Dickens Holiday Suit – Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, but at least you can be a mean one in true Victorian style this year.

Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce the arrival of four brand new suits to help you get into a festive mood.  Of course two of them come in bright Christmassy Red and Green, because it’s Christmas, the color of holly and poinsettia, and Santa Claus.  The other two suits are a splendid touch of color in Purple and Gold, and Blue and Silver.

Each suit includes everything you need to achieve your spectacular holiday look including the hat with a sprig of holly, a pair of shoes, and a formal cravat.  As with most things at Avatar Bizarre, everything is modify and copy so you can easily resize things to fit your own avatar without worry.

Available at the Marketplace and inworld.

Twisted Krissmuss is Swinging into an Avatar Bizarre near you!


Twisted Krissmuss is an annual shopping tour put on by the evil folks who give you two incarnations of the infamously difficult and gut-wrenchingly notorious Twisted Hunt.  Why?  Because when you don’t have a lot of money during the holidays, it can really, really suck.  Your mission, should you take it, is to take a look at all the nifty things each Twisted merchant has ON SALE for $100L.  No more, no less!  And the best part?  Every single-dingle item will be TRANSFER so you can put it in a gift box and send it to your best friend, lover, or whoever you think absolutely, positively has to have whatever it is you’re buying for them.

Avatar Bizarre is very happy to be a part of this magnificent event, and will be selling six colors of the 1930s Swing Suit for $L100 for the duration of Twisted Krissmuss.  Don’t let the picture fool you, because girls, you’ll look wonderful in this outfit, too!

ImageNever fear, droogs and devotchkas.  There will be a tour website showing all of the landmarks, and probably even some images of the items on sale.  You will be able to get the url and stuff off the kiosks from every store on the tour, including Avatar Bizarre.

So let’s stimulate the economy by blatant and irresponsible spending, and have a great holiday!

Gothmas by Gaslight, Part II – Julenisse for Men

“Julenisse Suit in Red”

Gothmas by Gaslight is fast approaching and, like all holidays, we want brand new stuff for ourselves and our loved ones.  I’ve already posted about the Julenisse gown, which was inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas Pixie.  I also promised to show the male outfit inspired by the same thing!  Like its female counterpart, it comes in Red, Blue, Teal, Purple, Green, and Black, and will be sold exclusively at the Gothmas by Gaslight event for the duration of the holidays.  It will be available on the Marketplace and in my store directly afterwards.

The suit comes with a pair of opposing shade boots, the coat, turtleneck, pants, and all of the other bits that make a suit a suit.  I hope to have the petite mesh avatar versions for men and for women done before the event.

Time to celebrate your inner Victorian Goth.  I will be posting an SLurl here a bit closer to the event.

Gothmas by Gaslight – a Sneak Peak

“Julenisse Gown in Purple”

A whole slew of Winter holidays is fast approaching.  It gets pretty busy for most people, and those in Second Life are no exception.  There will be many, many holiday themed hunts, mostly centering around your typical red and green Santa or Candy Cane motif.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but what about the Virtual Goth?

Fear not, my minions.  Gothmas by Gaslight is an annual tradition in the Gothic Second Life world.  It originally started out as a grid-wide hunt, but has since evolved into a shopping tour.  Each store involved will be creating at least one brand new outfit, and quite a number will be providing Gothmas gacha prizes.

Avatar Bizarre is, once again, playing a part in this Gothic Extravaganza.  Although I will not have a Gacha (there simply isn’t enough time, what with Real Life rearing its ugly head at me with a vengeance and all), I will be releasing several new outfits.

The Julenisse is a range of “His n’ Hers” outfits that will also be available to Petite Mesh avatars.  The Julenisse, inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas Pixie, will be available in six colors:  Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Green, and Teal.  Of course, the picture shows the full sized avatar’s gown.  In coming days I will be completing the Petite version, and a full suit for the male avatar (and petite).

Then hopefully inspiration will strike long enough for me to come up with a Twisted Krissmus outfit, because you can never have too many Gothic sales events, or Twisted happenings in your life.

