A Phantom to Lead You…Sneak Preview for World Goth Fair

When I was a young boy,
My father took me into the city,
To see a marching band… The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance

World Goth Fair is less than a week away.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, this is an annual event held on the Cursed sim, which features several merchants and their spectacular Gothic wares, plus a whole lot of live Gothic DJ music. World Goth Fair was originally a charity event, but it will be a little different this year, because Linden Lab has made it mind-bogglingly difficult to set up charity events without huge migraines and small animal sacrifices.  I’m sure they’d insist on virgins being thrown into the nearest pixilated volcano, but those are hard to find in Second Life these days.  I’ll leave it up to you whether you think I mean volcanoes or virgins.

All snarkiness and Linden Lab aside, World Goth Fair is a fantastic outlet for all things Goth.  All the Gothiness will be available in one handy sim.  You can peruse things at your leisure as you listen to some prime Gothic music (Pretentious, Moi? is a perennial favorite with Cursed residents), and there will be a fabulous build for taking pictures of all your awesome new things.

Avatar Bizarre is, once again, a part of World Goth Fair, and will be bringing a few brand new goodies into the mix, including the Sgt. Nemesis Marching Band outfit shown here.


I get by with a little help from my friends, especially when it comes to marching band outfits.  This number, named for half a Beatles album, and all of a Shriekback song, is rigged mesh and includes five sizes and an alpha.  The good news is it comes in six colors.  In even better news, it’s available for both men and women!

With apologies to my normal model, Misha, time got away from me while I was off working on a severe real life deadline, and I suddenly found myself with less than a day to make, texture, and photograph the female version of this outfit.  But a personal note to her:  There’s going to be a Sgt Pepper-Bright version of this outfit pretty soon.  Meanwhile, here’s my mug as a female avatar.


There will be a few other goodies available from Avatar Bizarre, which will debut at World Goth Fair.  Stay Tuned for more!

World Goth Fair opens May 15.  You can get more information at the blog.

World Goth Fair and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation


In 2007 Sophie Lancaster and her friend Rob were attacked and killed in Lancashire, England, for the way they were dressed.  Because they chose to express themselves a little differently, while harming nobody, some people took grave offense and punished these two kids in the worst way possible.  Since then, Sophie’s family has set up a charity foundation which focuses on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in the community.  It also works closely with law enforcement and politicians to ensure people who are a part of any subculture are protected by the law.

Every year on May 22, World Goth Day slides into view, making its presence known to the world at large. 

Every year in May, Cursed Events in Second Life hosts World Goth Fair.  It starts May 15 and ends June 1, and within the confines of three sims, you will find a plethora of fantastic items for sale.  The sale of many items will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  You can get landmarks and information here: http://worldgothfair.wordpress.com/

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this event once again, and has a number of brand new items up for sale for the duration of the event. 

For your consideration, the preview:


Inferi Eyes are mesh and come in Fullbright, glow, and normal.  These are modify and copy (unrigged), and are available in ten colors.  The Fatpack, along with three single colors will be available in our World Goth Fair Booth.  50% of the proceeds of the Fatpack will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  There is a second Fatpack for the Cracked Eyes, along with three single colors available at the fair.  All twenty sets of eyes will be available at the main store and on the Marketplace once the fair ends.

As most fairs have gachas now (those pesky “machines” where you put in money and get a random prize), WGF is no exception.  There will be a gacha area for those who wish to participate.  Avatar Bizarre will place a gacha full of Cthulhu Shoulder Pets, at 20L per play.  All gacha items are Transfer/Modify.  If you wish to bypass the gacha thing, you can purchase the whole set for 750L in the booth.  The Cthulhus in this set are Modify/Copy only.  There are fifteen in the set, and 50% of the proceeds go to the charity.


On to some more fun stuff…
There are two new partial mesh suits available in four colors each at the fair.  More colors will be available after the fair.
First up is the Mitternacht Hatter, one more outfit in Avatar Bizarre’s line of Lewis Carroll Fever Dreams.  Please try the demo before you buy.  Demos are always free, and transfer.


