seven color choices (red, green, teal, blue, purple, black, and white), an Omega pants applier HUD for the various mesh bodies out there (check out the Omega blog for a list of compatible bodies), seven system layer underpants, an alpha, five sizes, and materials.  This is available for women, as well.

This will debut at Genre. As Genre is one of those super awesome shopping events where you can get deep discounts on new things, you can buy this wonderful outfit for 100L, starting March 15.  Once this round of Genre is over, the price goes up.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  In addition to this outfit, there will be a pair of nifty boots at Genre for 99L (regular price is 175:).  These are brand new, made with the Gawain in mind.  They were built to go over system layers or Omega layers.  They may have a little difficulty with mesh pants.

 Grabilla screen capture:

These come with a large and a small rigged pair, along with an unrigged pair, an alpha, and a color HUD.

For more information on Genre, here’s the blog.

Magic Is In The Air – a Sneak Preview

Gaius was once a powerful sorcerer in the land of Albion, but when Uther outlawed magic, Gaius hid his powers and became the Court Physician.  He was wise beyond his considerable years, and hid his powers; concocting tinctures and potions to heal the sick and wounded with only his knowledge of herbs and fungi.

Avatar Bizarre will soon be releasing the Gaius Robes, a wonderful new outfit that includes the inner garment and an outer robe, both of which are on a color HUD to give you several color combinations!

The female version, the Gaia, will be much the same, only a lot more feminine.

Outfit:  AB Gaius Robes (white and teal shown)
Hair – Exile Windsong
Beard – Nerd Grey
Hands – SLink
Body – SLink Male
Skin – Nivaro Crow

Going Medieval on Second Life – A Sneak Preview


A Tale of Wanders, The Ancient Ones Return will be in full swing, starting August 8 and running through August 22 in Second Life.

The Ancients will take place in a fantastic setting where you can wander among huge mystical plants, imposing ruins, and lots of crumbly ivy-covered brick booths filled with amazing and interesting things.  Avatar Bizarre has a little nook all to itself in this fairyland, and there will be some great offerings to the huddled masses.


Order of the Falcon (250L) is a new Medieval outfit for men; available in seven colors and materials enhanced.  This doublet and pants combination is lovingly detailed and includes five standard sizes, plus an alpha.  There’s a demo box sitting under all the vendors, so feel free to pick up a copy to check the fit.  In addition to the outfit, there’s a set of Order of the Falcon ankle boots for sale in the booth.  These shoes are unrigged, copy and modify, and include a color HUD with all seven colors (175L).  The shoes are also materials enhanced for your viewing pleasure.


The Order of the Falcon has initiated a new member into the group of knights, who are sworn to protect the land from marauding evil monsters and villains.  The double headed falcon emblazoned on the chest is a symbol of strength and cunning, and is proudly worn by all members of the brotherhood.  Leather wrist guards protect a swordsman’s arms from an enemy’s blade, keeps the teeth of the Dire Wolf from ripping you asunder, and provides protection from the fire of the dragon.  The moonstone set into the belt is an amulet to ward off evil.

Better watch out, or we may go Medieval on you!

Order of the Falcon shoes, though made to work with the Order of the Falcon outfit, can be worn by anyone.

So remember, August 8-22, the Ancients Return!  Along with the new outfit and shoes shown here, and the new toga for women shown in a previous post, there will also be wings with color HUDs, and a couple of Baudica Armor outfits for women.  Demos are available for all rigged outfits.

Hoodwinked, Sir Robin!


I was approached by Uffda (pictured above) to create a Robin Hood style hat a bit ago.  Since I hate doing things half-assed, we discussed things a bit further and the project turned into a full outfit for Uffda’s Donkey avatar.

It was doubly important to outdo the existing hat in Uffda’s collection because, frankly, the old hat he wore looked like a Freebie Dungeon Noob kind of thing.  We couldn’t have that.  Not when Sir Donkeybutt gargoyles at the local Goth club, and occasionally enthrones himself in my store.

This was a fun project, because I was able to torture my sculpt program into making a bow and arrows, and a quiver, in addition to a fancy hat with a plume.  This outfit is available in five forest-friendly colors … Okay, except for the eye-achingly bright red version that got made because so many guys in Second Life seem to go nuts over red things.  Since my thing is dragons, a heraldic dragon was a moral imperative for the leather stitched quiver. 

So, if you have a hankering to rob from the rich and give to the poor, and hang out with a bunch of merry men in a forest, hie thee to yon Marketplace, or to ye olde Avatar Bizarre shoppe, and get yourself outfitted in a color of your choice.


What ho! Tis a Rogue Swashbuckler!


Stand and deliver, indeed!  Here comes the Swashbuckler, decked out in daggers and plumed hat to save the day.  Or is he?

This outfit has rigged mesh sleeves, which fit just about everyone!  They’ve been tested on male and female avatars, long and short arms, and they’ve passed the test with flying colors.  If you want to wear mesh, but don’t, because most full mesh outfits require you to change your shape, look no further.  This one is guaranteed to fit.  As the shirt and vest are system layers, you don’t have to worry about wearing an upper body alpha that may or may not cover all your bits.

Complete with the plumed hat, boots, boots alpha, leather pants, vest, shirt, sleeves, and collar, you will be sure to make the ladies swoon (or the gentlemen, if you prefer).  If any scalawag threatens your person, you are also provided with a set of daggers, worn on the legs.

Available in six colors, you can buy this on the marketplace and at Avatar Bizarre inworld.


Just for good measure, both daggers are not only copy/modify, but they contain a removable resizer script.  Please make a copy before attempting to modify, yadda yadda.

Save That Silver Chair For Me, Rillian


Second Life can be fraught with peril.  Okay, not really.  But sometimes things get made for a specific event that never happens, so then you’re left with an item you suddenly need to foist off on the world at large.

I blogged about this outfit in green a while ago, thinking I was going to be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  As far as I know the hunt never happened.  Either that, or the hunt organizer didn’t accept my store, for whatever reason.  No worries, though, because I happen to really like the item Avatar Bizarre made for that hunt.  So here we have a nifty medieval style fantasy outfit, available in six colors.

You can catch a glimpse of all the colors on the marketplace.  Available inworld sometime this week!