We’re In-Vested in You


Inspiration is a constant nag these days.  Depending on how you feel, and how busy you are, this can be a definite mixed blessing.  However, I’m not going to complain too hard, because Inspiration clawing at my arm often leads to a bunch of new projects for Avatar Bizarre.

The mesh bug bit, and this is another result of that Vertices Virus.

Enter the Men’s Brocade Mesh Vest and Shirt.  Although these are separate layers that can be worn separately, they’re designed to be worn together.  The Brocade Vest and Shirt comes in nine vibrant colors.


Don’t let other people fool you.  Guys in Second Life do like a bit of color, in spite of the preponderance of black and red clothing out there.  The beauty of mesh is the fluid movement as your avatar moves around.  The main issue with mesh clothing, is the lack of a deformer so mesh clothing items can be modified when you edit the size and shape of your avatar.

To get around this, the vest and shirt package includes five “standard” male sizes, plus an alpha layer, and an extra underpant layer, for added coverage, if needed.  It is advisable to buy the free demo and see how things fit before you buy the actual item.

My own avatar likes the medium shirt and the large vest.


Photos taken at the Rust sim.

Inworld store

Brrraaainnnns and Fashion


Whether you’re double tapping to escape the walking dead or you are the walking dead, you will be warm and cozy in this hooded sweatshirt from the leading manufacturer of animated corpsewear, Aberzombie & Twitch!

Available in five sizes, sure to fit any decomposing flesh as it shambles the grid looking for fresh meat, this garment is tailored from the finest Scotch-Guarded mesh.  Gore will be a cinch to wash off after a hard day of survival in the world of the Zombie Apocalypse.

There is a demo available.  It’s not textured or anything, but you should be able to figure out if this is going to fit your avatar.  As zombies and humans all share a common interest, this item is available in brown, green, teal, red, charcoal, blue, and purple. Marketplace link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AB-Mesh-Aberzombie-Twitch-Hoodie-Red/4786817

What did the Vegan zombie eat?


A Little Bird TOOK MY EYES! More World Goth Fair Sneak Peak Goodness

Inspiration is like a cat:  It will never come when you call it, and when it wants your attention, it will claw viciously at your legs till you feed it.  God help you if you give that inspiration the wrong shaped kibble, because then it will glare at you menacingly till you wither and die, or you give up and head to the store for a new bag of food.

Inspiration has been kneading my bare chest as I sleep, purring like a tractor, and insisting that I work on eyes for the World Goth Fair, coming up in Second Life in May.  I only have 25 prims to play with in my booth, which means I can only put 24 items out, plus my store sign, so when I ended up making 4 different varieties of Eyeball in at least 12 colors each, well, you can do the math.

I will likely only put a handful of each color out at the fair with the promise of more colors to come.  Honest, I will.  That said, here is the fourth Eyeball style, soon to be available in, you guessed it, about twelve colors and probably a fat pack or two.

Corvus Corax
The Latin name for every Goth’s favorite carrier of the soul, the Raven.  There is an image of a raven in the clear iris of every eye.

Each package includes three sets of prim eyes and two sets of mesh eyes.  They are modify and copy for those who like to resize things as needed, and then stick them into different saved outfits.  There will be four or five colors available at the fair.






World Goth Fair Invaded by Micro Rar, News at 11


Just when you thought it was safe to set foot outside, an invasion has started!  The Goffick Micro Rar will be heading to the World Goth Fair in Second Life in May.  His meshliness is highlighted by a necklace fragment he yanked off some poor, unsuspecting Gothic soul.  He really meant to eat the black-clad person, but thankfully, our erstwhile Joy Division fan managed a narrow escape.

The Micro Rar can be tamed, to a degree, provided you tithe regularly to his gnashing teeth, copious cupcakes.  While he does have an enormous sweet tooth, he also enjoys eating small children, and occasional ferrets.  He firmly believes there is no Sanctuary, except for whatever Ian Astbury was talking about in that Cult song.

The Goffick Micro Rar will be available at the Avatar Bizarre booth on Cursed when the World Goth Fair finally opens.  Till then, fear his unsightly horns, his gnashing teeth, and claws that catch.

Luckily, he will be transfer, just in case he eats you and your surviving kin must find him a new home.

Slugfest is About to Commence!

Micro Rar Shoulder Pet, available in Red, Purple, Teal, Grey, and Green.

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this year’s SLUGfest in Second Life, which is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Staccato/203/141/22
SLUGfest is the Second Life United Gamer’s 2013 Gaming Festival.  This is a group of dedicated gamers who enjoy social gaming; including role play, board games, card games, and video games in Second Life.

SLUGfest begins on Thursday, April 18 at 12PM and runs until Sunday, April 21st until 8pm slt.

There are a ton of events planned, including live music, live DJ dances, role playing events, games, trivia contests, a sim wide treasure hunt, several kinds of tourneys, appearances by comedians and magicians, and lots more.  You can send Sredni Eel a message inworld for an informational note card.

This brings us back to Avatar Bizarre’s participation…
Not only will Avatar Bizarre have a booth, but Sredni Eel (yeah, that’s your humble narrator, o my droogs and devotchkas) will be DJing at Shoggy’s Nightclub on Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arkham/10/224/23).  The musical choices will include a bunch of 80s new wave, some 8 bit industrial, some goth, and whatever’s clever.

Avatar Bizarre will be selling some special Micro Rar pets, exclusive to the event, the Crystalline Eyes, The Queen in Red, the Kind in Yellow, Monster Slippers, Rillian Medieval outfit, and the Swashbuckler partial mesh outfits.  If you’re after a great time, next weekend will be full of fun.  Don’t miss out!


Simon bar Sinister and the World of Goth Days


Sredni “Simon bar Sinister” Eel here.

The Twisted Hunt is completed, so it’s now possible to focus on more exciting events going on in the world of Second Life.  As Avatar Bizarre preps for the upcoming World Goth Fair, and I spend time wringing my hands and praying to Screaming Lord Byron that I have a chance to DJ one truly gothy goth set (most likely at The Village of Nyght), this blog will be filled with more sneak preview action and some new releases that just wouldn’t wait for the advent of the World Goth Fair.

The big thing lately is eyes.  There are so many different types of eyeballs being made available both for the Goth Fair and in general at the mainstore location, that a redesign of Avatar Bizarre’s physical presence may be required.

The Crystalline Eyes shown earlier in this blog are now going to include ten colors and two fatpacks (greens and blues).  The Chiroptera eyes may enjoy a few more colors before all is said and done.  However, there’s more!


The Blank Stare Eyes are mesh and prim (with a white sclera base) and will be available in about eight or ten colors.  The one shown above is called “Machine Glow”.  Blue is shown below.Image

Like Crystalline and Chiroptera, these eyes include two sets of mesh eyes, three sets of prim eyes, and the white sclera on the system eye layer.  Time permitting, there will be one more eye variety set out, possibly in the gacha for WGF, called “Haunted Mansion”.  So far, they’re looking pretty good, but your humble narrator is working on making them spectacular.

In other news, as Twisted came to a close, the Id Horror Suit will be released shortly in six colors:  Red, Black, Green, Teal, Blue, and Purple.  Pictures and details to follow once the spectre of “I don’t feel like working” has disappeared into the ether.

The best news of all, of course, is Avatar Bizarre’s World Goth Fair booth will be located on Cursed sim.  A landmark will be provided when one becomes available.

If you’d like to blog anything Avatar Bizarre has available for Goth fair, please IM Sredni Eel inworld.