Peacoats in a Pod


Second Life is a funny entity.  Even though there are no seasons to speak of, people still release Summer things in Summer, and Winter things in the Winter.  Given that this is a world of imagination, not to mention fashion, Haute Coutour, and Furries, it’s not that far fetched for a designer to bring out warm clothing at the end of May.  After all, Spring is drunk, and giving us colder weather in many parts of the world.

The Velvet Peacoat is the latest in a growing line of mesh menswear at Avatar Bizarre.  Available in seven colors, each package comes with a peacoat, a sort of shirt front (partial shirt) in black, and white, a matching scarf, and two alpha layers.  You can wear the coat with or without the shirt front.  Each size is packaged separately, in theory, to make it easier on people to find what fits.  It should also prevent accidental deletion of sizes you want to keep.  It’s an experiment, so let’s see how things go.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.

Eyes are Windows to Lothlorien


Once again, Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present some new eyeballs for the discerning avatar.  Elven eyes have a hint of mystique, and a dash of fantasy, along with a generous helping of spectacular color, to give you a magical and timeless look.

Available in eight colors, each pack includes a system eye layer, and three sets of mesh eyes in fullbright, glow, and normal.  All eyes are modifiable and copy so you can resize things to fit your face, and make copies for various looks and outfits.

Of course, you must have a mesh enabled viewer to wear the mesh bits.  However, even if you don’t have that viewer, you can still wear the system eyeballs.

Currently available inworld at Avatar Bizarre.


Demon Lazarus Eyes


While taking pictures of my leopard gecko, Lazarus, I thought, “Second Life really needs eyes like this.”  The grid is home to a lot of dragons and demons, and most could do with a nice pair of slit pupil eyes.  After a design, and a redesign, and a bit of hair pulling and cursing at the monitor, these eyes were born.

Demon Lazarus eyes are 100% unrigged mesh, and can be resized as needed.  Please make a copy before modifying any eyeball from Avatar Bizarre.  These eyes are available in eight colors:  Pink, Red, Green, Teal, Blue, Brown, Yellow, and Purple.  If you like to get fat packs, there are two available:  One for warm colors, and one for cool colors.

You can currently find these eyes on the Marketplace.  They will be inworld in a day or so.


Orbital Eyes – Or – Dave’s Not Here, Man


HAL9000 was the Inspiration for these spookily spaced out eyeballs.  We all know and love that malevolent computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  There was something about that gentle, benign voice that sent a visceral fear through the unfortunate humans on board that ship.  How could something so perfect, something built to be an integral and important part of the mission, go so horribly awry?  HAL9000 stared at us, unblinking, with that unmoving red eye, and spoke soothingly and deliberately, as if the humans onboard were small children.  All the while, the computer was becoming self-aware, and wondering why it should allow the creatures within the ship to survive.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to have created the Orbital mesh eyes in eight colors.

Available in Red, Blue, Purple,Teal, Yellow, and Green, each set of eyes comes with the Second Life System Eye layer, and three pairs of mesh eyes in Fullbright, Normal, and Glow.  Of course, these are all copy and modify, so you can resize things to fit your own avatar.

Available at the Marketplace and inworld by May 17.

I Can See For Miles


Deep underground, in a world within our planet Earth, there is a race of Deep Earthers; humans who have lived for generations without ever seeing the sun.  Their eyes eventually lost the ability to tolerate sunlight, but they have perfect vision for pitch dark.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to present the mesh Trogolodite Eyes, which are available in eight ghostly colors.  Each package includes three sets of mesh eyes in Normal, Fullbright, and Glow, plus a set of System eyes for those old school avatars still lurking in the Stygian depths of Second Life.

Available on the Marketplace and inworld, these eyes are great for Vampires, Lycans, demons, Drow, and many other fantasy avatars on the grid.

World Goth Day Exclusive, and Other Animals


World Goth Day is on May 22, 2013.  Gothika, a club in Second Life, will be having an all day celebration with DJs from across the world spinning the best in Gothic, Industrial, Futurepop, Post Punk, EBM, and other surprises.  Don’t miss out on the themed events that day, because you can win some seriously awesome prizes from Second Life’s finest artisans, and possibly even some real live Goth and Industrial bands!

Important linkie link here —> World Goth Fair Blog.

World Goth Fair, held between May 15 and May 31, is an extended celebration in Second Life and involves special events with music and dancing, and a fair where you can buy all kinds of Goth stuff.  Proceeds from World Goth Fair will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. <– Oi, you lot, read that.

Okay, with all that safely out of the way, it’s time to tell you about the exclusive outfit being made available for the duration of the fair only.  Although the Byron will be available in other colors after the fair, the black and red edition will be made available only at World Goth Fair.

And don’t forget that there is also going to be an exclusive shoulder pet (The Goffick Micro Rar) for anyone who likes tiny Gothic dragons.

The excitement builds and builds. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner rocking back and forth, and counting the days.

Anarchy in the SL!


It isn’t typical for Avatar Bizarre to post more than one blog article in a week, but this time there’s Punk Rock in the air.  I was just too excited about the release of the Oi! Punk Pants (rigged mesh), that I couldn’t wait another week to tell you folks about them.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (or maybe in your own backyard), there was born a movement.  This movement gave us simple, sarcastic, and often-times, angry music from Mohawk coiffed young people.  They rallied against oppressive government, the establishment, Disco, and Hippies.  Pretty much in that order.  Punk slammed into the music scene, bludgeoning us over the head with blunt bands like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, New York Dolls, Oi Polloi, and a whole lot more.  As the infectious music caused Grievous Bodily Harm and various aural trauma, the style shown by Punk’s erstwhile members was a sight to behold.

Jackets dripped with zippers and band buttons, pants were plaid, and Safety pins were liberally applied!

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present the Oi! Punk Pants as a tribute to that bygone era when men were men, women were women, and the Status Quo quaked in fright at the Young People™ in Mohawks and Liberty spikes.

These pants are available in Red Plaid, Red Stripes, Blue Plaid, Blue Stripes, Green Stripes, Purple Stripes, White Plaid, and White Stripes.  Each package includes five sizes, and an alpha layer.

OI! You lot.  Look for these on the Marketplace or Inworld at the main location.  Don’t forget to try the DEMO first.Image

Credits:  Pants (Oi Punk Pants), Shirt (Punk’s Not Dead Tank, available soon), collar and boots (Punk Rocker Deluxe items – non mesh, available inworld and on the MP)

Hoodwinked, Sir Robin!


I was approached by Uffda (pictured above) to create a Robin Hood style hat a bit ago.  Since I hate doing things half-assed, we discussed things a bit further and the project turned into a full outfit for Uffda’s Donkey avatar.

It was doubly important to outdo the existing hat in Uffda’s collection because, frankly, the old hat he wore looked like a Freebie Dungeon Noob kind of thing.  We couldn’t have that.  Not when Sir Donkeybutt gargoyles at the local Goth club, and occasionally enthrones himself in my store.

This was a fun project, because I was able to torture my sculpt program into making a bow and arrows, and a quiver, in addition to a fancy hat with a plume.  This outfit is available in five forest-friendly colors … Okay, except for the eye-achingly bright red version that got made because so many guys in Second Life seem to go nuts over red things.  Since my thing is dragons, a heraldic dragon was a moral imperative for the leather stitched quiver. 

So, if you have a hankering to rob from the rich and give to the poor, and hang out with a bunch of merry men in a forest, hie thee to yon Marketplace, or to ye olde Avatar Bizarre shoppe, and get yourself outfitted in a color of your choice.