Bonnie Knees, Plaid, and the Regimental Zen

I know there is only one question on your mind when you see this photo.
“Yeah, but is he wearing any underwear?”
No, not really.  This is one aspect of this outfit I seem to have forgotten.  If you ask Homer Simpson, he’d say, “I have misplaced my pants.”  While that may be true, the real reason Scots (or any man wearing traditional Highland garb) prefer to let the tackle swing free has more to do with tradition.  Historically speaking (and from what I was once told by a dude in Edinburgh, so take this with a generous portion of salt), it was illegal for Scottish men in the British army to wear anything under the kilt.  Stories claim that officers would actually perform a Regiment check by passing a small mirror under the infantry’s kilts, and those who had on magical protective underpants were summarily punished.  And that, my faithful droogs and devotchkas, is a reason for the term “Regimental”.

This may all be complete bunk, since that practice is fairly unhygienic.  But it is nice to have an alibi, I guess.

It has been a long (heh) standing tradition for men to free Willy under the sett, as it were.

Avatar Bizarre prides itself on making traditional outfits as true to form as possible, so this particular outfit lacks an underpant layer.  This is just as well.  The alpha will likely hide the dangly bits of a Second Life male avatar.  Well maybe.  Unless the guy is wearing his meat and two veg, Regimental kilts are more or less just for fun anyway.

The Scottish Kilt outfit now available in about a dozen of the more popular and well-known clan tartans, is 100% original woolen plaid-encrusted mesh.  Okay, I tell a lie.  The shoulder cloak includes some flexi prims, because it’s way more fun when cloaks swirl behind you as you walk.  And the Ghillie shirt (tux shirt) is a system layer, but everything else is the meshiest mesh you could ever ask for.

The Prince Charlie Jacket, Kilt (with sporran and belt), Vest front, Hose, and Ghillies are all rigged.  Though the outfit is all modify and copy, these pieces cannot be resized.  The Tam, Collar and Bow Tie, and Shoulder Cloak are all unrigged, so they can be resized, repositioned, retinted, or whatever else you may wish to do.

That’s all the good news.  The even gooder news is you can order your own clan tartan from Sredni Eel.  Simply IM him in Second Life (or send an email to with the name of the tartan, and the STA or STRW Reference numbers from  Please await a reply.  I really prefer to make sure I have the right sett before I begin any custom kilt project.  I also require a 50% deposit with the order, and the rest to be paid upon completion.  The cost for the outfit is 699L.

I would advise trying the free demo, which (like the ready mades) is available inworld or on the marketplace.

If the mesh kilt outfit does not fit your avatar, there is a prim, sculpt and system layers version available as well.
AB Scottish Kilt Black Watch