2013 – March Playlists

Let’s face it.  As much fun as I have playing music for the huddled masses, I’m rubbish at blogging playlists with any sort of regularity.  I’m pretty awful at it, in fact.  So I’m going to consolidate a few things and hopefully get my butt into gear with this stuff.

I’ve been dying of some virulent Martian Death Plague of late – the kind of pestilence that has an ugly habit of sticking around for weeks and days, in spite of apparent healthy spurts now and again.  I blame my real life job for the illness, since I work with kids, and we all know those things are horrible vectors for disease.  I spent a Saturday night last week being riddled with the Galloping Ick, and really don’t remember much of the set, except that I’m pretty sure I died in the middle of it.

Saint Patrick’s Day was the ubiquitous theme for all of Second Life’s copious clubs last weekend, and The Village of Nyght is no exception.  I tried really hard to lay off the usual Irish and Celtic fair everyone else in the world would be playing, but alas, it was not in the cards.  The Irish was demanded of me on no uncertain terms, which you will notice creeping into the set via request.

Saturday, March 16
Village of Nyght

Adam & the Ants – Stand and Deliver
Naked Eyes – Fortune and Fame
The Cars – It’s Not the Night
Oingo Boingo – No One Lives Forever
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Peek-a-Boo (Silver Dollar Mix)
The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women (Extended Mix)
Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking (McDoC EvoXR Mix)
**** REQUEST **** Clannad – Na Buachaille Alainn
U2 – An Cat Dubh
A House – Call Me Blue
**** REQUEST **** The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart
Nolwenn Leroy – Whiskey in the Jar
**** REQUEST **** Toy Dolls – 500 Miles (I’m Gonna Be)
The Undertones – Jimmy Jimmy
The Boomtown Rats – Lookin’ After No. 1
Dropkick Murphys – Bastards on Parade
Love & Rockets – Ball of Confusion (12 Inch Mix)
Elvis Hitler – Green Haze (Pt. 1 and 2)
The Prodigy/Enya – Smack My Bitch Up The Orinoco Flow
The Cars – You Might Think
The Go Gos – Our Lips Are Sealed
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry
Book of Love – I Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
The Cure – Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)
**** REQUEST **** Black 47 – American Wake
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Head On (Lemon Extended Mix)
Great Big Sea – Run, Run Away
Flogging Molly – Seven Drunken Nights
Blancmange – Living on the Ceiling (12 Inch Mix)
New Order – True Faith (Maximus Remix)
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Absolute Mix)
Erasure – Sometimes (12 Inch Mix)
Toy Dolls – Cheerio and Toodle-Pip


Saturday, March 30

Demons and Angels at the Village of Nyght.
It isn’t often I get to dress up as an evil Pope and lord it over the airwaves with a mind-numbingly great set of Sacrilege and Blasphemy.  Ordinarily, a Demons and Angels event would call for songs about Demons or Angels, but I figure what with Easter so close I can spit on it, plus the advent 0f a brand new Pope in the bulletproof glass box up at the Vatican, it was time for all things heretical.  Face it, most of us are probably bound for Hell, if you believe in such things.  It will be quite the party with Forbidden Donuts, every Rock Star who ever lived and died, and a bevy of demonic minions to pal around with all hours of the day and night for all eternity.

Lately, parties have been a little on the slow side in Second Life, but this has been okay by me, since I suffered egregiously at the hands of a voracious and unholy plague that threatened to waylay me for as long as possible.  The second weekend I had the tuburculoid cough, I figured there’d be no harm in being high on Codeine for my set.

However, I was reasonably sober for this week’s set.  I hope to podcast this thing for you good folks.  So stay tuned.

Preshow (I always test the stream for about a half hour while I wait for folks to trickle in)
Smashing Pumpkins – Daphne Descends
David Bowie – Loving the Alien (The Scumfrog vs Bowie)
VNV Nation – Genesis (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)
Lady Gaga – Love Games (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) *** was a special play for Damia
Abney Park – The Root of all Evil
Killing Joke – Rapture

The show must go on…
Cruciform Injection – Relapse Into Repentance
***Request*** E Nomine – Lord’s Prayer
Tones on Tail – Christian Says
Obsc(y)re – People Are People
***Request*** Michael Jackson – Thriller
Cliff Richard – Devil Woman (Remix DJN)
Blondie – Rapture
Army of Lovers – Crucified
Lene Lovich – Angels
Hazel O’Connor – The Eighth Day
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Fall From Grace
Rezurex – Devil Woman from Outer Space
Voltaire – Death Death Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil
***Request*** Axis of Hollywood – Ten Foot Two, Skin of Blue
***Request*** Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl
Ashbury Heights – Heathen Crossing
Apoptygma Berzerk – Burnin’ Heretic
Det Gyldne Triangel – Maskindans
Depeche Mode – Angel
***Request*** Sympathy for the Devil
***Request*** Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag
Tim Minchin – Pope Song
Robert Seidler – Christian Boy
Iamamiwhoami – O
Zeromancer – Send Me An Angel
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline (Deadline Mix)
The Cramps – Burn, She Devil, Burn
Balaam and the Angel – She Knows
Toy Dolls – My Girlfriend’s Dad is a Vicar


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