All the World’s a Stage


…And all the men and women merely players.

It’s time to let you all know about a new outfit that has entered Stage Left.  Inspired by Tudor fashions from the Renaissance and beyond, the Tiziano is a fitmesh outfit for male avatars, and includes a color HUD with seven color options.  Its classic Renaissance design is both masculine and attractive, and it’s perfect for a spot of fantasy or Tudor role play.

The doublet and pants combination is materials enhanced.  The unrigged hat is topped with a couple of pheasant feathers.

The outfit includes Omega stocking appliers (all colors), plus system layer socks for those folks who haven’t yet taken a drink from the mesh body Kool-Aid.  The color HUD for the suit gives you seven color options, including white.


The most excellent news is, this outfit is now available on the marketplace and inworld!  So come and get it.

In Recent Gallop Polls – Female Dressage Suit


I had made a Dressage outfit by request some time ago.  It was a partial mesh outfit – really just the rigged coat, plus a hat and cravat.  The rest was all system layer clothing.  At the time, it was only available for male avatars, but as my skill in mesh modeling has grown, so has the selection at Avatar Bizarre.  I was recently asked if I could make a female version of this outfit and, like all so-called “easy” projects, this just sort of spiraled into a major undertaking involving lasers, duct tape, a disused space station, and a fractal black hole.

Not only did the female version happen, but SLink and Omega clothing appliers were added for the system layers, so mesh body enthusiasts can throw on a Dressage outfit.  To make this even more up to date and amazing, the coat is now on a color change HUD and includes all eight colors previously available for this outfit.  What would you pay for such a fine set of Ginsu knives?  Don’t call yet, because there’s more!  The original system layer pants were all black, but matched the suit color via piping down the outside leg.  Each color, plus a plain white pant is included in the SLink and Omega HUDs.  For those die hards who don’t wear mesh bodies, there’s a fine collection of system layer pants (on the underpant layer) in all colors.  The shirt (white) and gloves (black) are on the HUDs and are included as system layers as well.  Completing this set are the unrigged hat and cravat, and coat alpha.

Just to make it even more fun, there are six sizes in the collection, including a flat chested femboy size (for femboys, child avatars, and furries).

Then, because I’m not one to let a project go without fully embracing the improviness of it all, the male version was reuploaded for a better fit on the different male avatar sizes.  Of course the male version got the same treatment as the female version (noted in the previous blog post).

It’s exciting!  You can get this on the Marketplace for now.  Inworld access will happen very soon.

Because it’s fun to include the odd song lyric, have some Echo and the Bunnymen:

“Billy stands all alone
Sinking sand, skin and bone
Bring on the dancing horses
Wherever they may roam
Shiver and say the words
Of every lie you’ve heard” – Echo and the Bunnymen

Hot to Trot – Dressage


If you’re in for a spot of horseback riding, Avatar Bizarre has you covered with this new, improved version of the Dressage outfit.  The original only came in Male, and had system layer pants and shirt.  The new, improved version is also available as Female (which includes a flat chested X Small coat).

Here’s what you get:
– Rigged mesh coat with color HUD (eight colors)- System layer pants (9 colors), plus system layer shirt and gloves
– Pant, shirt, and glove layers on SLink and OMEGA applier HUDs
– Unrigged hat
– Unrigged cravat
– Alpha

The Male version comes in five standard sizes.  The Female version comes in the standard five sizes, plus the flat chested X Small size for femboys, furries, and child avatars.  Try the demo first, though.


This should be released pretty soon.  I just need to finish uploading and scripting the female sizes.

Boots will be sold separately, and will include a color HUD.  They will not only be materials enhanced, but will come with rigged and unrigged boots.

When you’re hot to trot, this outfit will be ready and waiting for you in a few days.

