Johnny Bravo – Vintage 70s Outfit

“Clowns never laughed before
and beanstalks never grew.
Ponies never ran before
Till I met you” – Johnny Bravo nee’ Greg Brady

One of the things I love about Second Life is you can revive any fashion (or anti-fashion) you want, and scores of people will probably really like what you’ve done.  Of course it really doesn’t matter if you’ve lived the era or not, as long as there’s something about it you enjoy.  Personally, having lived through the Seventies as a small kid, and remembering what passed for “fashion”, I’m always stunned when a particular style manages to turn up like a bad penny.  In spite of an inherent distaste for horrible polyester one piece leisure suits, collars you can use to go hang-gliding with, and that insane spray on hair for balding men, it is rather fun to come up with a mesh outfit that hearkens back to the latter days of the Brady Bunch on TV.

Originally, Avatar Bizarre put out That 70s outfit for men, and That 70s outfit for women as system layers and sculpts for a Vintage fair.  These outfits have had a good run, so naturally it was time to update them a bit for the meshy crowd.

Named for the rockstar that Greg Brady tried to become, Johnny Bravo is the result of months of procrastination.  It’s available in eight colors and, even though the outfit seems to be one piece, you can separate the shirt from the pants.  All you have to do is rez the outfit on the ground, right click, edit, then choose “edit linked parts”, choose the pants, and hit “unlink” if you’re in Firestorm.  Otherwise, just hit Control (or Command if you’re on a Mac) L to unlink it.  Rename it, because it may decide to arbitrarily call itself “Object” and we can’t have that, now can we?  Both pieces automatically attach to your left pec, unless you decide to change that.  The whole point of this explanation is to let you know you can mix and match the pants with the shirts to create an even more…colorful look.

This outfit doesn’t come with shoes, but it should work with just about any low style shoe.  The shirt and pants were built with Slink mesh hands and feet in mind, as well.  I cannot vouch for custom mesh avatars out there, but it could fit.  All you need to do is get yourself a fabulous free demo, then you can find out!  The cost on the outfit is 225L

This ensemble is now available on the Second Life Marketplace, and inworld at my Main Store location.