Finally, we have a spectacular new suit inspired by the song “Panzermensch” by And One.  It’s available in four colors at the fair, with more colors coming after the fair.  This is another partial mesh suit.


Both suits are available in Black, Red, Purple, and Teal at the fair.



I hope to see you at World Goth Fair, and as always, share and enjoy.

World Goth Day Exclusive, and Other Animals


World Goth Day is on May 22, 2013.  Gothika, a club in Second Life, will be having an all day celebration with DJs from across the world spinning the best in Gothic, Industrial, Futurepop, Post Punk, EBM, and other surprises.  Don’t miss out on the themed events that day, because you can win some seriously awesome prizes from Second Life’s finest artisans, and possibly even some real live Goth and Industrial bands!

Important linkie link here —> World Goth Fair Blog.

World Goth Fair, held between May 15 and May 31, is an extended celebration in Second Life and involves special events with music and dancing, and a fair where you can buy all kinds of Goth stuff.  Proceeds from World Goth Fair will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. <– Oi, you lot, read that.

Okay, with all that safely out of the way, it’s time to tell you about the exclusive outfit being made available for the duration of the fair only.  Although the Byron will be available in other colors after the fair, the black and red edition will be made available only at World Goth Fair.

And don’t forget that there is also going to be an exclusive shoulder pet (The Goffick Micro Rar) for anyone who likes tiny Gothic dragons.

The excitement builds and builds. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner rocking back and forth, and counting the days.

A Little Bird TOOK MY EYES! More World Goth Fair Sneak Peak Goodness

Inspiration is like a cat:  It will never come when you call it, and when it wants your attention, it will claw viciously at your legs till you feed it.  God help you if you give that inspiration the wrong shaped kibble, because then it will glare at you menacingly till you wither and die, or you give up and head to the store for a new bag of food.

Inspiration has been kneading my bare chest as I sleep, purring like a tractor, and insisting that I work on eyes for the World Goth Fair, coming up in Second Life in May.  I only have 25 prims to play with in my booth, which means I can only put 24 items out, plus my store sign, so when I ended up making 4 different varieties of Eyeball in at least 12 colors each, well, you can do the math.

I will likely only put a handful of each color out at the fair with the promise of more colors to come.  Honest, I will.  That said, here is the fourth Eyeball style, soon to be available in, you guessed it, about twelve colors and probably a fat pack or two.

Corvus Corax
The Latin name for every Goth’s favorite carrier of the soul, the Raven.  There is an image of a raven in the clear iris of every eye.

Each package includes three sets of prim eyes and two sets of mesh eyes.  They are modify and copy for those who like to resize things as needed, and then stick them into different saved outfits.  There will be four or five colors available at the fair.






World Goth Fair Invaded by Micro Rar, News at 11


Just when you thought it was safe to set foot outside, an invasion has started!  The Goffick Micro Rar will be heading to the World Goth Fair in Second Life in May.  His meshliness is highlighted by a necklace fragment he yanked off some poor, unsuspecting Gothic soul.  He really meant to eat the black-clad person, but thankfully, our erstwhile Joy Division fan managed a narrow escape.

The Micro Rar can be tamed, to a degree, provided you tithe regularly to his gnashing teeth, copious cupcakes.  While he does have an enormous sweet tooth, he also enjoys eating small children, and occasional ferrets.  He firmly believes there is no Sanctuary, except for whatever Ian Astbury was talking about in that Cult song.

The Goffick Micro Rar will be available at the Avatar Bizarre booth on Cursed when the World Goth Fair finally opens.  Till then, fear his unsightly horns, his gnashing teeth, and claws that catch.

Luckily, he will be transfer, just in case he eats you and your surviving kin must find him a new home.

Simon bar Sinister and the World of Goth Days


Sredni “Simon bar Sinister” Eel here.

