Lovecraft Wake – The Chesuncook High Priestess

This is a sneak peak at a new thing from Avatar Bizarre.  Given how many horrifying Lovecraft-inspired avatars I’ve made lately, it was probably time for something a little softer and a little prettier.

The Chesuncook Witch Coven, or the Cult of the Skull, is a group of witches and warlocks who worship Shub-Niggurath.  Ol’ Shub is one of Lovecraft’s Outer Gods, which is described as The Black Goat in the Woods with a Thousand Young.  While it’s mostly a genderless being, Shub-Niggurath is often portrayed as female, and gives birth to a lot of male offspring that resemble walking trees.  Her presence inspires madness and degeneration.

The Chesuncook coven meets in the deepest darkest woods of Maine, regularly calling on Shub-Niggurath for guidance.  It is said their ceremonies sometimes involve descending into a dark pit full of Shoggoth.
The Chesuncook High Priestess has been materials enhanced for a luscious leather feel and a subtle iridescence on the scale pattern of the skirt.  Available March 9, this gown will debut at Lovecraft’s Wake in Second Life.  There are six colors, and the demo is free!

Oh the HORROR (of Nyarlathotep)


What horrors lurk in the demesnes of the Outer God?  Only Nyarlathotep, himself, a fearsome vision that causes abject insanity in all who behold him.  He is The Crawling Chaos.  He is a thousand different forms.  He walks among us as a human, a dark and stately man, who resembles an Egyptian Pharaoh.  Nyarlathotep oozes amongst the terrors of the Old Ones, to bring a fetid air of disquiet to even the most stalwart adventurer.


This new avatar from Avatar Bizarre is 100% rigged mesh with a shape and an alpha.  It’s Materials enhanced to give the illusion of being a glistening scaly, elephantine-skinned monstrosity, ready to consume all who oppose him.  A HUD is included for color changes.  You can choose from seven color variations, depending on flavor and intensity of your mad desire.


Do not be alarmed.  Be very, very frightened.

Available on the marketplace and inworld.

Slugfest is About to Commence!

Micro Rar Shoulder Pet, available in Red, Purple, Teal, Grey, and Green.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this year’s SLUGfest in Second Life, which is located at
SLUGfest is the Second Life United Gamer’s 2013 Gaming Festival.  This is a group of dedicated gamers who enjoy social gaming; including role play, board games, card games, and video games in Second Life.

SLUGfest begins on Thursday, April 18 at 12PM and runs until Sunday, April 21st until 8pm slt.

There are a ton of events planned, including live music, live DJ dances, role playing events, games, trivia contests, a sim wide treasure hunt, several kinds of tourneys, appearances by comedians and magicians, and lots more.  You can send Sredni Eel a message inworld for an informational note card.

This brings us back to Avatar Bizarre’s participation…
Not only will Avatar Bizarre have a booth, but Sredni Eel (yeah, that’s your humble narrator, o my droogs and devotchkas) will be DJing at Shoggy’s Nightclub on Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm (  The musical choices will include a bunch of 80s new wave, some 8 bit industrial, some goth, and whatever’s clever.

Avatar Bizarre will be selling some special Micro Rar pets, exclusive to the event, the Crystalline Eyes, The Queen in Red, the Kind in Yellow, Monster Slippers, Rillian Medieval outfit, and the Swashbuckler partial mesh outfits.  If you’re after a great time, next weekend will be full of fun.  Don’t miss out!