Unhinged – The Story of a Zygotic Arch

Second Life is an amazing entity.  Not only is it a whole world of pure imagination, but its residents sometimes pull together for massive events to help out charities and friends.  You’ve all heard of Relay for Life, which Second Life residents have raised thousands of dollars for Cancer over the years.  There have been countless other events for various causes.  While some can be a little questionable, most of the time these events are meant to help out people in dire straits.

One such event, starting on November 15 and ending on December 15, is an event to raise money for a truly wonderful person.  She never complains about her illness, and has been a true friend to a lot of people.  When folks found out she needed surgery and a prosthetic bone in her fragile skull, they banded together and set up an event to help raise money.  Thus was Unhinged born.

Even if you don’t know Eku personally, many, many merchants have pulled together and donated items and gachas to help raise money.  Most of the money spent in the event will be set aside for Eku’s rather daunting medical expenses.  In addition to the shopping, there is an impressive line up of live DJs and performers, who will be donating their tip money to Unhinged.

Avatar Bizarre will be donating the proceeds of several outfits to the cause, and there is also a special edition and very limited Nyarlathotep shoulder pet being sold just at this event.

As a DJ, I will be spinning some Gothic, New Wave, and Esoterica (and possibly some pocky) from 4-6pm slt on Thursday, November 15 at the Event venue.  I will post an SLurl closer to the event.


Are You Ready for Krampusnacht?


December 6th is Krampusnacht, where people dress up as the demonic creature who travels with St. Nicholas and carries naughty children to its lair to eat for its Christmas dinner.  They rattle chains and ring bells, hoping to scare children into being good.

This Krampus avatar is long overdue in Second Life.  Celebrate the holidays in style as one of the most fearsome beasts in Holiday lore.  This avatar comes complete with a basket full of babies, the flogging stick, skin, shape, and all body parts needed to scare the poop out of any kid in Second Life.

Available on the marketplace and inworld at my main store location.

Giant Lederhosen



Just in case you weren’t already tall enough in Second Life, here’s a picture I took of the Colossi avatar from Quixote’s Dream.  The Colossi avatar comes with a 2x (roughly 15 meters) and a 3X (roughly 20 meters), and is available in male and female.

Ceri Quixote contacted me about making some clothing for the Colossi, and once I put on the avatar it just screamed GIANT LEDERHOSEN!  It’s quite a bit more work to make outfits for the Colossi than it is for the tiny Petite, since you need to make two versions of everything.  So far I’ve just made a 3x version of the Green Oktoberfest outfit.

Here’s the fun bit:  You will see a fantastic size comparison between the Petite, the Normal avatar, and the Colossi.  This is a fairly accurate representation, and will give you an idea of the actual size differences.  I know that once the Colossi start selling, the Petite crowd will want to ride them.

And why not?  The weather is gorgeous up there.

The Colossi Lederhosen will become available in about a week.

Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple…Sneak Peek at the Yule Tux


The Yule Tux in Plum will be worn by Sredni Eel (that’s me!) Saturday, November 3 at the Purple Party located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunwich/41/206/42 in the Village of Nyght.  You’re welcome to come.  It’s going to run from 6-8pm, Second Life Time.  Wear purple, and dance to some great purple songs, along with the usual mix of New Wave and Gothic.

The Holiday Season is marching inexorably toward us, like a horde of angry demons. You cannot escape its clutches, regardless of shape, color, creed, or species you are.  Obviously, it’s a lucrative season for the likes of Wally World, but it can be pretty hectic this time of year in Second Life, as well.

There will be holiday parties (for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or whatever else the human mind can concoct for glad tidings and joy), presents will be given, and Krampus will steal away the naughty girls and boys.

Avatar Bizarre will be releasing a new line of outfits called The Yule Tux on Sunday, November 4.  Available in Holiday Red, Wintery Blue, Holly Green, Plum, Traditional Black, and Parchment White, you will be able to find the Yule Tux on the Marketplace and Inworld.

The Tux comes with two sets of jacket tails (one with holly buttons, one without), shoes, socks, pants, pant cuffs, shirt, shirt cuffs, vest, jacket, jacket cuffs, jacket collar, shirt collar with tie.  You supply the glad tidings and joy.