Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple…Sneak Peek at the Yule Tux


The Yule Tux in Plum will be worn by Sredni Eel (that’s me!) Saturday, November 3 at the Purple Party located at in the Village of Nyght.  You’re welcome to come.  It’s going to run from 6-8pm, Second Life Time.  Wear purple, and dance to some great purple songs, along with the usual mix of New Wave and Gothic.

The Holiday Season is marching inexorably toward us, like a horde of angry demons. You cannot escape its clutches, regardless of shape, color, creed, or species you are.  Obviously, it’s a lucrative season for the likes of Wally World, but it can be pretty hectic this time of year in Second Life, as well.

There will be holiday parties (for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or whatever else the human mind can concoct for glad tidings and joy), presents will be given, and Krampus will steal away the naughty girls and boys.

Avatar Bizarre will be releasing a new line of outfits called The Yule Tux on Sunday, November 4.  Available in Holiday Red, Wintery Blue, Holly Green, Plum, Traditional Black, and Parchment White, you will be able to find the Yule Tux on the Marketplace and Inworld.

The Tux comes with two sets of jacket tails (one with holly buttons, one without), shoes, socks, pants, pant cuffs, shirt, shirt cuffs, vest, jacket, jacket cuffs, jacket collar, shirt collar with tie.  You supply the glad tidings and joy.