Uh Oh, It’s Magic – Djelibeybi Djinnia has arrived

 Grabilla screen capture:

It’s been a banner week.  After winning a hard fought battle with Blender, a couple of brand new outfits have emerged.  Granted, they are female versions of outfits I had already made, but you wouldn’t believe the tantrum Blender threw at the time.  You see, we have a love-hate relationship.  While it’s mostly not that hard to make things, it can be a real challenge to get things to rig properly.  You see, Blender and I have wildly different ideas on how things should move on an avatar’s body, so the gloves get thrown off, and we are steeped in the worst Hockey fight Goon War ever in the history of everything.

But Stubborn pays off.  So does having a couple of days off work, because then a whole lot of time that otherwise wouldn’t exist can be spent in warping the logic that is my program of choice for making mesh things.

If you’ve been paying attention, the last blog post was about the Djelibeybi Djinn.  It’s quite a nice outfit, and was a real challenge for someone unused to making things with transparencies.  Of course, the second it got released, the calls for a female version were screamed from on high.  Okay, I’m not gonna lie:  I had planned to make this outfit all along.  Someone on Second Life Universe ( had mentioned to me that she really wanted see through genie pants.  Now how could I resist such a plea?

The Djelibeybi Djinnia is the result of wrestling with Blender to make it do the right thing, then giving in and remaking something to resemble what I had already made, then making it look nice for women.  It’s similar to the Djinn, in that the legs and sleeves are translucent.  It comes in seven vibrant colors, includes a turban with a resize script, and detachable flexi hip scarves.

And that picture above is Misha, my stalwart model, who puts up with me posing her and insisting on various looks for whatever she’s made to wear.  Truth is, though, she has most of the say in how she looks.  I’m just the photographer and the Maker of Things.

In any case, this outfit, and the Djinn are both available on the Marketplace.  Currently, the Djinn is the only one on the wall at Avatar Bizarre,  The Djinnia will soon follow.  You can get the Djinnia here, and the Djinn here.  Stay tuned for the Phinaea suit.  I haven’t put it out yet, but when that happens, you all should be the first to know.

AB Djelibeybi Djinn White

AB Djelibeybi Djinnia - Female Djinn Purple

He was always a foxy kind of guy…

The Fennec fox is normally a tiny desert creature that eats bugs, lizards, and small rodents; however, the great thing about Second Life is you can find various species in any habitat, and it would be completely natural.  This Fennec, for example, has a knack for finding mermaid clubs simply by trying to get to the desert and failing utterly.  After falling into two underwater clubs in a row on two completely different sims, it seemed fate wanted this avatar to wander in a fantasy land even the most imaginative Fennec would never have dreamed of visiting.
Given the fact that I have this habit of inflicting music on people every Saturday night at the Village of Nyght it was time to hit the decks at the mermaid club when nobody else was around.  What does the fox play?  Probably a bit of VNV Nation, David Bowie, and Gary Numan.  As a DJ in Second LIfe, I rarely sit on a DJ stand.  It’s far more fun to make my little cartoon dance and wear fun costumes.  Want to be social and dance to new wave, Gothic, and other fun genres?  Feel free to show up at the Village sometime.  Till then, let’s talk more about this avatar from Avatar Bizarre.

The Fennec Avatar is 100% original rigged mesh, and is now available inworld and on the Marketplace.  There are 11 fun colors, including a version for Saint Patrick’s Day (he has a shamrock on the backs of his hands).  Each avatar includes a full body alpha.  And last, but not least, you can  tweak the shape of your Fennec by editing (or making) your shape.  I recommend making copies of everything before you tweak anything.  I know everyone in the universe says this, but it’s probably one of the most important bits of advice to actually heed in Second Life.

This little guy is Modify and Copy.  Rigged mesh cannot be resized, but you can probably tint it.  I make everything wearable in my store modify out of habit.  The cost on this avatar is 325L.

Oh, and here’s a little tidbit that might save people a bit of annoyance:

If you notice a weird alpha glitch in your avatar (or any mesh), and you’re using a materials-enabled viewer with Advanced Lighting turned on, please right click>EDIT the mesh in question, hit the TEXTURE tab, and next to the little icon showing the texture you may see a drop down menu labeled “Alpha Mode”.  Be sure you have NONE selected.  If ALPHA MODE is selected, it does wonky things to mesh and makes for some seriously bizarre glitches that would not otherwise be there.

