Super Villainous Heroes!


Greetings, Friends.

I know it’s been a while since your faithful narrator has given you tales of epic wonder and horrific delight, but as some folks say, some things are worth the wait.  There’s also a saying that goes, “Big things come in little packages.”

Some things don’t come in packages at all. Introducing, for a very limited time, SUPER HERO CTHULHU!

BOW to their terrible visage.  TREMBLE at their baleful glare.  HOPE that they don’t lay waste to the world in which we live!  The Dork Cthulhu and Wonder’thulhu are on the rampage throughout the city, casting venomous shadows across the land, and instilling fear in the bravest heroes.

These shoulder pets are available for 50L each at the Deviled Egg Comic Con, which runs through September 30.  You can get there from here.

Unhinged – The Story of a Zygotic Arch

Second Life is an amazing entity.  Not only is it a whole world of pure imagination, but its residents sometimes pull together for massive events to help out charities and friends.  You’ve all heard of Relay for Life, which Second Life residents have raised thousands of dollars for Cancer over the years.  There have been countless other events for various causes.  While some can be a little questionable, most of the time these events are meant to help out people in dire straits.

One such event, starting on November 15 and ending on December 15, is an event to raise money for a truly wonderful person.  She never complains about her illness, and has been a true friend to a lot of people.  When folks found out she needed surgery and a prosthetic bone in her fragile skull, they banded together and set up an event to help raise money.  Thus was Unhinged born.

Even if you don’t know Eku personally, many, many merchants have pulled together and donated items and gachas to help raise money.  Most of the money spent in the event will be set aside for Eku’s rather daunting medical expenses.  In addition to the shopping, there is an impressive line up of live DJs and performers, who will be donating their tip money to Unhinged.

Avatar Bizarre will be donating the proceeds of several outfits to the cause, and there is also a special edition and very limited Nyarlathotep shoulder pet being sold just at this event.

As a DJ, I will be spinning some Gothic, New Wave, and Esoterica (and possibly some pocky) from 4-6pm slt on Thursday, November 15 at the Event venue.  I will post an SLurl closer to the event.