I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It!


There once was a man from Tortuga
Who rode on the back of a beluga
He couldn’t stay long
As he sang his song
And sounded notes on his rusty tuba

Okay, so I’m not much of a poet, but I can show you a fantastic new suit from Avatar Bizarre. 

The Poet Hawthorne is a classic casual ensemble from the 18th Century, and would wear well for Pirates, Poets, possibly some small urchins on the streets of Tortuga, and any other Regency era prole.  After all, not everyone is Royalty.  Heck, who wants to dress up all the time anyway?

The Poet Hawthorne is 100% original mesh (apart from the system layer stockings), and comes in several colors.  The white shirt is covered by an unbuttoned waistcoat, and the pants are loose at the knees.  The whole outfit is finished off with a pair of white stockings and a pair of unrigged mesh shoes, which can be resized as needed.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.

I’m So Goth I Poop Bats – Baron Gothic


Avatar Bizarre’s been hard at work on the next release!  Enter the Baron Gothic outfit.  It includes a rigged mesh overcoat in five sizes, a pair of rigged boots (should fit most avatars), and a rigged turtleneck collar, which should also fit most avatars.  In addition, there are system layer pants and system layer shirt.  Also, requisite alpha layers for masking bits of your body that you don’t want showing through bits of your mesh clothing.

There are demos available for the coat, collar, and boots.  Demos are usually Transfer only, so if you have an alt you’re buying for, you can send them the demos.  Marketplace does not allow you to gift items if they cost 0L.

This outfit is available in blue, red, purple, black, green, and teal.  I’m pretty excited about this latest venture, so stay tuned for more!!

Marketplace and Inworld now!


Hello out there, we’re on the air. It’s Hockey Night Tonight!


The tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice!  Are you a hockey fan?  Are you sad that there aren’t any real hockey jerseys to wear on the ice?  Are you ready to hit that slap shot into the net, bouncing the puck off the goalie’s head?  Get ready for that Hat Trick, because Avatar Bizarre has stitched together some Original Mesh Hockey Jerseys for the discerning sports fan out there.

There are currently five teams available, with more to follow as fans make me aware of them.  Sadly, you cannot use real team names or logos in Second Life, unless you pay for the licensing.  Never fear!  The hockey teams represented on these awesome mesh jerseys are just as fierce as the Boston Bruins, or the Detroit Redwings, or any of the other NHL teams out there.

The teams available are:  Dunwich Horrors, Eldritch Goths, Arkham Insane, Tortuga Pirates, and the Arrakis Sand Worms.


At merely $85L, this shirt is a steal!

Each jersey comes in five sizes, and a full perm alpha.  Please get the demo before buying.


As Avatar Bizarre is happy to take custom orders, feel free to contact Sredni Eel with your favorite team name (fictional, of course), and $40L (approximately 50% downpayment), and we will be happy to make you a jersey.  The remainder of the cost is due upon completion.


He shoots!  He SCORES!!


Available INWORLD and on the MARKETPLACE.

Ole! Traje de Luces!


I was approached a while back by a guy who wanted a “traditional costume of my country”.  He was from Spain.  As he had left me a note card without any details, I sent him a message asking him for the specific costume he wanted.  Then I ended up on Plurk.com, asking people what they thought of when they heard, “Spanish traditional costume”.

One person suggested:  TRAJE DE LUCES, and posted a picture of the intrepid Matador.  I had never known the true name.  I, like so many other people, had simply called it “Matador”.  Since I was in need of some inspiration, and desperately in need of creating something new for the store, I researched the costume, and started making the traditional system layer clothing for Second Life.

But wait, Sred!  What about all that crazy mesh?  That, my friends, is an excellent question.  I’m new to the whole mesh thing, though I’ve been struggling to make sense of Blender and all its evil nuances for months.  Then I had the bright idea that the Traje de Luces should be in mesh, or at least partially mesh.

That’s when the screaming at the wall began.  The hair loss, sanity loss, and probable loss of any shred of confidence occurred all at once.  I had a couple of full-blown meltdowns, moaned, whined, and gnashed my teeth.

Finally, when all hope was lost, I suddenly had a pair of pants and a jacket!  Holy shimollee!  I will have this program conquered yet, though I feel a little like one of the characters in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.  Seriously.  You know that bit where Theon Greyjoy is being tortured?  That’s exactly how learning Blender feels, even down to the castration and splints under the fingernails.  Oh yes, it’s brutal.

But the outfit turned out pretty good, non?

A lot comes with this outfit.  It’s all listed on the image below.  It also comes in six colors. So, guys, do you feel up to putting on a pair of pink socks and some tight silk pants?  Come on, I dare you.

Avatar Bizarre inworld


A Jacket Goes RAR – Cheongsam Short Jacket for Men


Faerycat Designs and Avatar Bizarre have teamed up to bring you a brand new original mesh creation.

The Cheongsam was inspired by the formal short jackets worn by men in China.  Originally meant to be worn buttoned up, this jacket falls open in the front for a more casual appearance.  Its silk fabric is emblazoned with the Chinese symbol for “Dragon”.  A great golden dragon slinks across the back.

Standard mesh sizing applies.  Available in eight stunning colors.
Please try the demo before you buy.

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.