This is what happens when black smoke billows from the Vatican…


With the advent of Pope Francis before the rise of Peter the Roman, who will be the Pope of the Endtimes, the Antipope has arisen to bestow great evil and destruction to your pastoral Easter holiday.  Avatar Bizarre is happy to present to you another costume in its small collection of religious vestments.  Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects the Antipope!

This costume, which includes a pair of shiny black stompy boots, a mitre emblazoned with an inverted crucifix, and a cossack of blood red and smoky white, is perfect for those Angels and Demons club events, Man of the Cloth role play, or just scaring the devout during their Easter services.

Everything on this costume is Modify and Copy, and the boots also contain a removable resize script, just in case you want to make them smaller than Second Life would normally allow.

Available inworld and on the marketplace.