Love Me Tender


Elvis is in the building!

Alice Klinger of Alli&Ali sent me some Elvis hair and said “Pretty please will you make a Petite Elvis Suit?”

I can’t very well say no to µ Elvis, can I?

This will be released to my store inworld and on the marketplace by the end of the day Saturday, Sept 29.

The Crawling Chaos


The H.P.Lovecraft Festival is in full swing right now.  It’s time to embrace your inner Elder God, and play in the bay where Monsters are allegedly hiding.  You’ve marveled at Cthulhu, as he shrunk himself to become one of the most popular non-breedable pets on Second Life.  You may have run into an occasional Deep One avatar lurking in the swamps of Arkham.  You may have danced at Miskatonic University as Arkham burned. Heck, you may even have hung out at the Saturday dances in Dunwich at the Village of Nyght from time to time.

I hope you plan to join us this Saturday (Sept. 29 from 6-8pm slt) because the little critter pictured above is the latest shoulder pet from Avatar Bizarre, and it’s being given as a prize.   The party is located here:

Nyarlathotep is known as Crawling Chaos, and is a malign deity.  He first appeared as a “tall, swarthy man” but later manifested as a tentacled monster.  Now, he’s available as a shoulder pet for anyone into surrounding themselves with Eldritch Horrors.



Petite Mesh Avatars can be a lot of fun.  Although they are far more popular with women than they are with the men, more and more men are entering the world of the Petites as more things become available for them.

The Residents did a cover of It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World with the added lyric “But it’s made for a woman!”  Such is true for Second Life. 

The whole reason I opened Avatar Bizarre was because there was such a severe lack of male clothing.  Sure, a handful of creators made stuff for guys, generally along the lines of jeans, teeshirts, or tuxedos with very little in between.  Things have come a long way for us, guys, but the male Petite is still off to a shaky start.

This is why I’ve got a line of male Petites clothing ranging from kilts and cableknit sweaters, to Gothic attire and pirate stuff.  It’s slow going, since I have to make time to create stuff for the “biggies” as well as for Petites, but patience, young Grasshoppers.  We’re getting there.  Really.

The outfit featured for this post is called Gothic Penance, and is available in several colors.  Shown in Black and Red, the hair is Elven White Mesh Hair from A&A, and the Petite avatar is from Fallen Gods, and includes several head/ear options and genitals.

The Gothic Penance includes the shoes and the shades.

It’s time to converge on the nearest goth club and dance to Sisters of Mercy in this Oh So Dark ensemble.  It’s also great for tiny little ankle-biting vampires.

Oh, and guys?  This suit’s been available for regular sized avatars for quite a while.  In the store and on the marketplace.  Please read the ad on the marketplace to make sure you’re getting Petite if you’re buying Petite.  Everything is clearly marked.

G’night, my darklings.

H and an E and an L and an L. . .Swing me, baby


Every time the Mr. Hunter Hunt appears on the horizon, Avatar Bizarre is ready to be a part of it.  Even though it kicks off in November this year, I have completed the outfit I’ll be giving away as a part of this hunt.

The Swing Outfit is another stunning Vintage ensemble, which includes the pork pie hat, suspenders, vest, shirt, pants, pocket watch, and shoes.  It will be available in several colors once the hunt is over, but during the hunt, Green is the name of the game.  Guys just don’t wear enough green, and I’m aiming to fix that.

The background in this shot was taken at Innsmouth, one of the HP Lovecraftian sims in Second Life.  It’s a spooky town full of mystique and alleged monsters.  It’s also a vintage build, centered around the 1920s and 1930s.

Style card:

Shape:  Sredni Eel
Eyes:  Avatar Bizarre – Mountain Sunrise Blue Prim
Hair:  A&A group gift
Skin: Redgrave Emil Pale

Zoot Suit Riot


Zoot suits have taken over the land of Avatar Bizarre.

Popular in the Jazz age of the 1930s, Zoot Suits were worn as late as the 1950s, and hold a certain appeal for guys who love that baggy pants and long coat look. Available in several stunningly great colors, each suit comes with a floppy almost-Fedora, a hip chain, the coat, the pants, and the wing tip shoes.

You’ll be stylin’ in true Jazz Age form.

The Petite version will be available for both genders very soon.  Stay tuned. . .

HP Lovecraft Festival

This is just a quick head’s up to folks about the Lovecraft Festival being held from Sept. 22 through Sept 30.  It’s a neat little sim jam-packed with rides, games, and Eldritch Horrors.  Several merchants, including yours truly, will be set up with all kinds of nifty Vintage, Gothic, and Steampunk stuff for you to wear, decorate with, ride, or fly.

