2013 – The July Playlists

Village of Nyght
Saturday, July 27
Alice in Wonderland

I really didn’t feel like changing clothes after spending a week working on all the different color variations of the Madder Hatter outfit, thus was Alice in Wonderland approved as a theme for the party tonight.  Besides, it’s always amusing to see who shows up as what.  Invariably, you get at least one Alice, five or six Mad Hatters, a pseudo Cheshire cat, and a Red Queen or two.

This set is all over the place, musically.  I wasn’t all that prepared, but sometimes you have to roll with things and see where they fall.  There were a few decent requests, and I think people had fun.  Of course, the whole reason I play at the Village is because of the camaraderie.  A lot of folks have been showing up there for years, with an occasional new person, so the conversations are easy to get rolling, and easy to keep up.

Here’s the play list:

Din_Fiv – Through the Looking Glass
System Syn – Ordinary Life
Funker Vogt – Red Queen (White Rabbit Remix)
Alice in a NIghtmare – Shelter in My Dreams
The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
The Cure – The Caterpillar (Flicker Mix)
New Order – Temptation (12″ Mix)
*** Request *** The Pixies – Where Is My Mind
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Head On
The House of Love – Christine
Love & Rockets – If There’s a Heaven Above
The Sisters of Mercy – Alice
*** Request *** Tom Petty – Don’t Come Around Here No More
*** Request *** U2 – Bad
*** Request *** Talking Heads – Nothing But Flowers
*** Request *** Danielle Dax – Cat House
Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad
Smokie – Living Next Door to Alice (Who the Fuck is Alice)
*** Request *** Egypt Central – White Rabbit
Collide – White Rabbit
Toto Coelo – I Eat Cannibals
You Shriek – Black Sun
*** Request *** Lords of Acid – I Must Increase My Bust (The Lords Like ‘Em Large Mix)
Pop Will Eat Itself – Drink Me, Eat Me, Love Me, Kill Me
Marilyn Manson – Eat Me, Drink Me
Book of Love – Alice Every Day (Sam the Butcher Mix)
Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric (Icon Mix)
Foo Fighters – Down in the Park
*** Request *** Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies
*** Request *** Shinedown – Her Name is Alice
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
*** Request *** Belly – Low Red Moon
*** Request *** Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman (Rudy Retro Dynamic Cool Remix)
The Birthday Massacre – I Think We’re Alone Now
Erasure – Breath of Life
Frozen Ducks – Beginnings
Family Guy – The Goodnight Song


End of Days
Friday, July 26

It’s been a while since I’ve worked at an actual club with dancers and hosts and things.  In spite of my self-imposed exile from most Second Life clubs and their evil, evil sploders, I wanted very much to give this a go.  Particularly since I was given carte blanch to play all the Gothic and New Wave my dark little heart desires.

It was a fun gig with a fair number of people; some old friends, and lots of people who are new to my brand of musical infliction.  I got what I wanted, which is fun conversation, lots of requests, and the ability to withstand the lure of the sploder.  It is a known scientific fact that all sploders in Second Life got the memo to never let me win more than once every year or two.

Here’s the play list.  Enjoy.

The Chameleons – Up the Down Escalator
The Cure – The Hanging Garden
Pretentious, Moi? – Witchhouse
Crashblack Big Orange – Black
Joy Division – Transmission
The Vapors – Spiders
The Clash – Somebody Got Murdered
*** Request *** The March Violets – We Are All Gods
Magazine – A Song from Under the Floorboards
Ultravox – The Frozen Ones
Gary Numan – Machman
Rhombus – Open the Sky
The Wake – Watchtower
*** Request *** A Split Second – Scandanavian Bellydance
Die Laughing – Firedance
The Merry Thoughts – Pale Empress
Sisters of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia
Frank the Baptist – Eskimos and Butterflies
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline
*** Request *** Ministry – So What
*** Request *** Imperative Reaction – Dissolve
*** Request *** The Cassandra Complex – One Millionth Happy Customer
The Last Dance – Dead Man’s Party
*** Request *** Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie – Cracked Actor
Wall of Voodoo – Crack the Bell
Spiff – Tej of Life
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
Oingo Boingo – No Spill Blood
Hitchhiker’s Guide – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish


The Village of Nyght
Saturday, July 20
Spaced Out

This weekend marks the anniversary of the Apollo 11 manned Lunar mission.  It was one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, and a heck of a party for the Village of Nyght.  We celebrated in true style with an irregular assortment of aliens and astronauts.  One person even left their flying saucer double parked overhead.  As a Bowie fan, I naturally showed up as Ziggy Stardust, and inflicted an assortment of musical goodies on the huddled masses.

The play list was out of this world.

John Williams – Lost in Space (Main Title)
*** Request *** Donovan – The Intergalactic Laxative
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising
Digette – Fred From Jupiter (Long Version)
Dead Milkmen – Rocketship
Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark – Apollo XI
Echo and the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
David Bowie – Space Oddity
David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Apollo (Live On Your TV)
Men Without Hats – Utter Space
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – I’m the Urban Spaceman
Adam and the Ants – Apollo 9
*** Request *** Theme from the Great Space Coaster
Rezurex – Devil Woman from Outer space
Art of Noise – Peter Gunn (Feat. Duane Eddy)
The B-52’s – Planet Claire
*** Request *** Julie Brown – Earth Girls are Easy
Peter Wolf – Mars Needs Women
Planet P Project – Why Me?
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11
A Flock of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song
Erasure – Star (Interstellar Mix)
VNV Nation – Space and Time
DEVO – Human Rocket
*** Request *** T.O.Y. – Welcome to Space Radio
David Bowie – Hallo Spaceboy (Petshop Boys Extended Mix)
Apollo 440 – Lost in Space
S.P.O.C.K. – Where Rockets Fly
De/Vision – Blue Moon
Daily Planet – Milky Way
Laibach – The Final Countdown
The Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet
Duran Duran – Planet Earth (Night Version)
The Mighty Lemon Drops – Another Girl, Another Planet
John Williams – Lost in Space (End Title)