It’s Full of Stars – The Spangled Mage


Gandalf may have been a great White Wizard, but he probably could have defeated Saruman a whole lot sooner if he’d dressed in the Spangled Mage outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  The sparkly spangles could have dazzled the heck out of that old White Wizard’s ailing eyeballs, and probably even caused the eye of Sauron to water a bit from the light glinting off all the shiny bits.  Armies of Orcs (and whatever other creepy crawlies from the pits of Mordor happened along) would have stalled in their tracks, long enough for Gandalf to pummel the heck out of them with one well-aimed blast of light from that staff of his.


Available in six colors, the robe and the cravat are liberally festooned in silver stars.  Spangles, in fact.   What can I say but, “My god, it’s full of stars!”

All non-flex attachments are original mesh, and the boots are rigged.  It’s available in the store just in time for Halloween, which really should be celebrated year round.  Don’t let evil magicians get the jump on you.  Get your very own patented Spangled Mage outfit today!

Includes from top to bottom:
Wizard hat
Shirt collar with cravat
Robe collar
Robe collar with cape
Robe on jacket layer
Vest on shirt layer
Shirt on undershirt layer
Robe sleeves
Pants on underpant layer
Rigged boots
Boot alpha

Everything is copy and modify for your tactile pleasure

Available inworld and on the marketplace.

I’m ‘Enry the Eighth I Am!

The Tudor family produced two of England’s most famous monarchs: Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Elizabeth had the Golden Age of England, and what did Henry have? The Vatican breathing down his neck, a bunch of wives, and a pair of hose.

In all seriousness, when Henry was King, it was mandatory for a man to wear a hat in public, nobles wore silken hose, and a sword at your hip was more than just a fashion statement.

The Tudor from Avatar Bizarre was inspired by The Tudors on Showtime. The costumes were spectacular, and this spawned something equally elaborate in Second Life. The Tudor comes in six colors and includes:

Rigged mesh sleeves (will fit just about anyone)
Plumed hat
Doublet collar
Ruffled sleeve cuffs
Doublet (on jacket layer)
Doublet bottom
Leather Breeches
Sword and belt
Shoulder Pads
Trunkhose (pumpkin pants)
Boot alpha

Everything, including clothing layers, is modify and copy. While you cannot resize the rigged mesh bits, they can be tinted, if that’s your thing.

And before one of you starts in…

“I’m ‘enry the Eighth I am, ‘enry the Eighth I am I am
I got married to the widow next door
She’s been married seven times before…
She always gets married to an ‘enry
Never to a Willy or a Sam
I’m an eighth old man, I’m ‘enry
I’m ‘enry the Eighth I am!”

Sadly, that’s all from memory.

Currently available only on the marketplace. This will be available inworld by Sunday.



With a brand new Oz movie coming out, it was time to present some inspiration that hit the shores of Avatar Bizarre a while ago.    In thumbing through a massive inventory, a discovery was made.  That discovery involved a costume made some time ago in only one color!  As Avatar Bizarre is all about all the colors all of the time, and there was a bit of time between projects to do some fun stuff, four more Wheeler colors have materialized.

The Wheeler was a creature that made its appearance in one of the sequels to The Wizard of Oz.  They were a fierce race of people, who grew wheels in place of hands and feet.  If memory serves, they chased Cap’n Jim, Billina, and a little girl (the name escapes me).  The only other thing I can remember about these fearsome creatures are the wicked dreams the movie version gave me as a kid!

Available in Purple and Gold, Teal and Gold, Red and Gold, Green and Gold, and Blue and Gold, the Wheeler comes with a coat in long and short versions, the hand and foot wheels, a plumed top hat, a vinyl shirt, and a pair of shiny pants.

It’s time to torment the good guys, folks!  Visit the Oz sim inworld, and dress up as one of the lesser-known Oz villains.  Come on, you know you want to…

Available inworld and on the Marketplace.