You can get the skinny at

Avatar Bizarre will be selling an exclusive Cthulhu Shoulder Pet, available only at this festival, and then he’s gone forever.  If you’re a collector of the Cthulhu Shoulder Pets, be sure to stop by and pick one up before they go away forever

Here’s a sneak preview:



Yeah, but would he win a Bonnie Knees competition?

Guys, women love a guy in a kilt.  It could be your bonnie knees, or the fact that if you’re a real man you don’t wear anything under the kilt.  Whatever the reason, kilts are a great thing for your wardrobe.  You can spice things up a bit with your very own kilt outfit from Avatar Bizarre, particularly since all clan tartans are fair game.

If you know your clan’s tartan STWR or STA number, you can special order an outfit in the colors of your clan.  I’ve made everything from Royal Stewart and Blackwatch, to the fabled MacFeegle and even Harley Davidson’s corporate tartan.  I require a 50% deposit with the rest due once the kilt is completed.  The total cost for this outfit is $L699.


This latest is a special order for the Clan Henderson.  The outfit includes several collar options: Collar with bow tie, collar with cravat, or cravat only.  You also get the ghillies, socks with flash and dagger (right leg only), kilt with sporran, glitch pant (for g-rated sims), Prince Charlie jacket with cuffs, and cuffs with shirt ruffles, tam, waistcoat, and shirt.

Please note:  Petite kilts are available as kilts only.  The Petite kilt will fit all other smaller mesh avatars with a little resizing/editing.  There is no glitch pant included, but you do get the Greatkilt sash.


This is the Clan MacFeegle tartan, as showcased in Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men series.

There are a number of pre-made kilt outfits available on the Marketplace and inworld, including Petites kilts.  Also available:  Babbage tartans, Steeltopia tartans, and Gothic tartans.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Son of Oi!

(ed. note:  I had a blog under my avatar name, but it’s a bit dead now.  All of my favorite posts will be moved to this blog over the next few days.)

From the “Decades” collection that brought you the 50s Rebel:

Punk’s not dead. A zombie bit it and it’s gonna eat your brains.

So says the teeshirt that comes with this outfit, and it’s completely true. Whether you’re the type of punk rocker who stomps around to the dulcet sounds of The Exploited, or you prefer to mosh to the Dead Kennedys, this is the perfect punk look for you.

It comes with four pairs of striped pants (blue, red, green, and grey), a leather jacket with all the prim bits you need, the Punk’s Not Dead shirt, a studded belt, a dog collar with padlock, and a pair of boots for stomping around in.

Everything is modify and copy so you can resize things to fit your own avatar. The belt will size down quite a way (I checked!) so if you’re way skinnier than I am, don’t fret because this thing will probably fit you fine.

It’s probably important to note that this is available for male Petite Mesh Avatars, but not for female Petite Mesh Avatars.  I know, I know.  But I’ve been up to my eyeballs in other projects, so you have to cut a guy some slack.

The Chronicles of Narnia


In theory, Avatar Bizarre will be in a hunt with a Narnia theme.  Well, technically, the hunt covers all of C.S. Lewis’ works, but he’s best known for the Chronicles of Narnia.  To that end, I’ve chosen The Silver Chair as my hunt gift inspiration.

Prince Rilian, enslaved and enchanted by Queen Jadis, must be rescued by Eustace and Jill.  The two kids, accompanied by the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum, surmount incredible odds and hardship to discover Rilian living deep underground, and being held captive by a powerful enchantment.  Their job is to break that enchantment and bring the rightful heir to the throne at Cair Paravel.

The “Rilian” outfit includes a black doublet and pants with accents in green (Green as poison), along with a pair of soft leather green boots.

The female gift is Jadis, herself.  This is a slinky, sexy gown that includes a pair of green (as poison) boots, and a jeweled collar and cape.


The hunt will run through the month of November.  After the hunt, these outfits will be available in six different colors, as well as in Petite form.

Twisted Hunt Gifts


Avatar Bizarre is the third stop on the infamous Twisted Hunt, which runs in September and March every year.  The theme for the hunt is “Darkness”, and you’re looking for a midnight blue cube.  Beware!  There will be decoys, minihunts, mazes, games, gachas, bonus prizes, and an End Game to test  your mettle.

Avatar Bizarre has gifts for men, women, and petites!  I also have a gacha with 21 exclusive prizes, and a hunt exclusive Cthulhu Shoulder Pet.


You can find more information on the hunt at

Good luck!