The Twisted Hunt is completed, so it’s now possible to focus on more exciting events going on in the world of Second Life.  As Avatar Bizarre preps for the upcoming World Goth Fair, and I spend time wringing my hands and praying to Screaming Lord Byron that I have a chance to DJ one truly gothy goth set (most likely at The Village of Nyght), this blog will be filled with more sneak preview action and some new releases that just wouldn’t wait for the advent of the World Goth Fair.

The big thing lately is eyes.  There are so many different types of eyeballs being made available both for the Goth Fair and in general at the mainstore location, that a redesign of Avatar Bizarre’s physical presence may be required.

The Crystalline Eyes shown earlier in this blog are now going to include ten colors and two fatpacks (greens and blues).  The Chiroptera eyes may enjoy a few more colors before all is said and done.  However, there’s more!


The Blank Stare Eyes are mesh and prim (with a white sclera base) and will be available in about eight or ten colors.  The one shown above is called “Machine Glow”.  Blue is shown below.Image

Like Crystalline and Chiroptera, these eyes include two sets of mesh eyes, three sets of prim eyes, and the white sclera on the system eye layer.  Time permitting, there will be one more eye variety set out, possibly in the gacha for WGF, called “Haunted Mansion”.  So far, they’re looking pretty good, but your humble narrator is working on making them spectacular.

In other news, as Twisted came to a close, the Id Horror Suit will be released shortly in six colors:  Red, Black, Green, Teal, Blue, and Purple.  Pictures and details to follow once the spectre of “I don’t feel like working” has disappeared into the ether.

The best news of all, of course, is Avatar Bizarre’s World Goth Fair booth will be located on Cursed sim.  A landmark will be provided when one becomes available.

If you’d like to blog anything Avatar Bizarre has available for Goth fair, please IM Sredni Eel inworld.

More on World Goth Day in Second Life


World Goth Day is a special day set aside each year for folks to “get their goth on”.  It’s one of those things dreamed up by a small cluster of folks and led by Cruel Britannia, who is a pretty amazing master of music.  You can catch him DJing for Nightbreed Radio, and in Second Life at a club called Gothika, which is owned and operated by a small, grumpy purple-haired woman named Axi Kurmin, his partner in crime and all that. 

CB and Shortstack have graciously donated their time and energy to setting up a World Goth Day fair in Second Life.  Experts in herding cats, they have rounded up a bunch of folks to donate various items to sell at this fair, as well as a number of DJs, who will be donating their tips to the cause.

If you are new to Second Life (and I hope if you’re reading this, you know a little something about it), many fantastic artists spend a lot of time and energy creating clothing, vehicles, poses, buildings, and other virtual goods, which folks can buy with virtual currency.

The beauty of this currency is it can be traded on PayPal for real American Dollars.  Because of this, Second Life is home to a lot of Charity work; everything from Relay for Life to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  In the case of World Goth Day, a special avatar has been created to collect any donations and sales proceeds, which can then be traded in for real money and then sent to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

This avatar sent in quite a lot of money last year, and we’re hoping to exceed that generous amount this year.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce that it will be taking part once again this year.  Not only will there be a number of brand new Gothic outfits for folks to wear around the Second Life grid, but we’re working on several different sets of mesh and prim eyes.  You can see a sneak preview of the Chiroptera eyes pictured at the top of this page.  Chiroptera eyes will be available in seven Gothic colors.  Resplendent in darkness, each eye has a reflection of a bat on the iris.


These eyes are spectacular, and will look great on both genders.  They are modifiable, so you can resize them if you want.  The mesh eyes are available as Fullbright and normal, and the Prim eyes are available as Fullbright, Glow, and Normal.  The system layer is a white sclera, which can be worn by itself for a nice blank stare.

The new Crystalline Prim and Mesh eyes will be posted a bit later.

For now, get your goth on.  The World Goth Fair in Second Life will be held on Cursed and Port Seraphine sims May 15-31 2013.

More to come.  Stay tuned!