Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!


There aren’t enough turtles in Second Life, so Avatar Bizarre brought together a team of herpetologists to go slogging through reeds and woodland ponds to bring you a selection of Slider and Pond turtles.  Okay, so the team actually consists of me, the sole perpetrator and designer for Avatar Bizarre, but the selection of Sliders and Pond turtles is for real.  They’re 100% original rigged mesh, stand just over 0.5 meters tall, and could probably charm the candy from little kids with one well-aimed look.  Introducing the new Turtle Avatar!


This little guy is available in a couple of varieties in about eight colors.  The Sliders, being of the mostly Red-eared variety — indigenous to the southern and eastern United States, and more appropriately to Burmilla region in Second Life — come in Purple, Green, Blue, and Silver Mist (light blue).  The Pond turtles are available in Clay, Green, True Blue, and Purple.  If there’s a demand for some other color morph, please let me know so I can go digging in the mud for more of these guys.


At the moment they’re only available as male turtles.  I may try to dig up some females if enough people ask.  Or you can add eyelashes and hair, and a female turtle you can be!

These turtles are currently available at the inworld location only.  They should be on the marketplace in a couple of days.