The Village of Nyght
Saturday, July 13
Bastille Day

Technically, Bastille Day falls on July 14, but heck, any excuse for a party.  Bastille Day is just another day given to French National Day.  While the Bastille was stormed on July 14, back in the 18th Century, I think people in France prefer to celebrate it as a kind of French Pride thing.  This is fine and good, but here in Second Life, particularly on the Lovecraft sim, we like all things horror and macabre, so we choose to celebrate the torture, the mayhem, and the Guillotine.

That said, we decided that Bastille Day would be a great theme.  We did have one or two French maids turn up, but the majority of the folks ended up not being hired help for the night.  We were French Revolutionaries, Aristocracy, and one guy was the Marquis de Sade.  Oh yes, history is a whole lot of fun.

I did play a lot of French bands, and some well known songs sung in French by the original artists.  So without further ado (or should that be Adieu?) here’s the play list.

The Chameleons – One Flesh
u2- I Fall Down
Memories d’Automne – A La Gloire Des Vaincus
The Alarm – Rain in the Summertime
Echo & the Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses
Fine Young Cannibals – Suspicious Minds
Indochine – Les Seven Jours de Pekin
Zero le Creche – Last Year’s Wife (12″ Version)
Maurice & and the Cliches – Soft Core
Opera de Nuit – Invitation (12 Inch Mix)
New Order – True Faith (Maximus Remix)
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
The Mood – Is There a Reason
Taxi Girl – Cherches Le Garcon
Indochine – Docteur Love
*** Request *** The Men They Couldn’t Hang – The Colours
Sister Soleil – Butterflies
Max Raabe Und his Palaster Orchester – Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Blondie – Sunday Girl (French Version)
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World
David Bowie – Heros (French)
*** Request *** Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi
Department S – Is Vic There (French Version)
Depeche Mode – Strange Love (David Dieu Remix)
*** Request *** Dermiere Volonte – Songe d’Un Matin d’Era
*** Request *** The Barden Bellas – Bellas Finals Price Tag
Freur – The Devil and the Darkness
Erasure – O L’amour
Desireless – Voyage Voyage
Indochine – L’Aventurier
Spectra Paris – Glittering Bullet
*** Request *** Kas Product – So Young But So Cold
*** Request *** Trisome 21 – The Last Song
Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers
Les Anges De La Nuit – I Still Love You
Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
Electric Light Orchestra – Hold On Tight
*** Request *** France Gail – Laisse Tomber Les Filles
Maurice & the Cliches – C’est La Vie
David Bowie – The Jean Genie
Roxy Music – Let’s Stick Together
Men at Work – It’s a Mistake
*** Request *** Laurie Anderson – O Superman
*** Request *** Shriekback – The Reptiles and I
Peter Schilling – The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)
Gary Numan – We Are So Fragile


The Village of Nyght
Saturday, July 6
Arabian Nights

In coming up with party themes, I tend to draw from History and Birthdays of notable personalities, or sometimes go with obscure “holidays”, such as “National Ice Cream Day”.  This weekend marks the (almost) 100th anniversary of T. E. Lawrence storming into Aqaba with his merry band of Arab forces and mercenaries, and wresting it from the Turks.  It’s also a pivotal point in Lawrence’s life, as he was given a promotion and sent to fight a number of other important battles in the name of the King.

Lawrence of Arabia also happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies, so I figured Damia would definitely go for an Arabian theme.  We haven’t done one before, so it was a good time.  And me without my Lawrence of Arabia costume!

jean genie

I was also in a bit of a mainstream 80s music mode for about twelve seconds last week, so some stuff made it into the set that wouldn’t normally make it.  That’s okay, isn’t it?

So without further delay, here’s my amazingly spectacular awesome play list!

Maurice Jarre – Main Title (Lawrence of Arabia)
Corvus Corax – Rondeau (Arab)
Hisham Abbas – Intil Waheeda
Bynar – Abwehr Sandman
Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)
Veruca Salt – Seether
The Clash – Train in Vain
The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up
The Cult – Love Removal Machine
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Max Eider – Quiet Lives
Wang Chung – Let’s Go
Oingo Boingo- Why’d We Come
The Cars – Don’t Tell Me No
DEVO – Step Up
The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor – Is All I Need
Shriekback – Nemesis
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Ali Baba’s Camel
*** Request *** Radio Head – All I Need
Pet Shop Boys – Integral
Teenage Brain Surgeon – Fatal Day
Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth (Arabian Nights 12″ Mix)
The Cure – Killing an Arab
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Arabian Nights (Extended Mix)
Cocteau Twins – L0relei
Human League – The Lebanon (12″ Mix)
Ofra Haza – Im Nin’Alu (Full Mix Extended
The Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love (Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza)
Foo Fighters – Down in the Park
Gary Numan – Pure
*** Request *** Leaether Strip – Adrenalin Rush
*** Request *** The Cure – Disintegraton
*** Request *** The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection
You Shriek – Desert Kisses
Wall of Voodoo – Ring of Fire

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