Avatar Bizarre Store Policies


Communication Policy
Avatar Bizarre prides itself on friendly, easy-going customer service.  If you have any questions, issues, or requests, please send Sredni Eel an IM inworld, or email  for quickest response.  Note cards are also welcome; however, IMs and emails are preferred.

At the moment, Avatar Bizarre does not have redelivery terminals, but Sredni Eel is happy to send any items that have not yet been delivered.

Refund Policy
Although Avatar Bizarre does not give refunds, mistakes can and do happen.  If you have been double charged, please send an IM, and you will receive a refund as soon as Sred can get online.  Please allow some time during normal business hours, as Sredni Eel must wait until he is at his home computer to log into Second Life.

Refunds are not given for errors in purchase (ie: “I bought the wrong color”) so make your selections carefully.  All items (with the exception of shoulder pets and gacha items) are No Transfer.

Mesh items all have demos available, so please take a demo before you buy.  The only exception to this rule is Petites Mesh Avatar clothing.  Petites are a special avatar made from mesh, which are roughly 1/3 the size of regular avatars.  They cost around 1700L from Fallen Gods, Yabusaka, or Al-Vulo.  All Petites items are labeled as “Petite Mesh Avatar”.  If you buy an item for Petites and realize you cannot make it fit your normal avatar, feel free to contact Sredni Eel.  Sometimes these mistakes can be worked out.

All items (except for shoulder pets and gacha items) are fully modify and copy.  Please make a copy of whatever you intend to modify before you edit.  A few items will have resize scripts, if prims on those items need to be smaller than Second Life normally allows.  All scripts can be deleted once the item has been fitted.

If you make a mistake on something while modifying it, and you haven’t made a copy, feel free to contact Sredni Eel for a replacement.

Special Orders
Sredni Eel welcomes special orders.  Simply contact via IM with the item you are interested in having him make, and have a note card ready with your specifications.  A 50% deposit will be required before work commences.  Before a deposit is taken, a price will be agreed upon, and you will get an estimated time of completion.  The balance of payment is due at completion and before you receive the item.

Miscellaneous Stuff
If you buy something, and any part of it is not modify or copy, please let Sredni Eel know.  All issues are dealt with quickly, and you will receive a new copy of the item(s) in question.  This includes system layer clothing.

Before leaving a negative review for something on the Marketplace, please contact Sredni Eel first, so he can correct whatever the issue may be with the item you have purchased.

Sred’s pretty friendly, and welcomes human contact, so please never be shy or afraid to contact him for any reason.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, and you think that Avatar Bizarre should carry it, feel free to IM Sred and make a suggestion.

Above all, have fun and enjoy your Second Life.

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