We’re All Mad Here – Cheshire Cat Fashion in Second Life


“One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.
‘Which road do I take?’ she asked.
His response was a question:  ‘Where do you want to go?’
‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered.
‘Then,’ said the cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.'” — Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If the Cheshire cat were human, he’d have a mad wardrobe that would rival that of the Cat from Red Dwarf.  Vast and fanciful, each piece of every ensemble would scream, “I am CAT!”  Then the insane giggles would burst forth, as everything but the riotous grin disappeared from view.

Never fear!  Barring some Linden Lab glitch in the Matrix, this suit is designed to stay put!  Suitable for men and women, and probably small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, this ensemble is available in six colors (unless they breed and make more), and includes some rather amusing bits and pieces for the mesh aficionado.

The collar is rigged, high, and pointy.  It showcases the mad grin and those glittering deep eyes.  A set of mesh ears rest atop the head, complete with wildcat oceli markings on the back.  The coat and the pants are exquisitely textured system layers, which are set off by fantastic mesh coat cuffs and coat tails.  Of course, what would any Puss be without its Boots?  The four-toed cat boots are rigged and should fit just about anyone.  The Cute Factor (hereby known as Cutrinos) will shoot through the roof if the boots look a little big.  This is why this suit also works for child avatars!

Oh yes, Avatar Bizarre has you folks covered.

To top things off, there is also a new mesh eye release, which will compliment this outfit.  The Cheshire Cat Eyes are available in ten colors, and each package includes three sets of mesh eyes in “normal”, Fullbright, and Glow.  There’s also a set of system eyes for the die hard folks out there.


Stay tuned, as more Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass themed items appear magically on the walls of Avatar Bizarre.

Inworld Store

What the heck is a Mome Rath, anyway?

Teaser: Lovecraft Festival – OH THE HORROR!


You have been wandering the streets of the city, an unbearable sense of foreboding and terror has gripped your heart.  Something is lurking just outside your peripheral vision; something that has crawled from its desert temple.  Some claim it was a swarthy man, a Pharoah, who enslaves all who know him.  Others claim this unnamed horror is a black-skinned avatar of the Devil.  Known as the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep has seeped into your mind, and you cannot escape its nefarious clutches.

Once again, LoveFest is lurking in the shadows of Second Life.  Due to emerge as a festival celebrating the life and works of H.P. Lovecraft, many creators, vendors, performers, and DJs will converge on all three Lovecraft sims in Second Life in November. 

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce its sponsorship of the event (along with a few other fantastic folks).  Not only will we have our usual fantastic clothing and shoulder pet wares for you to peruse and buy, but we have been coerced by the Elder Gods to engage in the building of a scene out of Lovecraft’s works. 

There will be more information in the weeks to follow, including some landmarks.  Don’t miss this amazing event!

Nyarlathotep would not be pleased if you missed it. 


Nyarlathotep (Mesh statue) built by Sredni Eel

Oh, My Droogs and Devotchkas: A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral is a special event to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.  It starts at 12pm (that’s Noon, for the time-impaired), Second Life Time, and runs for about five days.

Avatar Bizarre’s Booth is around the corner and down the street from the landing spot.


We have a lot of fun stuff available at this fair including that little guy pictured on the lower left corner of the photo.  That there is the Curdled Steampunk Mesh Shoulder Pet Cthulhu.  His LI ranges from 12LI on your shoulder to about 16LI if you size him up.  He’s Modify and Transfer.  Turn him into a tip jar, guardian at your gate, or something to scare off little kids and small dogs, or give him to a friend.  He is 100% original mesh, and costs 50L.


Avatar Bizarre is selling a few things at this event including the Baron Gothic suit.  This is partial mesh (the coat and boots are rigged).  The non-mesh bits are system layers that are gorgeously textured.  Comes with the requisite alpha layers and “standard” sizes.  Copy and modify.  The cost is 475L.


Next on the introduction block is the partial mesh Madder Hatter outfit, which is available in six colors.  The Clockwork Spiral price is 475L.  It is available only at the event until it ends, then will be up on the Marketplace and in the Avatar Bizarre Main Store for 500L, so get it while it’s discounted!  The coat, shirt, waistcoat, pants, and stockings are all system layers (fantastically detailed and textured), and the rest is original unrigged mesh attachments.  Everything is copy and modify.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Reginald Gothic mesh waistcoat.  50% of the sales on this item will go to the National Kidney Foundation.  Buying this item yields you a nifty waistcoat and rigged shirt sleeves, a system shirt layer (for under everything else), a mesh and flexiprim cravat, and the usual alpha layer.  Available in four colors, this item costs 150L, and is copy and modify.

As always, please try on the demos before you buy the mesh.

If you want more information about Avatar Bizarre (such as Landmarks, group information and whatnot), please hit the Avatar Bizarre sandwich board inside the shop.

And happy Clockwork Spiraling!

Daydream Believer


“I have no more than I did before
But now I’ve got all that I need
For I love you and I know you love me” — M. Nesmith, Papa Gene’s Blues, The Monkees

Once upon a time, four guys were chosen to become an acting and singing sensation on national television.  Two of them were actors who became musicians, and two were musicians who became actors.  During the two season run of their show, they fought tooth and nail to become recognized as a solid force in Rock and Roll.  Though they never quite achieved musical control during the latter part of the 60’s, they have legions of fans old and new.

The show, ironically about a rock band that never achieved success, gave us one of the most iconic and widely recognized outfits from the world of Rock and Roll.  We all know the green wool cap and the red bib shirts; the grey pants with the HUGE belt buckles (Peter’s belt buckle was always on his left hip).

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to bring you the Daydream Believer.  This is 100% original mesh, and is inspired by and based on the well-known matching outfits of the Monkees.  It includes the shirt, and the pants (both in five sizes), the wool cap, and a pair of boots.  Of course there are alphas for the shirt, pants, and boots included.

The whole ensemble is 325L, and available in six colors:  Black, Red, Blue, and White (the four colors worn on the show), and Green, and Yellow to round out the collection.

If you’re looking for a solid vintage look, go no further.  This outfit is available on the Marketplace and Inworld.


Guitar is an animated mesh from Precious Design and Animation.

I Wanna Rock!


You’ve been happily snoozing in your lava pit, dreaming of warm magma and chunks of silicate, when all of a sudden, your nap is interrupted by the something that sounds like molars grinding on aluminum.  Now who could be landing on your planetoid at this hour?  It’s practically the middle of the morning; the sun is barely a foot note in the black sky.

You rouse yourself from your snug caldera and claw your way over a ridge of soot covered sedimentary rock.  Oh no, there goes the neighborhood.  It looks like a bunch of middle-aged guys in polyester shirts have just materialized out of nowhere.  The one in the blue shirt has something resembling a 20th century Earth cassette recorder, and it’s making an irritating WHIRR WHIRR WHIRR noise that’s threatening to implode your head.

There’s a couple of humans headed towards you.  Their red shirts make them look delicious, but you’re still on the all-gravel diet your mate put you on.  You think, “does this quartz make my butt look fat?”  Shaking your head, you decide to rise up and scare the bejeezus out of the two men winding their way up the slope towards you.

RAR!!  You wave your arms wildly in greeting.  RARRRRRRRR!  Oh no.  Those two red shirts have just tumbled over backwards and are now sliding as fast as they can away from you!  Oh well, back to your hole…

Avatar Bizarre is happy to bring you the AB Rock Critter avatar.  it’s full of meshy goodness and includes a full body alpha.  It’s here, it’s hot, and it’s very now.  Currently available in Igneous rock only.  More rocks to come.

Get it now on the marketplace or inworld.